25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-17-22

  1. Isn’t it funny the dates that stick in your head. May 17th was the date of my Jr/Sr Banquet my Junior year of high school. My mother convinced the alcohol treatment center to let her out for it. I didn’t go and she drank.
    Morose start to the day and I don’t know why it popped in my head.
    Maybe it’s due to a book I am reading about healing relationships even if the other person is gone. Maybe it’s because I am hearing a lot about “trauma counseling”. There is no doubt most of of us have “hurts, habits, and hangups”.
    My mother would have just turned 86 in April.
    Sorry to start your day this way.

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  2. We should make up captions for the picture, with the bird looking so curious.

    “Can’t a fella eat without people staring at him??”

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  3. It’s okay, Kim. Siblings often share these kinds of memories. Difficult to share them when you have no siblings, or they are gone. It helps us know your heart better. Knowing hearts better help us to more specifically pray for one another.

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  4. Good morning, all, except good night, Jo, although it is nearly Wednesday morning there. Mid week. Thanks for the welcome to your day.

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  5. Kim, what Kathaleena said. We are family and we share hurts and praises. And now we will be more thoughtful in our prayers for you today.

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  6. Actually, the bird: one more step and you will experience a beak between the eyes and wings against your ears as I scratch out your face with my talons.

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  7. Good morning. I’m off routine this a.m. by skipping Ladies’ Bible study. Too much home stuff to do with expecting Wesley here this week (the ETA keeps changing).

    I had a bag of some things to give a friend, and as I drove in her neighborhood, I found her out walking with her mom. That was convenient to give it to her on the street and not have to park the car to put the bag on her porch.

    At the grocery as I walked down the water and drinks aisle there were two large black guys milling about looking at and discussing the water. They did not have on work uniforms. They were where I needed to get my case. I asked if they were taking inventory because I saw some water containers on the floor. One of the guys said they were rearranging it so it could sell better (something like that). It struck me as odd since I had never seen anything like that before.

    Then out in the parking lot. A really colorful large red jeep, all open air, with loud music, started to back in the space beside me where I was unloading groceries. I quickly pulled my cart to the other side of the car where another van had just pulled up in the space there. i unloaded on that side instead. A large black man got out of the jeep. He parked so there would have been plenty of room for me to unload but when I moved the cart I had felt threatened not knowing if he might back into me. Anyways I am home and unloaded here. Just another day in the ‘hood.

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  8. In today’s My Utmost for His Highest, OC talked about the transfiguration and how if Jesus had gone to heaven right then, he would have gone alone.

    Instead, he returned to the valley and walked to Jerusalem and Gethsemene–and took us with him to heaven.

    This is off the top of my head–I’m about to go out to Bible study and don’t have time to check–but what do you make of that transfiguration?

    Why did Jesus do that?

    And how close was the timing to the cross?

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  9. Speaking of trauma and the hurts stored in the mind, this morning triggered memories or walking down the hallway in high school (when I walked down the grocery aisle) and having the circle of large black guys form around with me in the middle. It was so threatening. And that always brings to mind when my CA friend and I went to the CDC museum and a group of large black men gathered near us, you know like a security detail. My friend thought it very odd, too. Her father had been a public health doctor who had worked there. It is terrible that we carry hurts like that for a lifetime. But some fears are reasonable, and these days . . .


  10. I am sorry that you have that sadness, Kim. I always think God allows us to have a unique set of sufferings so we can help others who have similar sufferings. Not sure who I could help with the personal trauma I mentioned.


  11. When I was in Israel, I remember passing by the Mount of Transfiguration. Our tour did not include stopping there, but I noticed a chapel on top. I thought of the irony of it, since when Peter said, “Lord, why don’t we build three tabernacles here?” he was rebuked by God. more or less. But there it was, a “tabernacle” to honor the event.

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  12. yes, and now we have had computer time in the lab so they are all good at using the mouse. An essential skill for taking the test.

    After prayer time last night, I came home and had time to say goodbye to my neighbor who is going out to the village. She returns on the day I leave so I probably won’t see her again.
    But, she is interested in my flat. I would love to give it to her. So pray that we will be able to communicate.

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