Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 14

This is Week 14 in the longest college football season in memory. Because of postponements there are two more weeks after this. So, I am going crazy (I was half-way there already) and added comments below.

Once again, I (Peter) won last week, so I picked the tie breaker. Be nice. Those Cats of mine are struggling (11 straight regular season losses).

So enjoy the fun and get those guesses in before NOON EST Saturday, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. #5 Texas A&M @ Auburn- Can Auburn make up for its loss in the Iron Bowl? We’ll see.

  2. Texas @ Kansas State – Can Texas make something of the season? Who knows?

  3. Nebraska @ Purdue – Can Nebraska win its 2nd game? Who can tell?

  4. Penn State @ Rutgers – Can Penn State win 2 in a row? The Shadow knows.

  5. Eastern Michigan @ Western Michigan – Can you say which school has the best record in the state? Who? WMU, that’s who.

  6. #12 Indiana @ #16 Wisconsin – Can you believe how good IU is this year? Who knew!

  7. South Carolina @ Kentucky (Alternate tie breaker – final score and winner, please)

  8. Georgia Tech @ NC State – Can Hornets sting again? Stay tuned!

  9. Pillow Fight: Bowling Green @ Akron (both 0-4) – Two bad teams against each other? Too blue.

10. Tie Breaker (predict winner and final score): Colorado @Arizona – Can the ‘Cats Bear Down? I hope so!

Alternates in case of cancellations and postponements:

#24 Tulsa @ Navy; #19 Iowa @ Illinois; #13 BYU @ #18 Coastal Carolina

15 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 14

  1. 1. Texas A&M 

      2. Kansas State

      3. Nebraska 

      4. Penn State 

      5.Western M

      6. Indiana

      7. SC  21-14

      8. NC State

      9. Akron

    10. Arizona 14-7

    Coastal Carolina


  2. That was fast. I just sent this a couple of hours ago.

    Auburn – Sorry, Aggies, Tigers are hungry for a win.
    KSU – A Wildcat can take down a Longhorn in real life.
    Nebraska – Huskers wanted to play this year, but haven’t shown up yet. Watch out, Bolermakers!
    PSU – The Lions need this one.
    WMU – 4-0 vs 0-4. no contest.
    Wisconsin – Indiana is not as good as they stated out.
    South Carolina 20-14 – These Cats are struggling like my Cats are.
    Tech – I hope they can find their sting again.
    BG – It’s a toss up, really. They’re both bad.
    Arizona 18-15 – The only hope I have is the home field advantage.

    Alternates: Navy, Iowa, BYU

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  3. Chas’ wild guesses
    1 Auburn
    2 Texas
    3 Purdue
    4 Penn State
    5 Eastern Michigan
    6 Indiana
    7 South Carolina 21-14
    8 NC State
    9 Akron
    10 Colorado 21-7

    Navy, Illinois, Coastal Carolina,


  4. Texas
    Penn St
    Western Michigan
    South Carolina 21-14
    NC State
    Arizona 21-14

    Coastal Carolina


  5. Chas and Mumsee: You two have the same prediction for the South Carolina game as Janice. She was first so the two of you need to change your guess, in case that game becomes the tie breaker,


  6. Nebraska is beating up on Purdue.
    Not fair. Every time the Purdue QB gets the ball, a bunch jof guys in white shirt and red pants pile on top of him.


  7. Peter, I see you say, “Indiana is not as good as they stated out.” I didn’t watch the game, but my husband did, and it seems that without their starting QB they still had a strong win and have only lost one game this season–a game played against a very strong opponent that was hardly a decisive win.


  8. This was the week of the visiting team. Eight of the 10 games were won by the visitors this week. I didn’t pick the visitors enough. From first to last. Two of us picked 7 winners, but only one of those got the tie breaker. Those two were Chas and Mumsee. The Arizona Wildcats are not the team they should be. Colorado won it. Only Chas and AJ picked it. But Chas had 7 games correct, so he wins, based on the most picks and closest tie breaker.

    ATTABOY, Chas!

    Chas, Mumsee 7 (Chas had the tie breaker)
    AJ, Janice 6
    The other player 2


  9. Whoa. The other player. That is really sad. Condolences. Tee hee.


    It is all Janice’s fault. She lead me astray thinking the game would be higher scoring. She is the numbers person.


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