16 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-4-20

  1. Why one independent is endorsing Trump’s reelection


    “In his own, startlingly different manner, Trump’s approach to presidential governance also dares to look behind the so-called customs, traditions, and unfeeling bureaucratic “we’ve always done it that way” attitudes which, when accumulated, paralyze democracy, erode trust in law, and diminish the universal hope for a better tomorrow.

    In 2008, I endorsed Barack Obama for his eloquent representation of America at her best and most generous. That endorsement came at a price so dear that it ended my public career and impacted my personal life. Because the resulting wounds are deep and unrelenting, the price still seems too great to endure.

    And yet, can the price ever be too high when it is a matter of conscience? Thomas More remarked in the 16th century that “When statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their own public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos.”

    Mr. Trump’s manner of presentation certainly is not one of humility, and it can mislead one to think he lacks empathy. He doesn’t. He is just more interested in empathy of action rather than of word. For example, it is hardly uncaring when Trump advocates school choice for all families, or seeks to control the pandemic while simultaneously urging that jobs be restored, seeking fair trade with diplomatic friends and cautioning the proponents of terror to stand down — or, lest we forget, his keeping our military well-equipped and trained, at home, as a corollary to moderating the temptation to intervene internationally without a well-thought-out purpose and a realistic means to achieve it.

    The “to do” list for the next president includes wrestling with the inscrutability of pandemics, melting ice caps and “unsurvivable” water events, costly wildfires, and domestic rioting beyond comprehension. President Trump did not choose this formidable “to do” list, at an age when most of us might prefer the comfort of an easy chair, but he has undertaken it with fresh eyes and unconventional thinking.

    We cannot meet the problems we face by leaning upon the steady but prosaic legislative record of a likable man such as Joe Biden who is well-suited for supporting roles. It is possible, but unlikely, that Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris, if elected, intend to revive an understanding of the vice presidency as primarily a legislative officer, situated in Congress to bring opposing sides into agreement (in line with the express constitutional assignment to the VP to break legislative ties as Senate president). Biden-Harris might well be superb in that role but, alas, since Walter Mondale and especially since Dick Cheney, today’s VP is thought to be deputy president even as, textually and historically, the person holding the second office was not.”


  2. Good news. 🙂


    “Dead heat: Trump erases Biden’s 8-point lead in Pennsylvania as black voters abandon Democrat”

    “Former Vice President Joe Biden, who calls himself “a kid from Scranton,” has lost his wide lead over President Trump in his native Pennsylvania, where the 2020 presidential race is a dead heat.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports poll showed that both are tied at 46%.

    And, significantly, said the poll analysis, among the 82% of voters who said that they are “certain” how they will vote, Trump holds a 51%-49% advantage.

    Rasmussen is the second poll in two days to show the race in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state, has become a tie. The Monmouth University Poll said Wednesday that Biden had a lead of 1 to 3 points.

    Just two weeks ago, Biden had an 8-point lead in the state. Trump’s surprise 2016 victory came after he upset Hillary Rodham Clinton in traditionally Democratic states including Pennsylvania, which both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have campaigned in.

    It also confirmed another trend that is hurting Biden. Black voters, who Biden is depending on, are not enthusiastic about his candidacy, despite having Sen. Kamala Harris on the ticket. Rasmussen found that just 67% of black people in Pennsylvania support Biden, while 27% back Trump.

    The analysis said, “Worrisome for the former vice president is his 67% black support, low for a Democrat, with the incumbent earning 27% of the black vote in Pennsylvania. Trump leads among whites and other minority voters.”


  3. Trump’s main asset, so far as I’m concerned is that the is not a politician. However, it is political logic that is shutting down the country now.


  4. Bill Barr vs. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: We Are Playing With Fire With Mail-In Ballots


    “In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, Attorney General Bill Barr argued absentee ballots are fine but you’re “playing with fire” with mail-in ballots.

    “Wolf, this is a sort of cheap talk to get around the fundamental problem, which is the Bipartisan Commission chaired by Jimmy Carter and James Baker said back in 2009 that mail-in voting is fraught with the risk of fraud and coercion,” Barr said.

    “This is playing with fire, this is playing with fire,” Barr told the CNN host. “We’re a very closely divided country here. And if people have to have confidence in the results of the election and the legitimacy of the government, and people trying to change the rules to this methodology, which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion, is reckless and dangerous. And people are playing with fire.”


    Part 1

    Part 2


    My favorite part is when Barr LoL’s at Wolf’s claims that CNN is “fair and balanced.”


  5. The worm has turned….


    “The great realignment is over.

    The Republicans are now the working-class party while the Democrats are the party of the political establishment.

    President Trump campaigned to protect the working class from bad trade deals, illegal immigration and endless wars in 2016.

    He hasn’t achieved all of his goals because realigning the parties takes time. And Washington has proven to be a tough customer.

    Hillary Clinton campaigned and now Joe Biden campaigns to protect the political class, protect illegal immigration, protect global trade with China and to maintain our entangling alliances that often plunge our armed forces into far-flung places.

    Trump made an audacious play for Black working-class voters by signing criminal justice reform, showing compassion for African-Americans who were unfairly caught in the prison system and enacting policies that put Black Americans back to work in record numbers.

    Joe Biden has been caught flat-footed and is forced to align himself with Black Lives Matter elites who promote socialism, condone violent protest and promote racial separatism. For the man who previously championed tougher anti-crime provisions that put many Black men in prison, this is not an easy transition.

    Trump rightly sees China as the biggest threat to working class America. He sees the shuttered factories, the lost jobs, the misery that has spread across the vast middle of America and wants to do something about it. He calls out China for their role in spreading the worst pandemic in history, using graphic but descriptive language that offends the business and political elite that like to do business there.

    According to intelligence agencies, Joe Biden is China’s preferred candidate. That comes as no surprise. He and his family have a long history of doing business there. He thinks trade with China is good for America, supported permanent normal trade relations, and says things like “come on, man, China is not an economic threat to America.” Tell that to the working-class party, Joe.

    When it comes to pandemic, Trump has been realistic. The cure can’t be worse than the disease. We need to open up the country up as soon as possible, we need kids to go back to school, we need to get back to business. Biden, mirroring the desires of the ruling class, wants to keep the people in a state of panic because that allows the politicians to exert even more control over the private sector.

    For working Americans, those who can’t afford to rent a camper and travel the country for a year, more lockdowns are deadly. Trump is with those who want to move on.

    It comes as no surprise that the political elite has closed ranks behind the Biden campaign. Political strategists on both sides of the aisle are now working overtime to stop Donald Trump and his working-class party.

    Trump has an annoying habit of trying to keep his promises. The political establishment party doesn’t like that, because if we solved all of our nation’s problems, what would we run our next campaign on?”


  6. Trump and Barr are just the latest to sound the alarm. Dems know this is a bad idea, but they want to exploit the fraud for their own power gains.


    “Long before Trump, bipartisan group of elder statesmen flagged mail ballot fraud risks
    Forgotten 2005 report warned a small amount of fraud could swing close elections, urged voter ID requirements.”

    “In recent months, the debate over mail-in balloting has evolved into a battle between Team Trump’s worries about fraud and the claims of Democrats and their news media allies that such concerns are an unwarranted effort at disenfranchising voters.

    It wasn’t always this way.

    Fifteen years ago this very month, a bipartisan panel of American statesmen and stateswomen — from ex-President Jimmy Carter and ex-Senate leader Tom Daschle on the left to former Secretary of State James Baker and former House Minority Leader Bob Michel on the right — studied the future of U.S. elections and issued strong words of caution that the expansion of mail-in voting that began a few years earlier in Oregon posed real fraud risks, especially in close elections.

    “To improve ballot integrity, we propose that federal, state, and local prosecutors issue public reports on their investigations of election fraud, and we recommend federal legislation to deter or prosecute systemic efforts to deceive or intimidate voters,” the Commission on Federal Election Reform urged in 2005. “States should not discourage legal voter registration or get-out-the-vote activities, but they need to do more to prevent voter registration and absentee ballot fraud.”

    Moreover, the commission strongly urged that voter identification was a key to preventing cheating, something some liberals today claim provides xenophobic “new barriers to the ballot box.”

    “The electoral system cannot inspire public confidence if no safeguards exist to deter or detect fraud or to confirm the identity of voters. Photo IDs currently are needed to board a plane, enter federal buildings, and cash a check. Voting is equally important,” the commission said.

    The commission, created by American University and supported by several liberal nonprofits, looked at ways of increasing voter participation and reducing fraud and saved some of its strongest words of concern for mail-in balloting, which was just beginning en masse in Oregon.

    “While vote by mail appears to increase turnout for local elections, there is no evidence that it significantly expands participation in federal elections,” the commission wrote. “Moreover, it raises concerns about privacy, as citizens voting at home may come under pressure to vote for certain candidates, and it increases the risk of fraud.”

    “Oregon appears to have avoided significant fraud in its vote-by-mail elections by introducing safeguards to protect ballot integrity, including signature verification. Vote by mail is, however, likely to increase the risks of fraud and of contested elections in other states, where the population is more mobile, where there is some history of troubled elections, or where the safeguards for ballot integrity are weaker,” the commission said.

    The commission acknowledged its members were split on the extent of voter fraud: Some believed it to be widespread, while others perceived it as minor. But the members’ final report detailed concrete examples of voter fraud cases.”


  7. Gaslighting the country.


    “The Media Have Lost Their Minds

    Through the most newsworthy year in recent memory, reporters make a habit of gaslighting America.”

    “Why did police shoot my daddy?”

    Now there’s an impartial heading if ever I’ve seen one. No attempts at emotional manipulation to be found. Nothing to see here, folks—just good, old-fashioned, hard-fact reporting from the good people over at CNN.

    “Why did police shoot my daddy?” I’d like to hear the rhetorical acrobatics necessary to convince anyone that this is serious journalism. And yet this kind of barely veiled propaganda has become the stock-in-trade of nearly every major institution of the American news media.

    This particular example comes from a CNN hagiography of Jacob Blake, who was shot seven times during a nasty late-August tangle with three Kenosha cops, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Notably missing from CNN’s extensive coverage—which oftentimes professes to shed light on what kind man Blake is—is nearly any mention of the warrant out for his arrest for felony sexual assault against a woman who was, at the time of the alleged assault, sharing a bed with her child. (Reporters are keen to mention that Blake’s disastrous scuffle with police occurred “in front of three of his children,” but silent on the child involved here.) According to police, the August 23rd incident ensued when they responded to a call that Blake was at the home of the victim of the alleged May 3rd assault, where he was (for obvious reasons) not supposed to be.

    The police officers were aware of Blake’s outstanding warrant for a violent crime when they responded to the call; it cannot be ignored in any serious report of the event, especially for its undoubted impact on the officers’ mindsets and methods in approaching the situation. And yet a search for “jacob+blake+warrant” on CNN’s website turns up as its first result “Federal law enforcement drawn deeper into Trump’s political ambitions” (which contains no mention of the warrant), followed by “Naomi Osaka wears mask honoring Breonna Taylor before winning US Open match” (same thing).

    Instead of serious reporting and investigation, we are treated to fawning stories of “a father, a son, an uncle and a brother who’s focused on his loved ones.” But they aren’t just parroting Blake’s family on matters of opinion; the family line is accepted without question on matters of fact as well.

    That same report tells us: “Blake did not have a weapon in his car, said Patrick Salvi Jr., another attorney representing the family.” The source linked there is another, earlier CNN report—containing the Pulitzer-worthy “Why did police shoot my daddy?”—which actually admits that, “Blake appears to have told officers that he had a knife in his possession, the DCI [the Wisconsin DOJ’s Division of Criminal Investigation] said. Investigators later ‘recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard’ of Blake’s vehicle and no other weapons were found, the agency said.” How on earth—given (among other evidence) the actual, documented recovery of the weapon—does “did not have a weapon” become the dominant strain of the narrative in a major network’s reporting of the event?

    Other outlets were more measured in their narrative-crafting—only making it more obvious by accident. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the largest newspaper in Wisconsin, initially published a report under a headline that began, “Jacob Blake had knife in car but was otherwise unarmed.” After widespread mockery and criticism, the headline was changed, but the Journal Sentinel‘s tweet with the initial phrasing remains. “Otherwise unarmed”? You’re either armed or you’re not. (He was.)

    The headline is a perfect illustration of the way the spin grift is carried out: a fact is presented (“Jacob Blake had a knife”), then quickly glossed over and superseded by narrative (“otherwise unarmed”). It doesn’t matter if the narrative directly contradicts the fact, as it does here. All that matters is the appearance of objectivity that the inclusion of scattered facts allows. In time, the narrative becomes self-sufficient; facts no longer need to even accompany it. Case in point: the earlier CNN report paired the lawyer’s dubious claim with the details relayed by the DCI; the later report felt no need to include the latter, allowing the lawyer’s unsupported version of events to stand alone.

    The most prominent example of this practice has become a bit of a meme in recent months: mostly peaceful protests. NBC Bay Area bent over backwards to keep up the charade, publishing a report under the headline “Group Breaks Off of Mostly Peaceful Protest, Vandalizes Police Station, Sets Courthouse on Fire”—with no evidence presented to support the implication that any such break-off occurred. A CBS News report on the “mostly peaceful” Portland protests glancingly mentioned that “someone started a small fire inside the fence” protecting the federal courthouse and “some people climbed the fence and others launched a few fireworks.” (It was, somewhat in keeping with CBS News’ spin, a far more peaceful night than Portland has grown accustomed to.) From ABC News: “Protesters in California set fire to a courthouse, damaged a police station and assaulted officers after a peaceful demonstration intensified.”

    A few times, images from the ground have revealed the radical disconnect between the narrative and reality. A much-mocked CNN chyron on August 25th read “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting.” Above this already laughable contradiction, correspondent Omar Jimenez broadcast in front of multiple burning cars, with more intense fires raging in the distance beyond the vehicles. It goes without saying that the image of rampant arson looks anything but “mostly peaceful.””

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  8. Facts…..?


    See post above.


    “We are now in an era where initial visceral narratives shape our lasting attitudes. Images of men being lethally shot in the back or dying with a knee on their neck create strong impressions that are not easily changed by subsequently released information. These dynamics were previewed by Christine Blasey-Ford’s testimony at Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. Despite no corroborating evidence, despite her remembrance based on memory-retrieval therapy almost thirty years after the alleged event, her emotional testimony was riveting. It was compelling for many older women as they relived dynamics they had experienced in their youth. No amount of subsequent information that brought into question Blasey-Ford’s veracity made any difference to her supporters.

    The same dynamic has been repeated in the way recent high profile cases against the police have been viewed. In response to the Rayshard Brooks (Atlanta), Breonna Taylor (Louisville), George Floyd (Minneapolis), and Jacob Blake (Kenosha) killings there have been countless demonstrations, sports events have been cancelled, and a widely-held belief has been perpetuated that these lethal actions reflected wanton disregard for black lives. Many black commentators suggest that these outcomes could happen to them. “And I know people get tired of hearing me say it, but we are scared as Black people in America. Black men, Black women, Black kids, we are terrified,” NBA star LeBron James said.

    James’ emotionally-charged response to police shootings should be measured against his sustained funding of an Akron (OH) elementary school. Whatever one’s judgment on policing, a central problem in poor black communities is the large share of 10-year olds that exhibit significant academic or behavioral deficits. No amount of police reforms can change this situation. Indeed, widespread claims that white supremacy drives racist policing can only undermine educational efforts. Why should black youngsters work hard to overcome educational deficits if told that they won’t succeed in a white supremacist society?

    Moreover, in each of the last three years, there have been 20 or fewer unarmed black men killed by police. By contrast, over the same three-year period, 2,095 children eleven years old or younger have been injured or killed by gunfire. In Chicago alone, 32 children under the age of 17 have been shot and killed this year. As a result, black Americans who live in poor neighborhoods — the students who attend James’ school — have much more to fear from random gun violence than a deadly encounter with police. Indeed, this is why 81 percent of black respondents to a recent Gallup poll indicated that they want the same or greater police presence in their neighborhoods.

    But more relevant, is how the public reacts when subsequent information becomes known that brings into question the initial visceral reactions. First, in the Brooks and Blake cases, seemingly benign events escalated because both individuals had outstanding arrest warrants: Brooks for serious parole violations and Blake for felony sexual assault charges. In both cases, the individuals fought with police when attempts were made to arrest them, and they had weapons in their hands when deadly force was used. A strong case could be made that the police responses were excessive — both individuals were shot in the back — so that officers should face some criminal charges. However, it should be clear that these were not incidents that should bring fear to law-abiding black Americans.

    In the Taylor case, the police had obtained a no-knock warrant based on extensive evidence that she was in close collaboration with a known drug dealer against whom the police were trying to build a stronger case. Taylor had received packages from him and other evidence seemed to indicate a strong likelihood that her apartment was consistently used as a drug conduit. When they broke down the door, they were immediately met with gunfire. This doesn’t justify an officer firing shots blindly from outside. However, it does explain the reasons why the warrant was granted and the dynamics that led to Taylor’s death. An argument could easily be made against no-knock warrants — and proposed federal legislation would made them illegal — but again, this was not a racially-motivated abuse of police power against law-abiding black citizens.

    The Floyd case raises a different issue. After witnessing the video of his death, it seemed clear that it was the result of depraved indifference. A police officer had his knee pressed against Floyd’s neck presumably creating the breathing difficulties that caused his death. The official autopsy and more complete video evidence present a more nuanced assessment. The additional video indicates that Floyd was experiencing breathing difficulties before being restrained and that the police had called for an ambulance. It was also at Floyd’s request that he was taken out of the police car and placed on the ground.

    The autopsy indicated that Floyd’s breathing problems reflected his lungs building up with fluids as a result of a lethal drug overdose. The medical examiner reported that “if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death.” In addition, he noted that “the autopsy revealed no physical evidence suggesting that Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation.” While the linking of Floyd’s claims that he couldn’t breathe to the knee on his neck was initially understandable, this subsequent information brings it into question.”


  9. Good. Now do NY, NJ, Conn., and every other state with a Dem Gov. Raid the Dept of Health too. Wolf and his freak show Health Dept Director ordered ill patients returned and that led to most of this, not the nursing homes. They did what the govt ordered them to do, take in infected patients..


    “FBI raids Pennsylvania nursing home where hundreds caught coronavirus, dozens died”

    “Federal and state investigators raided a Pennsylvania nursing home Thursday where hundreds of residents and staff members tested positive for coronavirus and dozens have died, authorities said.

    Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the state attorney general’s office and other agencies executed the search warrant at Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center northeast of Pittsburgh, said Scott Brady, U.S. Attorney for Pennsylvania’s Western District.

    The Mt. Lebanon Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, another nursing home in the Pittsburgh area operated by the same company that owns Brighton, was also searched by authorities on Thursday, NBC affiliate WPXI reported.

    Brady did not offer details about the search warrant but he encouraged anyone with information about suspected fraud, abuse or victimization to contact a regional COVID-19 task force.

    Last month, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said that the facility was under investigation over reports of “deeply troubling” conditions and practices.

    “I can confirm that Brighton is one of the subjects of our criminal investigations into neglect at nursing homes during the pandemic,” he tweeted.

    State Department of Health data show that 447 residents and staff members tested positive for the disease, and 73 people died. In late July, the facility announced that it had no cases for the first time since March, according to WPXI, but its outbreak remains the worst in a Pennsylvania.”


  10. ———-

    “August Jobs Report Blows Past Expectations, Unemployment Rate Plummets”


    “The job report for the month of August was released on Friday and the news was good. The report showed the addition of 1.4 million jobs. The nationwide unemployment rate also fell to 8.4 percent, crushing expectations and marking the fourth straight month of recovery following the Wuhan coronavirus lockdowns in March.

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  11. Well that was quick…..

    The latest Dem/Media collusion effort lasted about 6 hours. If it had happened, Bolton would have already scooped this in his book. He’s also the one debunking it.

    Poor Never-Trumpers, they’re so desperate. 🙂



  12. Womp, womp, womp……

    Your “unnamed” sources are trash.



    And yet MSM outlets and Joe Biden are still pushing this fabricated story…..


  13. Yeah, good times….. 😦


  14. Like I said, a Dem/Media collaboration. They already had an ad ready before the story even broke. They continue to air the ad, and it’s yet to be removed by Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter, even though proven false. Why? Because their “moderation efforts” are one sided.




  15. ———


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