27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-28-21

  1. Good morning. Rainy and 30s today. A great day to give cave tours. It actually feels balmy in there on days like this, since the 52° temperature is so much higher than outdoors.

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  2. Good morning! I hope to see Chas soon.

    Chamomile Lavender tea really does help bring on sleep. I woke up in the night and finished off a little green tea that was left from the night before. It kept me from going back to sleep. Then I got up and made a cup of my new tea, and it worked like a charm, until 9 a.m!

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  3. The header is a blue heron. I was surprised to see how I got the shadow. I aim and shoot and see what I got later. It’s a pot shot!

    This is by the Sea Pines stable area. Many bikes and some horses frequent the paths and trails.

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  4. Morning all! Well we see you Chas and that is a good start to the day!
    That is a pretty reflective photo Janice. ♥️

    It is 17 degrees here. Snow predicted for the end of the week…a nice time to be isolated if one must be!

    Sister sent a photo of my new puppy who still has her eyes closed but her fur is getting fluffy…she is 6 days old and oh so cute! 7 more weeks before we head across country to get her!

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  5. Hi Chas, we love seeing you, but you know that. 🙂 You’re our elder statesman who keeps us (mostly) polite and domesticated.

    Love that photo. i finally figured out you’re not in Atlanta anymore, Janice.

    Ah, Nancyjill, a new puppy sounds wonderful. Coat colors? Names being bounced around yet?

    Caring for two elderly dogs has been a challenge and I find myself yearning for the more active dog days. I hope someday to get a younger dog again, but the timing certainly isn’t right for that now. These two need most of my ongoing attention.

    So I’m off to see the baby otter at the Long Beach aquarium today, a nice story break from the usual backed up ships and hospital covid surges.

    Photographer and I are set to arrive at 11, they’re taking media appointments as there’s been a lot of demand to see and photograph this little guy up close. I saw the baby otter on the local TV news the other night when he was first brought in and immediately wanted to figure out a way I could bring him home. They are beyond adorable.

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  6. I think I might be crazy. I got the Covid booster in my right arm and the flu shot in my left.
    Oh well, if I am going to be sick from doing this it is better to be sick this week.

    Chas, please continue to pray for all of us and BG in particular.

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  7. Chas mentioned that he sometimes has trouble seeing the mouse cursor. I do too sometimes. I just found out that Windows 10 has a setting. It can make the cursor change colors so it always contrasts with the color behind it, and it can also make the cursor a lot bigger. It’s in Control Panel under Ease of Access Center. Maybe older versions of Windows can do that too.

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  8. I came down with a fever eight days before Christmas. I spent four days in the guest room with meals brought to me on a tray. Lots of streaming (Perry Mason is my current binge), crossword puzzles, and sleeping.

    I guess that was before everyone bought up the Covid test kits for Christmas, because my wife had no trouble finding them then. My symptoms didn’t match well with Covid, but I took the test on the third day and it came up negative. On the fourth day the fever was gone so on the fifth day I got let out of the guest room. 🙂

    On Christmas Eve my son Flyboy reported a co-worker had tested positive for Covid. They were not in close contact, though, so we decided to go ahead with plans for Flyboy and his girlfriend to spend Christmas Day with us. I was finally over feeling run down from the earlier fever, and Christmas was a very nice day.

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  9. Another quiet day here. I am beginning to pack for my trip. Tomorrow I go to the capital, Port Moresby, and the next day out to Kimbe in the islands. I saw a picture of friends swimming at a nice hotel. But we decided to stay at the missionary hotel.

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  10. Rapid tests, they’re reporting now, may not be very good at detecting Omicron. I had what I presumed was a cold a couple weeks ago — but with a really intense sore throat — and found a box (with 2 tests) on Amazon (I guess before the big run on them); only used one of them, came back negative, and I felt better shortly after that so didn’t think about it again.

    I still have the remaining test that came in the box if anyone needs one, but not sure how quickly it would reach anyone. But if these tests aren’t really detecting omicron, maybe not much point.


    Sea otter was adorable, he’s in with two adult otters (one has become his surrogate mom). Took me a while to get home, though, when I couldn’t find my car in the parking structure. Argh. Long story. My knee got a workout.

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  11. Kim, I was just as crazy, because I did the same thing. Also had the shingles shot along with another shot last summer. Just get it over with is my motto. Hope you are feeling well.

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  12. Kathleena, I got the shots at 12:30 this afternoon. My right arm is sore, as it was after my second shot. I am not feeling anything else from it but last time the real soreness started after I took a shower and I awoke in the middle of the night clammy and everything on my body hurt. That may be what happens this time, but last time I was better in the morning.

    This is only the second time I have taken a flu shot. The last time was 1997 and I am somewhat convinced that is what gave BG her thyroid issues.


  13. Janice, your pictures are getting better and better. I see them on facebook and instragram. The one of the leaves was so good. I have it saved and could see having it on my wall. This is a gift of God, especially considering all of the trouble you are having with your eyes.

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  14. Kim & Kathaleena – Tomorrow I will be getting my Covid booster and my first shingles shot. 🙂

    My appointment for the shots is for 10:30 tomorrow morning, and then we will be picking Chickadee up around 1:00. I am figuring that any after effects from the shots will take a while to come on, so I should be fine during our visit.

    Kevin – I discovered that Ease of Access a while back, and so I have my cursor black and a little larger than normal to see it easier. I was so glad to find that.

    Notice that this comment is from Kizzie, to Kim, Kathaleena, and Kevin. Now I just have to mention Kare, and I think we have all the Ks accounted for. 🙂 (Unless I forgot someone?)

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  15. The box said to take two tests, at least 24 hours apart. First one was negative.

    This simply may be a cold–it’s been such a long time since I had one!

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  16. Relieved – I don’t want to discourage you, but apparently the Omicron variant doesn’t always test positive. But the good news is that it is a milder variant than the previous ones.


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