57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-15-21

  1. I am sharing this post from FB as …as…I’m not sure. Dave Jenks is/was one of the original people within KW. He helped write several books. I attended one of his classes in 2013. I think this is an amazing way to say goodbye.

    All your prayers, positive thoughts, and personal comments have been special. They have lifted my spirits and inspired me.
    But we have just initiated my final DNR, and I will be gone in minutes.
    I’m sad about this, of course. I was looking forward to many more years, lots of teaching, and maybe another book.
    I’m also sad since I’m not doing a good job of upholding my image as a true faith-based, tough-minded warrior! Which I am and have always been.
    I am not giving up, I’m facing reality. My body was prepared to deal with this virus, just as my wife Gina has. But a wrench got thrown into the plan. It’s a miracle immunotherapy drug called Opdivo (nivolumab). It has kept me alive for over 2 1/2 years, by shutting down the stage-four melanoma that had spread through my body.
    Here’s the strange part: Opdivo fires up your own immune systems so that your T-cells take out the cancer cells immediately, But, when SARS-CoV-2 started messing with my respiratory cells, my own immune system overreacted and took down everything (the good cells with the bad).
    So now, I have no cells to repair. As someone here at the hospital said: “there are just a bunch of stalks!”
    It’s been a great life. What a journey! So many opportunities, so many blessings. I even got to be part of building the greatest real estate company in the world and to co-authoring a couple of best sellers.
    During this ICU time, Gary Keller has connected with me everyday, several times a day. He assumed I had a chance to make it and he was going to be sure I did. Beyond that he expressed his love for me! What a friend, colleague, and mentor. He just didn’t know how truly serious my situation was. I didn’t either.
    Finally, I want to honor my amazing wife Gina, the woman I most admire, adore, and LOVE. She has been the true warrior through all of this. She has given me such love and support. FaceTime everyday, multiple times a day. Plus dealing with the disease herself. I feel like I’m abandoning her. And, I am, but not by intention. We were building a great life together, we had plans! I would be her protector for ever! GINA I LOVE YOU.
    For everyone, I am sad to be leaving you, but i am so happy for all the memories you have given me!
    TYG — with Gina

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  2. In 1991-92 I worked for a bank. There was some drama as the bank was forcing a woman into retirement. She filed an age discrimination suit against them. She is who taught me the correct way to balance a checkbook with º and √ marks. People would come into the bank and wait for their turn for her to balance their checkbooks.
    Another bank in town saw it as an excellent opportunity to take advantage and hire her. The community support for Daphne was HUGE. She was promised a job until she decided she wanted to quit. The bank was bought out by B b and t years ago but they honored the promise to Daphne, even flying her to Charlotte on a private jet to meet the president of the bank.
    A few weeks ago I was in the bank and asked about her. She went home because of Covid last March, but has since decided to take EARLY RETIREMENT. I asked how old she was, she is 97!!!! She worked until she was 96. Lately she has greeted customers, opened the safe deposit boxes, and notarized documents. She notarized the docs when Mr. P and I bought this house.
    She has lived an amazing life. She went to work in 1948, was married to Mr. Dvorak until his death, had no children, has run 35 marathons — she didn’t start running until she was in her 60’s.
    The bank manager called the other day to do a customer satisfaction call. I, again asked about Daphne. She told me an amazing story about her. From all of her long years in banking, if one of the tellers were off when they balanced their drawers at the end of the day, Daphne would walk over and ask how much they were off. They would give her an amount and she would tell them to check _____ and THAT would more often than not be where the discrepency would be!!! Just off the top of her head.
    What an amazing life!

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  3. Wow! That is quite a story, Kim. I know a woman who was fired just before she could collect her pension. Very evil in God’s eyes to do such a thing. That is why we have some of the regulations that some deem unnecessary. For myself, I often wonder why anyone would want to work that long instead of volunteering more or enjoying family and friends. She obviously enjoyed her job.


  4. And it’s a beautiful Birthday morning … a most blessed day to celebrate the gift of Kevin!! Happy Birthday to you brother!! ♥️ 🎂 🎉
    We have had wonderful blue skies for three days in a row… no smoke in the air! We have been delighted to view the stars once again…they appear so close that you could reach out and grasp one for yourself…amazing!
    Those are wonderful testimonies shared Kim. ♥️ I well remember my Mom’s friend who lived until she was 106…when I met her she was 103 and still keeping her home spit spot clean. It was as though I walked back in time when I entered her home. Original everything from the early 1950”s and not a speck of dust nor anything out of place. She told the most fascinating stories to me that day…a walk through history in the words of an amazing lady…what a treasure….

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  5. Happy Birthday Kevin!

    We had a backyard visitor late yesterday, one of the new kittens from next door. Annie stalked and yowled so I got her inside and the kitten dipped under the fence in the back, I hope she’ll get home ok (and I’m assuming it was one of the kittens from next door, looked like one I’ve seen playing over there).

    So today Annie’s on high alert, but no kitten so far.

    And it’s cool enough this morning again that I pulled on a sweatshirt.

    Busy day ahead with a port news conferenference and a story about where things stand on holiday shipments. We have ships “parked” outside the port waiting to be assigned berth spots for unloading. Things are getting pretty jammed up again.

    I have a phone interview at 4 with the Retail Federation about how the holiday season is shaping up with regard to supply and demand. Do your holiday shopping early this year, seems to be the mantra.

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  6. In other news, the wolves are roaming about.


    This pastor will sign a religious exemption for vaccines if you donate to his church
    Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    A pastor is encouraging people to donate to his Tulsa church so they can become an online member and get his signature on a religious exemption from coronavirus vaccine mandates. The pastor, Jackson Lahmeyer, is a 29-year-old small-business owner running in the Republican primary challenge to Sen. James Lankford in 2022. …




  7. I’m warning folks to buy your Christmas presents–especially if they’re books–early. As DJ keeps warning us–the supply chain is backed up and sitting in the harbor. If you don’t shop early, you may not get what you want.


  8. In other news, for the first time in about 28 years, I had someone go through my closet with me.

    We discarded two large trashbags full of clothes to a good home.

    We threw away a bunch of things. Sniff.

    “Gee, mom, I remember you wearing that sweater when I was a little girl.”

    My mother gave it to me when I was 20.

    I kept it.


    Here’s the QOD–when was the last time you culled your clothing?

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  9. A few months ago. That is my joke about tattoos. I can’t possibly make a commitment to a tattoo. I don’t even like the clothes I had last year!
    I have lost 35 pounds since any of you have seen me and I think DJ was the last to see me in February of 2018. You can enlarge my avatar to see the difference in my face.
    Every so often I let BG in there to get rid of stuff. I have kept a few things that mean something. I have a jeans jacket and a pair of jeans I bought in NYC in February of 2004.
    I can easily make an argument for you to keep the sweater your mother gave you. I have a box with a gallon ziplock bag. Inside the bag is my dad’s swim trunks. He used to swim every day at the wellness center. I also have a jacket that is embroidered Jim Black, JRT(that stands for Jumbo Roll Tissue) Scott Paper Company. I have the suit, shirt, and tie he wore to my grandmother’s funeral in January before he died in June. The sleeves of the shirt are rolled up.
    Since Mr. P gave me his mother’s wedding rings, when we got married I had him wear my dad’s tie. He was a Mama’s Boy and I was a Daddy’s girl so it seemed fitting. The fact that they are both deceased may be why we have made it. Who knows?

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  10. Spring last year we started a major decluttering project. We got stalled and never finished, but not before we went through our clothes and got rid of quite a bit.

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  11. No kidding there. I had to go on special diest twice in the Air Froce to pass physicals because I was underweight. The doctors knew that I was ok. We just had to get around the regulation.

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  12. A friend linked me to a Facebook post from someone she knows from long ago. He wrote quoting from a famous theologian:
    “A Scared World Needs a Fearless Church
    No one can blame people for being afraid. The world is in for a baptism of fire, and whether or not this present conflict is the beginning of the ordeal, such a baptism will surely come sooner or later. God declares this by the voice of all the holy prophets since time began—there is no escaping it.

    But are not we Christians a people of another order? Do we not claim a place in the purpose of God altogether above the uncertainties of time and chance in which the sons of this world are caught? Have we not been given a prophetic preview off all those things that are to come upon the earth? Can anything take us unaware?

    Surely Bible-reading Christians should be the last persons on earth to give way to hysteria. They are redeemed from their past offenses, kept in their present circumstances by the power of an all-powerful God, and their future is safe in His hands. God has promised to support them in the flood, protect them in the fire, feed them in famine, shield them against their enemies, hide them in His safe chambers until the indignation is past and receive them at last into eternal tabernacles.

    If we are called upon to suffer, we may be perfectly sure that we shall be rewarded for every pain and blessed for every tear. Underneath will be the Everlasting Arms and within will be the deep assurance that all is well with our souls. Nothing can separate us from the love of God—not death, nor life, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature.

    This is a big old world, and it is full of the habitations of darkness, but nowhere in its vast expanse is there one thing of which a real Christian need be afraid. Surely a fear-ridden Christian has never examined his or her defenses.

    A fear-stricken church cannot help a scared world. We who are in the secret place of safety must begin to talk and act like it. We, above all who dwell upon the earth, should be calm, hopeful, buoyant and cheerful. We’ll never convince the scared world that there is peace at the Cross if we continue to exhibit the same fears as those who make no profession of Christianity.

    From “This World: Playground or Battleground?”… A.W. Tozer”

    Good reminder!


  13. Good for the sweater.

    I did some clearing out when the house projects were ongoing, but not enough. Some of what needs to go ( 😦 ) are things that I now seem to be styles better suited for (ahem) a younger person, even if just a “marginally” younger person. It’s strange, realizing you’re going through these stages in life you thought only happened to “other” people.

    Meanwhile, yes, shop early. National Toy Assn guy on today’s news conference said if you see something the kids or grandkids would like, buy it, tuck it away. No guarantees for later in the season in terms of supply.

    They’re expecting more in-person shopping at stores this Christmas.

    And if you do wind up buying toys online, he said to be sure to check all the product info, especially for safety, as there are often some knock-offs.

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  14. My house is in the most glorious mess it has ever been in! We are moving along in preparing to move out Wesley’s belongings. If I felt better I could enjoy this.

    Hail to World Leadership! I have moved up from being the Hated Ignorant Unvaccinated to being a dreaded Shedder of New Yet to be Named Deadly Virus Forms. I have graduated to new status!!! Every move we make regarding Covid brings a new arsenal of diabolical undermining and stripping away our simple identity of being a regular human made in the image of God. Thankful God knows who I really am and that He is the one in my life with Kingdom Authority to identify me in truth.


  15. At first my near dyslexia crazy vision thought you were talking about wind up toys, dj.

    I am eating a chunk off a head of cabbage for late lunch. It’s what people do when they can only get in the fridge for whatever is available that does not take preparation. Desperate times call for desperate solutions.

    Miss Bosley, the curious one always, is having a grand time. She has not yet climbed the new eight foot mountain of empty packing boxes in the foyer. She has her moments of being a smart cat. Time will tell if curiosity takes another life.


  16. It’s been a good couple of years since I did one of my Lent purges of 40 pieces of clothing from my closet and/or drawers. I know I added at least that much when I graciously took on what my good friend was tossing out from her closets in her move. But all the clothes are so adorable, just my colors, styles, and fit . . . how could I not take them? I recently carried a few of those over to my friend, Florence. Lo and behold, they were just right for her, too! She was happy to receive, too, despite being in the midst of downsizing herself. It is another virtue of us good GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) to accept graciously all gently worn items that are beautiful and makes both the gift giver and receiver immensely happy.


  17. I just mixed up a new jar of peanut butter. Art will be happy with a peanut butter and banana sandwich for dinner. The alternative is cashew butter. So we already know he will delight and complement the chef on the superb taste of the peanut butter I mixed up.


  18. I just cleared out a big bag of clothes from my closet…and today I went shopping to replace them all! Nordstrom Rack has gotten in some very nice sweaters and casual tops. 😊

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  19. This may not appeal to others, but lately I have been enjoying a daily trek into “Look Inside” cookbooks, which gives the opening pages, sometimes quite a few pages, of recent cookbooks. I subscribe to Bookbub daily emails and the first book is always a cookbook. There are other daily offerings of discounted or free books for Kindle which I share here some of the freebies. Thought I would mention how I utilize the cookbook daily offerings. I learn a lot from reading a little from each book. Today the book offered is from the top food blogger in Scandinavia. The recipes are for meat lovers and sound delectible. Everyday is something different. Some are related to appliances I don’t own such as an Instant Pot.


  20. Kim did not have thirty five to lose when she was here.

    Don’t ask me to identify people let alone who you look like.

    Here goes: the one on the furthest left or the right or maybe the one in the plaid looking jacket.

    Fifteen year old agrees it is the one on the left back.

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  21. Some days the one on the back left with the updo looks back at me. Sometimes the on on the back right looks back at me.
    The two on the front are the 11th amd 12th in birth order. The one on the right is the one I look like now. She is the one whose children commented I looked just like her. She had early onset dementia now. It started in her late 50’s She is late 60’s now.

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  22. I love that idea, Kare, of the out of sight and ‘out of mind’ Why DID We Keepsakes box. Perfect! And what a great thing for people to find as a bittersweet memento of their parent’s lives. This is an excellent time, while I’m digging deep into treasures, to put together a funny Finders Keepers box of heirlooms.


  23. Well, rap from next door and The Star Spangled Banner from across town when the clock hit 4:30.

    There’s a wonderful, cool breeze today.


  24. We just returned from our 13yr old grandson’s cross country meet…there are some very fast youngsters in the seventh grade! He did great and was so pleased to see his old grandparent. He even allowed a picture to be taken of him with us! 😂 he really is a great young man. And today is his Dad’s 49th birthday…our son in law is also the running coach so we got to see him on his birthday and of course our sweet daughter….

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  25. Today is so confusing. Having a holiday on a Thursday. I mostly do not know what day it is, but then I will be teaching tomorrow.


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