32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-17-21

  1. Thanks Kim
    LindaS & co. are coming over to help me get organized for bachelor living later this morning.
    I appreciate all the expressions of sympathy and love the past few days.

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  2. Good morning, all,

    My young associate is here bright and early today and wide awake as she was yesterday. I think she has given up sleep for Lent. This does not bode well for granny. But we will make it through.

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  3. Good morning, Chas, and Kim, and others.
    Good evening, Jo.

    I am about to take my first sip of coffee so I can wake up.

    And I, too, keep Chas’ family in mind with thoughts and prayers as arrangements and all sorts of things need to be taken care of. This may be the first time Chuck and Linda have had to do some of this. Praying for their clarity of understanding and peace. So thankful to God that they are loving children. And thankful we all here get to be supportive in prayer. May our prayers uplift you, Chas, today and for the following weeks, months, and years.

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  4. This is a news video of the implosion of the Trump Tower and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ this morning.
    It still seems so amazing how those who make it happen can do it in such an orderly way.

    And, on the subject of buildings, I just found out that a nearby Chick-fil-A was the very first free standing facility for the company. It is on the road my street connects to.

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  5. I have Bible study with the ladies at 10 a.m. How can it be Wednesday when the garbage can is still on the street since Monday waiting for pickup? I understood that Monday was a holiday so no pickup then. Have they forgotten us? Maybe the crew has Covid. I need to pray rather than complain.

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  6. Morning all…it is a lovely morning in the forest and we are prepared for the 8 inches of snow coming our way this afternoon. I think I will take a walk around the neighborhood before then 😊
    We had a lovely study last evening with our small group…thought provoking and encouraging in our walk with the Lord…don’t you just feel like you can once again breathe deeply after such fellowship?
    I read this morning that Carman had died…he was only 65….

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  7. Lots and lots of beautiful snow out there. I only made a path on the deck. I hope to get back to it but needed to bring Barney in for his breakfast. He has now been returned to his outdoor pen for the day and is much happier. He will probably stay out there with multiple feedings during the day. Jake missed him.

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  8. You know, it’s hard to narrate your own book. I read aloud four chapters of Mrs. OC on Sunday, marking on my Ipad Ebook what words could cause me to stumble.

    I stumbled on several of them anyway. 😦

    Several times, I felt like I just hung in there on some words–so the audio guy had me reread!

    I’m so glad I get do-overs!

    But I found a second actual error–both times it’s been locations–and both times we decided to follow what the book said rather than have me correct it.

    WHY did I use such long sentences?

    WHY so many words starting with s?

    I’m going to write the next book much simpler without as many s words. LOL

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  9. We used to always be told to read our stories out loud after we wrote them.

    We have an ‘all hands’ staff-wide zoom meeting w/the publisher in about 10 minutes, major topic likely will be that it was reported late yesterday that our hedge fund owners were finally able to swing their long-desired purchase of Tribune. More new staffs and payrolls to trim. Sigh.

    After that, it’s a port news conference to cover and write up.

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  10. I had Ladies’ Bible study and then we had prayer time. As I took requests, a tax client knocked at the door with their info for me to pass to Art. I told the group someone else could start the prayers, and I would close us out. I started earnestly praying and then the others were saying bye and I realized my phone was on mute. Oops. I turned it on and began again.

    My Bible memory verse was a simple one, Psalm 16:1 “Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust.” It is perfect for a breath prayer: Inhale while reciting/thinking ‘Preserve me, O God,’ and exhale while saying/thinking ‘for in You I put my trust.’

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  11. Morning all. Folks in quarantine and isolation here. it is making it very difficult to keep the school open. with market yesterday morning and a staff meeting in the afternoon, I had a hard time staying awake. Have to check my school mailbox, but I think I am observing in grade three, where I will take over next week and then subbing in grade one for the rest of the day.

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  12. Deaths and hospitalizations are going down in LA County, thankfully.

    We had a big surge starting in Nov/Dec that threw everything (again) into a tailspin, shuttering businesses (again) and impacting hospitals (again).

    But it seems to be calming down somewhat now. Discussions now center around reopening schools, something many of the teachers’ unions oppose.

    As for the virus spread, the main concern are the new “variants” making the rounds that appear to be more contagious. The vaccines rolling out now, it is believed, will mostly guard against those new versions as well, but there are still a lot of moving parts to this whole mess of a pandemic.

    A number of folks in our church had it, including our pastor and the pastor of our sister church; one man connected to our church family remains on a ventilator and is not doing well.


  13. Number of reported cases in my severely locked down county yesterday: 0.

    But wait! 291 people in our 500,000 population county have died of it in the last year.

    We demand you wear TWO masks now!

    I’m talking to you, you dangerous walker!

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  14. Most towns in Connecticut have students attending school or a combination of in-school and online. Our town has in-school learning four days a week, with Wednesday being online.

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  15. The re-opening of everything else will be interesting (and likely slow). Those of us getting vaccines are already figuring out what we’ll be able to start doing again (and with whom — namely other vaccinated folks) so even that’s turning into an interesting process and discussion. I may visit my friend in the Valley several times (we usually exchange just 2 visits a year). And a couple dog park folks getting vaccinated are talking about getting tighter for takeout … and the cousins.

    I’m ready, believe me.

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  16. Sharing this with you all. It’s from Linda S.

    “Elvera Collins Shull, 89, of Greensboro, NC, passed away on February 14, 2021 at home surrounded by family. Born October 19, 1931 in Greenwood County, South Carolina, she was the daughter of the late Everett Eugene and Gladys Butler Collins. She was a graduate of Taylors High School and retired from Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. She was a member of Friendly Avenue Baptist Church. Surviving are her loving husband of 63 years, Charlie Shull of Greensboro; a son, Chuck and wife Linda of Greensboro; one sister, Polly and husband Mel Rogers of Hendersonville, NC; three granddaughters, Becky (Brian) Muller, Mary (Tom) Harris, and Jennifer (Jeremy) Smith; eight great grandchildren, Caden Muller, Addison Muller, Collins Lea Muller, Graham Harris, Ellie Harris, Charlie Harris, Tolliver Smith, and Caroline Harris; and many nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be conducted at (redacted) at Friendly Avenue Baptist Church with Dr. Daniel Dickard officiating. Burial will be at Summerville Cemetery in Summerville, SC at a later date.
    The family would like to thank the caregivers who cared for Elvera, allowing her to remain in the comfort of her home and in the company of her devoted husband in her final month”


    I’ve omitted the date and time for security, but I can provide that by email to anyone who wants it.

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