11 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 12-7-20

  1. Prayer for us. I have both babies today as husband is taking the others Christmas shopping. Pray for them to use good judgement during a pandemic.

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  2. Cheryl, you asked if there is anything we would rather be doing. It isn’t that, of course we love taking care of the grandchildren. It is that it would be nice if their mommies had maybe taken the time to have a marriage in place when they started so two people would be raising them in a family unit.

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  3. Continued prayer for son in law and daughter. Son in law says the longer this takes, the more difficult it will be to get back together. I reminded him of God waiting for him.

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  4. Mumsee, for sure.

    So many people in my family have spent their entire lives rearing children that I don’t take for granted that parents have “retirement years after the children are out of the house.” My maternal grandfather had his last child at 61, my father at 53. Both of those died while they still had teenagers at home. But my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law’s first husband, and my husband’s first wife all died when some of their children weren’t yet teenagers. My sister-in-law had a son who was of age but not fully “launched” (still in college).

    But with the exception of my grandfather (who had his second through fourth children with his second wife, my grandmother), all of those people were still married to the father or mother of their children at the time of their death. It isn’t the decades of raising children and/or dying young, it’s children who don’t have married parents who put the children’s best interests first. And getting married before conceiving children gives a much better foundation for everyone.

    God can still redeem this situation, though, and by God’s grace you are in place to provide some consistency and support for those babies.

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  5. Pray for my friend (we grew up together) Shirley who today had confirmation that ‘spots’ are cancerous, though there needs to still be a biopsy. We cried on the phone together. This is hard.

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  6. From a prayer thread:
    This is becoming a very dangerous situation for all Americans…
    UGA student and Loeffler campaign staffer Harrison Deal died in a fiery explosion on a Friday that many are saying was not accident….
    He was also the boyfriend of one of Kemp’s daughters…
    Strange how his untimely death corresponded with Kemp’s agreement to do a signature audit on ballots….(Kemp has since withdrawn all willingness to investigate the fraud)
    Was this a message to Kemp? Did the young man know something?
    I hope this is investigated…….

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