13 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-29-21

  1. Good news.

    “COVID Pandemic Makes Homeschooling Popular Across the Nation”

    “There’s no turning back for us now. The pandemic has been a blessing — an opportunity to take ownership of our children’s education.”


    “Parents realized public education is a fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic. Childen suffered as governments and officials virtue signaled while unions and teachers whined.

    Parents opted to send their children to private schools or homeschool so their children did not lose a year of education.

    A lot of those parents decided not to look back. Homeschooling remains popular even though most schools will open this fall:

    The specific reasons vary widely. Some families who spoke with The Associated Press have children with special educational needs; others seek a faith-based curriculum or say their local schools are flawed. The common denominator: They tried homeschooling on what they thought was a temporary basis and found it beneficial to their children.

    “That’s one of the silver linings of the pandemic — I don’t think we would have chosen to homeschool otherwise,” said Danielle King of Randolph, Vermont, whose 7-year-old daughter Zoë thrived with the flexible, one-on-one instruction. Her curriculum has included literature, anatomy, even archaeology, enlivened by outdoor excursions to search for fossils.

    By September 2020, homeschooling sat at 11%. It was only 5.4% in March 2020. Black households had a 16.1% rate in September 2020 while only 3.3% in the spring of 2020.”

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  2. Follow the experts!







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  3. This is perfect.

    An empty headed president holds a photo op at an empty Mack Truck plant in Allentown yesterday.

    The workers are currently furloughed, not enough orders to run year round. But don’t worry, they brought in some union members, just for show.

    Joe was senile as ever.



    At least he got a nice warm Allentown welcome. 🙂

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  4. Guardians of Integrity?


    Oh honey…. no…..

    “A Fresh Reminder of Russiagate’s Failed Guardian(s) of Integrity”


    “For more than four years, Western media outlets have exhaustively claimed that President Vladimir Putin of Russia waged a sweeping influence campaign to install Donald Trump in the White House and undermine U.S. democracy.

    According to The Guardian, the long elusive smoking-gun evidence has been found. On July 15, the British newspaper published an article by one of the leading media promoters of the Trump-Russia narrative, Luke Harding, and two colleagues. Harding and company report that they have obtained secret “Kremlin papers” – bearing Putin’s signature – that authorized the malicious Russian plot. The documents call for using “all possible force” to support Russia’s preferred candidate, and thus trigger “the destabilization of the U.S.’s sociopolitical system.”

    Yet remarkably, this supposed earth-shattering scoop has been greeted with resounding silence from The Guardian’s U.S. media counterparts. Two weeks later, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS have ignored it. The lone exception was Washington Post columnist Philip Bump who, rather than parrot Harding’s story, laid out multiple reasons why it is “hard not to be skeptical” of it.

    For Harding, the media shutout stands in sharp contrast to the warm embrace of his 2017 book “Collusion,” which rode the once-towering Trump-Russia conspiracy wave to become a No. 1 New York Times bestseller. Times columnist Michelle Goldberg called it “essential” and wished that “everyone who is skeptical that Russia has leverage over Trump would read it.”

    The release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report in April 2019 undermined Harding’s collusion narrative, and discredited his primary source, ex-British spy Christopher Steele. It also included nothing to support Harding’s evidence-free November 2018 report in the Guardian, which claimed that one-time Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Julian Assange held three secret meetings in Ecuador’s London embassy – one of the most surveilled locations on the planet.

    The cold reception to Harding’s latest “bombshell” suggests that he may have worn out his welcome with fellow collusion chasers across the pond. But if this story is a bridge too far, what does that say about the others that preceded it?

    Content-wise, Harding’s article is not much different than the sloppy coverage that, for example, won a 2018 Pulitzer Prize for the New York Times and Washington Post. Just like Harding, these prominent outlets also used anonymous sources, evidence-free claims and hedged language to advance the narrative that Trump’s presidency was all one dastardly Russian operation.

    What appears to have changed is not a newfound embrace of journalism standards, but instead a shifting of narrative priorities. With Joe Biden now in office, the Russiagate fixation no longer suits a political and media establishment that relied on it as a means to undermine his predecessor.

    In response to emailed queries from RealClearInvestigations, a Guardian spokesperson said, “We stand by our story and our reporting.””


    “The rush to promote unsupported allegations and ignore countervailing facts shows that U.S. officials and their media allies have obsessively accused Russia of what they have in fact carried out themselves: a massive, divisive disinformation campaign aimed squarely at the Western public. Accordingly, every piece of content that advances the Russiagate narrative is an iteration of the “propaganda” and “disinformation” that it purports to document or challenge. Harding’s article is certainly no exception. He writes:

    There are paragraphs on how Russia might insert “media viruses” into American public life, which could become self-sustaining and self-replicating. These would alter mass consciousness, especially in certain groups, it says.

    There is no “media virus” inserted into American public life that has done more to alter the consciousness of certain groups than Russiagate, which has enlisted millions of malleable liberals into a fantasy that the Kremlin is brainwashing their country with social media ads and that Donald Trump was a Manchurian president.

    Accordingly, if Harding’s story is evidence of anything, it is of the absurdity of a Russiagate narrative that was once treated as gospel when establishment media deemed it politically and financially expedient. The fact that it has now been shunned by the same outlets that would have previously treated it as a “bombshell” suggests that it may have finally outlived its utility.”

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  5. Joe and Dems built this.


    This is what you wanted, and no more mean tweets!

    “Whistleblowers: COVID spread at Fort Bliss migrant shelter for kids but HHS told us to ‘make everything sound positive'”


    “In May, the Associated Press reported that migrant kids being kept at an Emergency Intake Shelter set up at Fort Bliss in El Paso were living in poor conditions. One child psychiatrist who visited the site mentioned that kids were catching COVID during their stay.

    “The children are coming out sick, with COVID, infested with lice, and it will not surprise me to see children dying as a consequence, as we saw during the Trump years,” Cohen said. “The Biden administration is feverishly putting up these pop-up detention facilities, many of which have no experience working with children.”

    At the time, HHS was planning to expand the facility at Fort Bliss from holding 4,500 kids up to 10,000 kids, but two weeks later HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra announced he was reversing course. Not only would the site not be expanding but the total of number of kids would drop to under 1,000.

    At the time, Becerra described the conditions at the site as “adequate,” but earlier this month two whistleblowers filed complaints saying the conditions were “dire.” The entire facility was being managed by ServePro, a franchise business that does disaster cleanup and which had no experience managing facilities for children. ”


    “The first whistleblower complaints were made three weeks ago. Today, NBC News reports that two more whistleblowers have come forward. They claim that COVID was spreading among kids at Fort Bliss but that staff were told to downplay it if asked.

    “Covid was widespread among children and eventually spread to many employees. Hundreds of children contracted Covid in the overcrowded conditions. Adequate masks were not consistently provided to children, nor was their use consistently enforced,” the whistleblowers, Arthur Pearlstein and Lauren Reinhold, said in a federal whistleblower complaint filed Wednesday

    But at the end of their service, they said, federal detailees were regularly given written instructions from HHS public affairs that told them, “when asked, to make everything sound positive about the Fort Bliss experience and to play down anything negative.”

    COVID isn’t the only problem they were asked to downplay. According to the whistleblowers, the facility also covered up lice outbreaks and even riots.”

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  6. AJ
    Blaming Nancy Pelosi for the Jan 6th riot seems to be the new messaging of Republicans and the right; claiming she was in charge of the capitol police. A bit weird to blame the riot on the police and their political bosses. Its akin to blaming a homeowner for a break-in due to poor locks and not the actual criminal. And even more to the point, Pelosi isn’t in charge of the police. Less than five minutes with google (while enjoying the beach) tells me that the capitol police has its own police chief who is in charge of day to day matters while being supervised by two sergeant at arms and at least two Congressional committees.

    The capitol police were fully employed that day and were assisted by city police. The real mystery was the late employment of the DC National Guard who operate under the direction of White House administration including the Defense Sec’y and Sec’y of State. They were preemptively called up prior to the BLM march so why weren’t they called up to protect the capital on Jan 6th? Hopefully the cmttee will look into this.

    Btw — the daily mail has been ruled as an unacceptable source by Wikipedia. Your level of accuracy has to be low if even Wikipedia doesn’t accept you. The interesting part of the online version of the daily mail is despite being a British tabloid and a British online paper, it keeps an American HQ to avoid the more stringent libel laws in the UK. Its online content is slapped together not for accuracy and good writing but to insert as many links and click bait as possible.


  7. Science is rarely consistent. It adjusts its theories and explanation as new evidence. A pandemic is an evolving situation so I would accept an evolving and changing response in the last two years. We’ve found that covid is spread through air not touch and is more prevelant in enclosed badly vented places (schools, LTCs, warehouses, slaughter houses, etc ) As for more recent inconsistency — human nature.

    American policies rarely change from admin to admin so its always amusing to hear opponents use extremists rhetoric. For example, the Biden regime is turning the US into a Communist country yet the housing of illegal migrant youth hasn’t changed from the the Trump admin. Sure there’s differences but its not that radically different. Meanwhile as young children battle covid and lice due to living in overcrowded poorly vented living conditions, the Republicans congresspersons are focused on the tyranny of mask wearing. Its obvious who is dealing with adult problems and who is acting like children.


  8. My real worry with the upswing in homeschool is the number of parents who have taken the opportunity to escape the scrutiny of teachers and child welfare. A number of students in the past two years have simply disappeared off the rolls. Normally children who are withdrawn by parents to be home schooled still have to register with the school board and have their curriculum supervise (ie a principal visits once a year or so to make sure something is being taught). However, in the last two years some families have simply not shown up. And these aren’t the conscientious parents who do the right thing but rather families who have been under scrutiny for poor parenting and general child neglect. Homeschooling then has become an opportunity for some parents to avoid responsibility.


  9. “Blaming Nancy Pelosi for the Jan 6th riot seems to be the new messaging of Republicans and the right; claiming she was in charge of the capitol police.”


    We’ve been saying it for months. Do try to keep up.


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