14 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-13-20

  1. The media’s TDS is another out of control epidemic.

    The beclowning of themselves this time is epic.


    “USA Today Faceplants On “Fact Check” Of Trump Campaign Using Nazi Imagery”

    “I suppose someone at USA Today grew bored with blaming Donald Trump for the pandemic, the ensuing economic collapse, racism in America and the creation of New Coke. Or so it seems, anyway.

    Recently, the President’s reelection campaign rolled out the latest in their series of new merchandise to raise campaign cash and offer supports a way of showing their appreciation to Donald Trump in public. One of the items up for sale was a t-shirt with the (by now) familiar phrase of “America First” emblazoned across it. The logo also features a bald eagle (our national bird, in case you somehow missed school the day it was covered) gripping a circle with an American flag in it. (Picture) So what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see such an image? If you answered “Nazis!” then you may be a good fit for a couple of left-wing, NeverTrump agitators who made precisely that claim. And USA Today found their incredible accusation credible enough to do a fact check of it. And what was their conclusion? I somehow doubt you’ll be surprised to learn the answer.”

    “That’s right, they found the claim to be “true.” They did appear to realize how dumb that tweet looked because they followed it up with a couple of caveats. But let’s see where this started and how the USA Today “fact-checker” reached his conclusion.

    First of all, the complaints were raised on social media by Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, a group of progressive Democrats purportedly representing Jewish voters, and another from the Lincoln Project, a group of NeverTrumper Republicans who are essentially indistinguishable from Democrats, at least until after this November. They both accused the Trump campaign of selling “straight up nazi propaganda shirts” or variations on that theme.

    Our diligent fact-checker, Will Peebles, then delves into the history of the Nazi Party in Germany, noting that they also used a symbol of an Eagle with its head turned to the viewer’s right. The eagle also grasps something in its talons. At that point, pretty much all similarities stop and Peebles even notes this fact and the many differences to be found. S”


  2. Sure, now it’s a Nazi symbol though……







  3. Most dishonest ever.


    “The most dishonest, biased news coverage of our lifetimes — and it’s about to get worse”

    “What really seems to have raised the press’ hackles was Trump’s dissent from their reverent attitudes toward Black Lives Matter and apparent indifference to those tearing down statues of Lincoln, Douglass, Grant, abolitionists and women’s-rights advocates.

    “Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our Founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities,” Trump said, accurately.

    That’s not the message most in the media want voters receiving in the months running up to ­November. TV viewers have been assured Black Lives Matter protests are “mostly peaceful,” even while fires are blazing fiercely within camera view.

    Newspaper readers have been assured that those seizing streets and ousting police are promoting, in the Seattle mayor’s words, a “summer of love,” even as their camp becomes the scene of multiple homicides.

    Opinion writers are avoiding mention of the fact that homicides and murders in New York, Chicago and numerous other cities have suddenly risen far above the numbers for 2019 and previous years. Most of the dead are black, but ­apparently, those black lives don’t really matter.

    Media sensibilities may have also been injured when Trump spoke of a “far-left fascism,” one of whose “political weapons is ‘cancel culture’ — driving people from their jobs, shaming dissenters and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees.”

    This may cut uncomfortably close to home, coming just a few weeks after the defenestration of The New York Times editorial-page editor for running an article urging the deployment of federal troops, the same tactic that ended rioting and bloodshed in Los Angeles in 1992 and Detroit in 1967.

    For these media denizens, verbal disagreement is violence, while violent rioting is “mostly peaceful” verbal disagreement. They say, or feel compelled by newsroom pressure to say, that Trump is divisive because he’s accusing them, accurately, of being divisive.”

    During the Charlottesville controversy around the statue of Robert E. Lee, Trump was ridiculed for predicting that statue protesters would target Washington and Jefferson. Well, The New York Times has run opinion articles coming after Washington and ­Jefferson.

    National Review editor Rich Lowry writes, “I suspect that the very journalists who scoff at Trump’s description of the culture war all know that if they or their colleagues say something disparaging or even skeptical about Black Lives Matter, their jobs would ­instantly be at risk.”

    Hence the dishonest and biased press coverage of Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech.

    Expect more in the months to come.”


  4. Awwww. Poor babies. Someone explain to them the power of pardons and commutations is at the presidents discretion. They have no say. 🙂


    “House Democrats promise investigations, legislation after Trump commutes Roger Stone”

    “House Democrats reacted furiously to President Trump’s Friday move to commute the prison sentence of political operative Roger Stone — demanding an investigation and even legislation to stop similar commutations happening again.

    “President Trump’s decision to commute the sentence of top campaign advisor Roger Stone, who could directly implicate him in criminal misconduct, is an act of staggering corruption,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a statement on Saturday.

    She went on to promise that Congress would “take action” to prevent future such commutations: “Legislation is needed to ensure that no President can pardon or commute the sentence of an individual who is engaged in a cover-up campaign to shield that President from criminal prosecution.”

    The White House announced Friday that Trump has signed an Executive Grant of Clemency for the colorful political operative, who was sentenced to more than three years in prison after he was convicted last year on seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements to Congress in relation to FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.”


    So where’s the crime? They lie to us everyday and make false statements, right Adam Schiff?……
    They tamper with witnesses, see Lt. Col. Vindman and his brother…..
    They obstruct justice routinely by releasing arrested rioters with no punishment…..

    But when a commoner does it, it’s a crime? Yeah, no. They railroaded the guy, just like Flynn, all because they had the nerve to support the president. It’s all tainted, and all fruit from the same poisoned tree, so the president made the right call.

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  5. Like I said, poisoned….. by abusive govt actors.

    And the press ignores it.


    “The case brought by Team Mueller in the name of the United States against Michael Flynn constitutes a sidebar to the biggest political scandal in American history by far. While the United States now seeks to dismiss the case, Judge Sullivan resists. His resistance now extends to the The D.C. Circuit opinion granting Flynn’s petition for a writ of mandamus ordering him to dismiss the case.

    While the D.C. Circuit mulls over Sullivan’s petition for en banc review of the court’s mandamus order, the government continues to produce previously undisclosed exculpatory material to General Flynn. Reminder: Attorney General Barr assigned United States Attorney Jeffrey Jensen the task of reviewing the government’s file in the Flynn matter. Jensen’s review has resulted in several productions of exculpatory evidence that prosecutors acting on behalf of the United States should previously have turned over to Flynn.

    What we have here is a sickening disgrace from which the press averts its eyes like Victorians confronting a public display of sex. At every step along the way, the press acted as a co-conspirator with the perpetrators inside the FBI and the Obama administration. You can understand why they might not be inclined to look back or confess and repent their wrongdoing. They look forward to the Biden Ministry of Truth depositing it down the memory hole.”

    “Flynn counsel Sidney Powell filed Flynn’s Second Supplement In Support of Agreed Dismissal yesterday. It is accessible here. The newly produced exculpatory evidence was attached to the memo as Exhibit A. The memo explains the circumstances underlying the production and itemizes the government’s previous productions of undisclosed exculpatory evidence. This is a scandalous sidebar to the scandalous sidebar.”


  6. Barkley states the obvious.

    “Barkley: Sports Are Turning Into A Divisive “Circus” And Fans Might Not Come Back”


    ““I think we’re missing the point,” Charles Barkley told CNBC yesterday about the role of sports — and the fans — in the current unrest. Without a doubt, the NBA Hall of Famer said, we need police reform, but that should mean “good cops out there policing the bad cops. … My concern is turning this into a circus instead of trying to do some good stuff.”

    If professional sports leagues think they’ll get there by shoving the argument into fans’ faces constantly, Barkley thinks they might just talk themselves out of a job. “They [the fans] don’t want to see a bunch of rich people talking about stuff all the time,” Barkley said. “These people have lost their jobs, they’re struggling financially, they’re not going to get their jobs back. And the last thing they want to do is turn on the television and hear arguments about stuff all the time.”

    True. They can log onto Twitter for that, and it’s much more efficient at it:”

    ““I think we’re missing the point,” the former 76ers, Suns and Rockets star told CNBC. “We need police reform, we need prison reform. … My concern is turning this into a circus instead of trying to do some good stuff.”

    The media contributes to the “circus” by focusing on kneeling and messages on buses and jerseys, he added.

    What the country really needs, he said, is “good cops out there policing the bad cops.”

    He pointed out that while the U.S. is a divided country, “sports used to be a place where fans could go get away from reality.””


  7. Again, stating the obvious….

    “WATCH: Cuban Immigrant Warns About the Deadly ‘Pill’ Americans Are About to Swallow”


    “Cuban immigrant Maximo Alvarez issued a stark warning to Americans last week during a roundtable meeting last week with President Donald Trump. According to Alvarez, the President of Sunshine Gasoline, the American Dream is at risk of being destroyed by the Left. The tactics that are being used are the same ones he saw in Communist Cuba when he was 11-years-old.

    “We come over here, in my case because my parents chose that I would not be indoctrinated by the communist country, by the totalitarian country, by the totalitarian regime. They don’t educate children. Absolutely not. And this is something that we need to understand. What is happening in our backyard today, I experienced as an 11-year-old. I remember vividly all the promises that a guy named Castro gave, and how 99 percent of the people swallowed the pill,” he warned. “It took many years later, after I read somebody named Saul Alinsky, that I realized that all those people were nothing but useful idiots. I remember Castro while in the mountains being interviewed and asked if he was a communist. He went crazy. … He was going to save Cuba. I remember how he promised to the farmers, to the wahitos that you’re going to own the land. I remember all the promises that we hear today about free education and free health care and free land.”

    Alvarez reminded people that Fidel Castro abolished the police, the military and even took over the Catholic church. The immigrant’s dad, however, saw through Castro’s words because he experienced the same thing under communist Spain. Alvarez’s father saw parallel’s between Castro and his home country.

    The businessman explained that the left uses fancy terms and promises to try and indoctrinate others. It’s the same tactics he saw in Cuba.

    “Talking about socialism, Catholic church, 14,000 kids who came like me in this country without parents. And we were provided an opportunity. This is what makes our country great. They didn’t give me free nothing, they gave me the opportunity. That is the most valuable thing in the world,” Alvarez explained. “Now, when I said they didn’t give me any free something, please understand that at 13-years-old, I had to be provided with a home, had to be provided with food, and an education. That is socialism, that’s Americanism, that’s the America that these people are trying to destroy today by using funny terms like ‘socialism.’ They’re not, they’re communists. Don’t ever forget that.”

    Alvarez’s biggest warning, however, came directly from his father, who saw what life was like in Spain, Cuba and the United States: do whatever you have to to protect the American Dream.”


  8. Crazy talk they said. Conspiracy theory they said.

    And once again, they were wrong.


    “Scientists from the Wuhan virus lab have ‘defected’ to the West, reveals senior Trump ally Steve Bannon – as FBI gathers evidence that coronavirus pandemic was caused by an accidental leak

    Steve Bannon says spies are building case against Beijing that virus was lab leak

    Mr Bannon says defectors were talking to intelligence agencies in UK and the US”

    “Experts from the Chinese laboratory at the centre of global suspicion over the coronavirus pandemic have ‘defected’ and are in the hands of Western intelligence, the architect of Donald Trump’s presidential victory claimed last night.

    Steve Bannon, who was Trump’s White House chief strategist and retains close links to the administration, told The Mail on Sunday that spies were building a case against Beijing on the basis that the global pandemic had been caused by a leak from the Institute of Virology in Wuhan and that the subsequent cover-up had amounted to ‘pre-meditated murder’.”

    “His incendiary claims about the source of the virus, which has so far claimed more than 560,000 lives worldwide, came as Western governments gather growing evidence to challenge Beijing’s original claim that the infection first spread from a market.

    Even the Chinese government’s own Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recently admitted that the virus had been brought in to the market, rather than originating there.

    Mr Bannon, who has been tipped by the US media for a return to Trump’s inner circle to shore up his faltering campaign for re-election, said: ‘I know that certain defectors are working with the FBI here to try to knit together what happened’ in the Wuhan institute, which he said was ‘horribly run and terribly mismanaged’.

    He claimed: ‘They are not talking to the media yet, but there are people out of the Wuhan lab and other labs that have come to the West and are turning over evidence of the culpability of the Chinese Communist Party. I think people are going to be shocked’.

    Mr Bannon, who sat on the US National Security Council during his time in the White House, says spies are trying to assemble a case that the virus spread as the result of an accident involving experiments to develop vaccines and therapeutic drugs to deal with Sars-style viruses.

    Speaking to this newspaper from a yacht off the East coast of America, Mr Bannon said that defectors were talking to the intelligence agencies in America, Europe and the UK.

    He said: ‘I think that they [spy agencies] have electronic intelligence, and that they have done a full inventory of who has provided access to that lab. I think they have very compelling evidence. And there have also been defectors.”


  9. Covid 19 isn’t the only thing killing people, even if they’re miscounted as C 19 deaths by our unscrupulous state govts even though they aren’t from C 19. Once again what some called crazy talk turns out to be accurate.


    “Many years ago, one of my duties as a young surgical intern was to fill out death certificates for recently deceased patients. Under “cause of death,” Part I asked for the immediate cause, other conditions leading to it, and the underlying cause. Part II asked for “other significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in the underlying cause given in Part I.” If you think this is confusing, you’re right. Did the post-operative patient found dead in bed really die of a heart attack, a pulmonary embolism, or some operative complication, like bleeding? Where do you list their colon cancer or hypertension?

    The task has not gotten any easier during the Covid-19 pandemic. People are still dying of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and accidents. But now there is a new respiratory illness to account for. Not every decedent who tested positive for the virus that causes Covid-19 died from it—in fact, the disease is mild for most people. Conversely, some deaths due to Covid-19 may be erroneously assigned to other causes of death because the people were never tested, and Covid-19 was not diagnosed. Nearly everyone dying of Covid-19 has concurrent health problems—the average decedent has 2.5 co-morbid conditions—and hypertension, heart disease, respiratory diseases, and diabetes are among the most common. The presence and interaction of these co-morbid conditions is what sometimes changes Covid-19 from a relatively benign disease into a killer. But co-morbidities can also cause death regardless of Covid-19.

    A common way to distinguish the mortality burden of a new infectious agent from other causes of death is to estimate the excess deaths that occurred beyond what would be expected if the pathogen had not circulated. A recent study of 48 states and the District of Columbia estimated 122,300 excess deaths during the pandemic period of March 1 to May 30, compared with expected deaths calculated from the previous five years. Deaths officially attributed to Covid-19 accounted for 78 percent of the total; approximately 27,000 deaths (22 percent) were not attributed to Covid-19. A second study, using the same database with different statistical methods for the period March 1 to April 25, found that 65 percent of 87,000 excess deaths were attributed to Covid-19.

    Only part of the discrepancy between excess deaths and official Covid deaths results from undercounting of Covid deaths. In New York City, when excess deaths between March 11 (the first recorded Covid-19 death) and May 2 were examined, only 57 percent had laboratory-confirmed Covid-19. Yet when probable deaths—deaths for which Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, or an equivalent term was listed on the death certificate as an immediate, underlying, or contributing cause of death, but that did not have laboratory confirmation of Covid-19—were added in, 22 percent of excess deaths were still not attributed to Covid-19.

    The indirect effect of the pandemic—deaths caused by the social and economic responses to the pandemic, including lockdowns—appears to explain the balance. For instance, people delayed needed medical care because they were instructed to shelter in place, were too scared to go to the doctor, or were unable to obtain care because of limitations on available care, including a moratorium on elective procedures.

    Inpatient admissions nationwide in VA hospitals, the nation’s largest hospital system, were down 42 percent for six emergency conditions—stroke, myocardial infarction (MI), heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, appendicitis, and pneumonia—during six weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic (March 11 to April 21) compared with the six weeks immediately prior (January 29 to March 10). The drop was significant for all six conditions and ranged from a decrease of 40 percent for MI to 57 percent for appendicitis. No such decrease in admissions was found for the same six-week period in 2019. These emergency conditions did not become any less lethal as a result of the pandemic; rather, people simply died from acute illnesses that would have been treated in normal times.

    Deaths from chronic, non-emergent conditions also increased as patients put off maintenance visits and their medical conditions deteriorated. In the second study of excess deaths, the five states with the most Covid-19 deaths from March through April (Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania), experienced large proportional increases in deaths from non-respiratory underlying causes, including diabetes (96 percent), heart diseases (89 percent), Alzheimer’s disease (64 percent), and cerebrovascular diseases (35 percent). New York City—the nation’s Covid-19 epicenter during that period—experienced the largest increases in non-respiratory deaths, notably from heart disease (398 percent) and diabetes (356 percent).

    Cancer diagnoses were delayed for months as patients were unable to obtain “elective” screening procedures. For some, this will result in more advanced disease. Diagnosed cancer cases—normally treated with surgery or inpatient medical treatments—were treated with outpatient treatments instead. While some oncologists rationalized that the results might be just as good, physicians were clearly deviating from the standard of care.”


  10. Steele is exposed as the fraud he is, the WaPo and NYT, his co-conspirators, remain silent on it. Gee, I wonder why….. 🙄


    “Solomon’s story nevertheless draws attention to their corroboration in the case brought against Steele in London. The court’s lengthy Approved Judgment is posted on Scribd. It includes an award of £18,000 in damages to each of two plaintiffs.

    The Wall Street Journal is among the media that have noted the London court’s judgment. This was Steele’s defense, according to the Journal: “Mr. Steele has argued that he compiled the dossier and circulated it to a limited audience, but never intended for its publication in full by the website BuzzFeed.” It’s almost funny.

    Among other media that took note of the court’s judgment are FOX News, Bloomberg News, and the Washington Examiner. I can’t find any notice taken by the New York Times or the Washington Post.

    At every step along the way, the Times and the Post acted as co-conspirators with the perpetrators of the collusion hoax inside the Clinton campaign, the FBI, and the Obama administration. You can understand why they might not be inclined to look back or confess and repent their wrongdoing. They look forward to the Biden Ministry of Truth depositing it down the memory hole.”


  11. More…..


    “A British court decision unmasks new evidence of FBI abuses in the Russia collusion probe.”

    “It was in London that the whole Russia collusion caper began four years ago, so it seems only fitting that as the discredited probe enters its final phase that damning new evidence of the FBI’s failures would emerge back in England.

    This week when a British judge ruled against the former FBI human source Christopher Steele, the decision delivered more than an order for the former spy’s company to pay damages to two Russian businessmen maligned by his dossier.

    It also introduced new incontrovertible evidence that bolsters Attorney General William Barr’s and U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into whether the FBI engaged in misconduct and criminally deceived the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to win permission to spy on the Trump campaign.

    Buried in Justice Mark Warby’s ruling were several new pieces of evidence that answer long lingering questions about just what the FBI knew, and when it knew it.

    For instance, Congressional Republicans have long questioned when exactly the FBI knew that Steele’s dossier was a product ordered up for the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic Party. After all, the bureau never revealed the connection to the FISA court despite its central relevance to the motives of the dossier.

    Warby’s lengthy ruling unearthed a gem of new evidence to answer the question: Steele kept his own notes of what he told FBI agents the first time he met them on July 5, 2016 in London to discuss his anti-Trump Russia research.

    And, Warby revealed, the notes make clear that Steele told his FBI handlers from the get-go that the dossier’s “ultimate client were (sic) the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign.”

    So the FBI knew immediately that the dossier it used to justify a FISA warrant targeting the Trump campaign was a political opposition research product designed to help Clinton defeat her Republican opponent and did not divulge the connection.

    That’s not all that Warby’s decision provided to American investigators.

    The ruling discloses that officials at the State Department where Hillary Clinton had served as secretary of state were uniquely involved in Steele’s efforts to bring the dossier to attention, including Mrs. Clinton’s former Russia expert Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland, Clinton’s successor as secretary of state John Kerry and Joe Biden’s former national security adviser Tony Blinken.”


  12. “When you encounter an entity that repeatedly lies to you, slanders you, mocks you, and hides things from you, should you conclude it is anything but your enemy? ”


    “Firework smoke still lingered in the sky over Mount Rushmore as journalists began their daily routine of story-spinning, as if their very lives depended on headlines reflecting the exact opposite of true events. President Donald Trump’s pro-America speech, dripping with unity and patriotism, was decried in legacy media as diabolical.

    Just moments after the star-spangled spectacle, The New York Times blasted out a news alert, calling the president’s remarks “dark and divisive” and condemning his Independence Day speech as insufficiently focused on the Wuhan virus. ABC News claimed “Trump pushe[d] racial division” and defied pandemic rules, while the Washington Post opted for “dark” descriptors and blamed Trump for “exploit[ing] social divisions.”

    One honest look at Trump’s speech spikes these media fictions into orbit.

    This same media over the last several years has routinely railed against the president for his dismissal of what he calls “fake news.” Journalists lost their minds in February 2017 when Trump took things a step further, for the first time characterizing the fake news media as the “enemy of the people.”

    CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who frequently spars with the president while grandstanding in the press briefing room, capitalized on the phrase while playing the martyr, publishing a book called “The Enemy of the People” last year. Ironically, Acosta used the same words to characterize Trump’s rhetoric about the press as the press used to slander Trump: dark and dangerous.

    “What may have begun as something of a reality TV-style parlor trick has mutated into a full-blown assault on the American free press,” Acosta argued, saying of the president’s “enemy of the people” remark, “It was a dark and dangerous tweet that may well define much of his presidency.” Plenty of others have echoed Acosta’s sentiment.

    In short, Trump delivers a unifying speech, and the media lies, calling it dark and divisive. Trump exposes the media for its lies, and the press calls his rhetoric dark and divisive. The cycle has repeated itself over and over again.

    While the press’s most recent Fourth of July smear was blatantly partisan and anti-American, it’s worth noting that this wasn’t an isolated instance of media misspeak. Bad-faith actors in the press have proved time and again that they are indeed the enemy of the people.

    Liar, Liar, Cities On Fire
    This is the same media that has spent the last six weeks stirring up strife over the death of George Floyd and lying about the resulting chaos. While rioters and looters desecrated major cities across the United States, many journalists downplayed the violence and tried to convince Americans most of the actors were simply peaceful protesters.

    “I want to be clear in how I characterize this. This is mostly a protest. It is not, generally speaking, unruly,” said one MSNBC reporter as buildings burned down behind him.”

    “The media malfeasance was endless. Many outlets initially failed to report on the autonomous zone mayhem in Seattle, compared the anarchy and violence to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters, and pretended the looting was the same as peaceful lockdown protests.

    All the while, many mainstream journalists ignored the ongoing pandemic they were otherwise using to shame Americans into lockdown. After hundreds of thousands of protesters and rioters clambered through the streets, the media continued blaming churches for coronavirus upticks, while crediting Black Lives Matter protests with helping to “slow the spread” of the virus.”


  13. “Byron York: Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence was not unprecedented”


    “Washington Examiner contributor Byron York said on Monday that the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence was not unprecedented, despite what many critics have claimed.

    “In the past, presidents have commuted sentences or pardoned people in their administration they felt have been targeted by unfair investigations,” York told “America’s Newsroom.”

    York said that former President George H.W. Bush pardoned five people who had been convicted or pleaded guilty in the Iran-Contra affair.

    “With Bill Clinton, he pardoned people who were involved in Whitewater, especially Susan McDougal, his old business partner who had been convicted of corruption and after that conviction, the independent counsel Ken Starr suggested that she could get a lighter sentence if she testified against Bill Clinton,” York said.

    The Whitewater scandal in the 1990s involved an investigation into the real estate investments of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Jim and Susan McDougal, made in the late ’70s. The Clintons formed the Whitewater Development Corporation with the McDougals in order to buy up 230 acres of riverfront land and sell it as a vacation property.

    “She went to jail rather than testify against Bill Clinton. She served 18 months for contempt of court for refusing to answer the question of whether she had testified truthfully at their trial. In his last hours in the office, Bill Clinton pardoned Susan McDougal. A few years later, they made a documentary about her and he appeared at the premiere and called her a hero for refusing to testify against him so this is simply not unprecedented.”

    York published an op-ed on similar actions taken by previous U.S. presidents.”

    York writes, “Unprecedented”? Who is Romney kidding? Put aside your opinion of whether Trump acted properly or improperly in commuting Stone’s sentence — an action comparable to President George W. Bush’s decision to commute the sentence of top White House aide Lewis Libby, convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in the CIA leak affair.”


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