Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 9

This is Week 9 of our adventure in Pickling Pigskin Picks. Janice won last week. It could also be “Weak” 9, as 9 of the teams have losing or even seasons, including usually mighty LSU, and the tie-breaker teams of TCU and Baylor, both of which have been good teams recently

So, here they are, 20 teams waiting for you to choose them to win, and, hopefully, we can have someone with a perfect 10. We came close last week, with Janice getting 8 right, so she picked the tie breaker game.

Get those guesses in by NOON EDT Saturday

  1. Michigan State @ #13 Michigan

  2. Purdue @ Illinois

  3. Texas @ #6 Oklahoma State

  4. #25 Boise State @ Air Force

  5. LSU @ Auburn (first time since 2001 both teams were unranked)

  6. Mizzou @ #10 Florida

  7. Charlotte @ Duke

  8. Navy @ #22 SMU

  9. Pillow Fight: Rice (0-1) @ Southern Mississippi (1-4)

  10. Tie Breaker (Pick winner and final score) TCU (1-3) @ Baylor (1-2) (Could also be a Pillow Fight)

10 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 9

  1. Michigan State
    Oklahoma State
    Air Force
    Southern Mississippi
    Baylor 36-24

    Go Boise!


  2. AJ- Since Chas might miss out on this because of the power outage, perhaps you could have LindaS email you Chas’s choices?


  3. It’s Halloween weekend, so I’ll list the my choices by their mascots
    Wolverines over the Spartans
    Boilermakers over the Illini
    Cowboys over the Longhorns
    Broncos over the Falcons (never thought I’d pick Broncos, but this is the NCAA, not NFL)
    Purple & Gold Tigers over the Red & Blue Tigers
    Black & Gold Tigers over the Gators (Any other conference have 3 teams with the same mascot?)
    Blue Devils over the 49ers
    Middies over the Mustangs
    Golden Eagles over the Owls
    Bears over the Horned Frogs 35-21


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