37 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-4-20

  1. From “The Sift” this morning:

    Advancing America’s “first freedom” around the world is a “moral and national security imperative” that is fundamental to human flourishing, according to an executive order President Donald Trump signed on Tuesday. The order makes international religious freedom a high priority for U.S. foreign policy

    They don’t allow religious freedom in countries like Saudi Arabia. Heresy is not allowed.

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  2. Sorry, but I kneel for no man or woman.

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  3. Local, and leftist.


    “Just who are behind the violence, arson, and rioting in the streets in Minneapolis and other major cities? It’s not entirely clear yet what the precise mix is, but at least here in the Twin Cities, what is becoming clear that it’s not just “outside agitators” who are stirring the pot, as Governor Tim Walz and the two mayors claimed early on but were later forced to retract. The Department of Justice did charge one Illinois man, Matthew Lee Rupert, with crossing state lines to riot, but the rest of the serious arrests in the last 24 hours all involve Minnesota locals.

    The Star Tribune notes this morning that the actual record on arrests “conflicts” with the outside-agitators narrative pushed by Minnesota’s leadership. For instance, a traffic stop of a no-license-plate prowling car turned up three Minnesotans, not outsiders — and not “white supremacists,” either:

    In warning that “outside agitators” had infiltrated local protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man killed by Minneapolis police, state officials outlined a list of concerning developments, including cars stripped of their license plates driving around town.

    But at least one case charged Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court showed that a group of mostly local young men were riding in one of the mysterious vehicles.

    Police allegedly recovered two guns, a hammer and an “electric grinding tool” from the men.

    Authorities charged Junior G. Smith, 24, of Rochester; Augustine Z. Livingstone, 22, of Ramsey, Minn.; and Peter Shin, 29, of St. Paul.

    A quick peek at the social-media footprint of one of these suspects also dispels another meme floating around the media. Augustine Z. Livingstone’s Facebook page has a fresh note up overnight acknowledging his “legal matters,” and a perusal of his other posts and interests make it very clear that he had been involved in the unrest for quite some time. It’s also clear that Livingstone’s no “white supremacist,” let alone a neo-Civil War “boogaloo,” a term that has suddenly sprung into fashion over the last couple of weeks. It’s a pretty fair guess that Livingstone’s partners in alleged crime weren’t white supremacists, either.”


  4. Remove this clown from office. She is undeserving of it.


    “Dem prosecutor releases every rioter, looter arrested by St. Louis police without charges”

    “All 36 people arrested by St. Louis police during riots have been released without charges, according to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

    Schmitt said that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner declined to charge any of the people arrested during riots between Sunday and Tuesday.

    “To see that kind of level of violence and rioting that went on, police officers being shot and shot at, a retired police captain being murdered, people throwing rocks and gasoline and frozen water bottles at police officers, firefighters being assaulted and blocked from doing their job, businesses that have served the community for years being burned to the ground, it’s unfathomable that every single person arrested that night has been released,” Schmitt said. “It is stunning.””



  5. Obama, his friends, and Democrats are hard at work helping victims of the rioters…..

    Oh wait, no, they’re not, they’re helping the looters.


    “Former Obama Intelligence Official Helps Secure Bail for Molotov Cocktail-Throwing NYC Lawyer

    Former official said alleged firebomber is her ‘best friend'”

    “A former Obama administration intelligence official who worked in both the Departments of State and Defense has guaranteed bail for a human rights lawyer accused of firebombing a police vehicle in New York City.

    The former official, Salmah Rizvi, told a judge the alleged firebomber is her “best friend.” Rizvi, now an attorney at the D.C.-based law firm Ropes & Gray, helped secure the release of fellow lawyer Urooj Rahman by agreeing to be a suretor for her bail. That means Rizvi is liable for the full cost of the $250,000 bail if Rahman fails to obey the court’s orders.

    Rahman was released to home confinement over the objections of government attorneys after her arrest on Saturday for throwing a lit Molotov cocktail through the window of an NYPD vehicle. Evidence presented by prosecutors included images of Rahman holding a Molotov cocktail in the passenger seat of a van that was later found to be full of the necessary materials for making the explosive devices.

    U.S. District Judge Margo Brodie acknowledged the strong evidence against Rahman, who was also accused of distributing the incendiary devices to other rioters, but agreed to grant her bail due to the “willingness of family and friends to sign on as suretors,” according to a report from Law360.”


    And how in the hell did they give this woman bail and release her? She firebombed a police car and handed out bombs to protesters.

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  6. More fake news….


    “Media Falsely Claimed Violent Riots Were Peaceful And That Tear Gas Was Used Against Rioters

    The entire narrative the media glommed onto in lockstep was that Trump was a monster who tear-gassed peaceful protesters to do something meaningless. None of that was true.”

    “Following days of violent riots and looting in cities across the country, Washington, D.C., announced a 7 p.m. curfew on Monday night. About the same time, President Donald Trump addressed the nation from the Rose Garden. Afterward, he walked through Lafayette Park to St. John’s Episcopal Church, which rioters had set on fire the night before. Standing before the church sign, which reads “All are welcome,” President Trump, who previously said he’d be paying his respects to a very special place, held up a Bible.

    The speech announcing the country would return to rule of law and protection of civil liberties, the walk through a park that the night before had been given over to rioters, and the visit to the vandalized historic church where every president has worshiped since James Madison, were reassuring to many in the country.

    For the media, however, these actions were further proof that Orange Man Bad is literally the worst, restoring rule of law is criminal, and standing in front of a church holding a Bible is an assault on the American conscience. They focused on how the Park Police had cleared the area ahead of the city-wide curfew declared by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

    Facts were no barrier to their narrative. They spun a tale of violent, jack-booted cops running rampant through the streets over innocent docile protesters, using tear gas to clear the area. It turns out none of that was true.

    Every single major media outlet falsely reported that Park Police were unprovoked when they used “tear gas” to clear the area. If any of that were true, it might mark the first time in history that cops without gas masks launched tear gas in an area that the president of the United States easily walked through minutes later.

    After thousands of false tweets, print stories, and broadcast stories to the contrary, local journalist Neal Augenstein of WTOP reported that a Park Police source said “tear gas was never used — instead smoke canisters were deployed, which don’t have an uncomfortable irritant in them.” Further, the source said the crowd was dispersed because of projectiles being thrown by the “peaceful protesters” at the Park Police and because “peaceful protesters” had climbed on top of a structure in Lafayette Park that had been burned the prior night.”


  7. Not wrong. Fake. It’s intentionally misleading.


    “The Toxic Narrative About Police Is Wrong

    Awful as they are, episodes like George Floyd’s death are outliers; extensive data on cops’ use of force reveal professionalism and restraint.”

    “In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis—a death that appears, from all video evidence, to be a brutal and unjustified use of police force—rioters have set cities ablaze across the United States, looting businesses, destroying property, and attacking police. For many, this prolonged civil unrest is shocking. It shouldn’t be. Police have been the targets of a poisonous, decades-long campaign to paint law enforcement as a violent cog in the machine of a racially oppressive criminal-justice system. As more and more serious-minded people embraced this narrative and disregarded the astonishing progress made in racial tolerance, the question ceased to be whether America would see the large-scale riots of the kind that occurred in the mid- to late 1960s—when charges of widespread racism in policing had some merit—but only a question of when.

    Many protest supporters have expressed frustration with the attention being given to a relative handful of agitators driving the violence and looting—behavior, they say, that distorts the image of what is largely a peaceful movement. Their frustration is understandable but also ironic: the narrative that has driven thousands into the streets is itself a distortion. Just as the violence that has alarmed the American public does not represent the peaceful protesters exercising their right to air their grievances, the police violence depicted in viral videos does not characterize the institution of law enforcement.

    This is not to say that police are perfect, or that officers never abuse their power; they are not perfect, and some do succumb to what can be an intoxicating sense of authority. This is a truth I’ve personally experienced. Nor is it to say that there is no room to improve policing and to make police-citizen encounters both safer and less fraught. But if there is to be any hope for peacefully bridging the gap so strikingly represented by the glass-covered asphalt separating rioters and police, destructive hyperbole needs to be recognized for what it is.

    The data on police use of force predominantly reveal professionalism and restraint. Yet, as with so many aspects of America’s criminal-justice reform debate, context and nuance are regularly cast aside in favor of obfuscation and mischaracterization. Consider, for example, an op-ed in Monday’s Washington Post by columnist Catherine Rampell, in which she lamented that, “In the United States last year, police shot and killed more than 1,000 people; by comparison, across England and Wales, fewer than 100 died in police shootings over the past two decades.” While factually accurate, this observation ignores important and obvious differences between these nations. America is home to nearly 330 million people, for instance, while England and Wales have a combined population of about 59 million.

    The comparison also ignores vast differences in the prevalence of criminal violence. Based on data from the year ending in March 2018, England and Wales see about 726 homicides annually. Compare that total with the prevalence of criminal homicides in four contiguous community areas on Chicago’s West Side (Humboldt Park, Austin, East and West Garfield Park), which, in 2018, saw 121 killings. That’s 16 percent of the homicide total for England and Wales; an eye-opening statistic, given that the estimated population of those areas is just 189,846—approximately 0.3 percent of the population of England and Wales. The murder rate of those four community areas (about 63.73 per 100,000) is more than 50 times higher than that of England and Wales (approximately 1.23 per 100,000). In Baltimore’s Western and Southwestern police districts—with a combined estimated population of 103,052—100 homicides occurred in 2018. In other words, just a few subsections of two U.S. cities account for 30 percent of the homicides seen in all of England and Wales—and the combined population of those American subsections (292,898) represents just 0.5 percent of England and Wales.

    These numbers explain why the United States sees comparably more deadly police-citizen encounters than some other Western European democracies to which it is so often unfavorably compared. The higher rate of police use of force must also be contextualized in light of the overall volume of police activity. In 2018, police discharged their firearms an estimated 3,043 times, killing 992 people. Without more information, one can understand how these numbers might suggest that police violence is common. But consider also that, that same year, an estimated 686,665 full-time law-enforcement officers made more than 10.3 million arrests—a fraction of the more than 50 million contacts (based on 2015 data) that they have with members of the public (think traffic and pedestrian stops, investigative inquiries, and so on). As I recently argued in The Federalist Society Review: even if we attribute each of the 3,043 estimated firearm discharges by police in 2018 to a unique officer, we can infer that, at most, 0.4 percent of police officers purposely discharged a firearm in 2018. And if we assume that every shooting happened during the course of a separate arrest, we can infer that, at most, police applied deadly force with a firearm in just 0.003 percent of arrests.

    This is in line with other data I highlighted in these pages two years ago—namely, a 2018 study published in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, which analyzed more than 114,000 criminal arrests made across three midsize police departments, finding that more than 99 percent of arrests were carried out without the use of physical force. In 98 percent of the cases in which those officers did use physical force, suspects “sustained no or mild injury.””


  8. Let’s look at the numbers…..


    Are black lives in danger due to “systemic racism” in American policing? Are “black and brown bodies” under systematic assault by white racists?

    The numbers from recent years suggest that the answer to both questions is “no.” There are few instances in which unarmed blacks are killed by white police officers. To the extent that, in these instances, the police officer acted wrongfully, the officer must be held fully accountable. However, the low number of instances compared to the frequency of encounters undercuts any claim of a systemic policing problem in this regard.

    Similarly, the statistics on interracial violence undercut the claim that white racists pose a serious threat to black and brown bodies. Blacks engage in violence against whites far more frequently than whites engage in violence against blacks.

    Today, I want to examine the 2019 numbers on police shootings. Daniel Horowitz reports them here, citing the Washington Post’s database.

    According to the Post’s data, nine unarmed black people were shot dead by cops in 2019. Nineteen unarmed white people shared the same fate. These numbers confirm that black lives are not in danger due to systemic police racism. Nine incidents do not demonstrate a systemic problem.

    If the nine killings were all unjustified, that would be nine too many. However, Horowitz cites a series of tweets that analyze the nine cases. If the facts presented in these tweets are accurate, it seems that most of the nine killings were justified.”

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  9. More numbers the left can’t defend.


    Heather Mac Donald writes about the pandemic of violence that spread across America after the killing of George Floyd. Her excellent article includes this statistic:

    Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed 85.5 percent of all black-white interracial violent victimizations (excluding interracial homicide, which is also disproportionately black-on-white). That works out to 540,360 felonious assaults on whites. Whites committed 14.4 percent of all interracial violent victimization, or 91,470 felonious assaults on blacks.

    Blacks commit around 70 percent of black-white interracial homicides. I take it that, as a statistical matter, the “expected” number is 50 percent for all forms of black-white interracial violent crime.

    Is the vastly disproportionate number of violent crimes by blacks against whites explained by black racism? Not necessarily. It might be the product of the disproportionate propensity of blacks to commit violent crimes against anyone. But the explanation must be racism, criminality, or both.

    In all events, these numbers render absurd the claim that racist America is waging war against “black bodies.””




    “Facts don’t matter to the academic victimology narrative. Far from destroying the black body, whites are the overwhelming target of interracial violence. Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed 85.5 percent of all black-white interracial violent victimizations (excluding interracial homicide, which is also disproportionately black-on-white). That works out to 540,360 felonious assaults on whites. Whites committed 14.4 percent of all interracial violent victimization, or 91,470 felonious assaults on blacks. Blacks are less than 13 percent of the national population.

    If white mobs were rampaging through black business districts, assaulting passersby and looting stores, we would have heard about it on the national news every night. But the black flash mob phenomenon is grudgingly covered, if at all, and only locally.

    The national media have been insisting on the theme of the allegedly brutal Minneapolis police department. They said nothing as black-on-white robberies rose in downtown Minneapolis late last year, along with savage assaults on passersby. Why are the Minneapolis police in black neighborhoods? Because that’s where violent crime is happening, including shootings of two-year-olds and lethal beatings of 75-year-olds. Just as during the Obama years, the discussion of the allegedly oppressive police is being conducted in the complete absence of any recognition of street crime and the breakdown of the black family that drives it.

    Once the violence began, any effort to “understand” it should have stopped, since that understanding is inevitably exculpatory. The looters are not grieving over the stomach-churning arrest and death of George Floyd; they are having the time of their lives. You don’t protest or mourn a victim by stealing oxycontin, electronics, jewelry, and sneakers.

    Fittingly, the ideological handmaiden of this violence—academia—has already sprung into action. The chancellors and presidents of Harvard, the University of Arizona, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale, among others, released statements over the weekend assuring their black students of their schools’ commitment to racial equity, in light of the George Floyd death—an event wholly unrelated to the academic. No college leader denounced the violence.

    UCLA’s chancellor Gene Block, as well as the school’s $400,000 a year Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and a parade of deans, announced that the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and the school’s legions of Equity Advisors would be coming up with new programs for “virtual reflection spaces” in which to “humbly acknowledge the pain.” The school’s Resources for Racial Trauma would be beefed up. The academic diversity bureaucracy has now been given a whole new excuse for existence and can be assured that it will escape the cost-cutting chopping block, even as universities beg the federal government for more coronavirus bailout money.

    The great philosophers and poets of the West—from Aeschylus and Euripides, to Shakespeare, Hobbes, and the American Founders—understood the chaos and lust for power that lurk beneath civilization. Thanks to the magnificent infrastructure of the rule of law, we now take stability and social trust for granted. We assume that violence, once unleashed in the name of justice, can easily be put back in the bottle.

    It cannot.

    It was a signal accomplishment of both politics and science to banish humanity’s millennia-long fear of darkness. That city dwellers are now reexperiencing that fear with each fall of night is a measure of how rapidly we are losing our hard-won progress.”


  10. The media used a bogus study to ding Trump on hydroxychloroquine?

    Oh say it isn’t so….. 🙄


    “This certainly looks like a significant case of medical fraud. A company called Surgisphere claimed it had a database of information gathered from over 600 hospitals around the world on the success of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of the coronavirus. The company’s owner authored several papers published in prominent medical journals based on this data. Those papers were then widely reported in the media last month and resulted in drug trials that were already underway being paused:

    On its face, it was a major finding: Antimalarial drugs touted by the White House as possible COVID-19 treatments looked to be not just ineffective, but downright deadly. A study published on 22 May in The Lancet used hospital records procured by a little-known data analytics company called Surgisphere to conclude that coronavirus patients taking chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine were more likely to show an irregular heart rhythm—a known side effect thought to be rare—and were more likely to die in the hospital.

    Within days, some large randomized trials of the drugs—the type that might prove or disprove the retrospective study’s analysis—screeched to a halt. Solidarity, the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) megatrial of potential COVID-19 treatments, paused recruitment into its hydroxychloroquine arm, for example.

    Just to emphasize how this Lancet study was greeted by the media, here’s the NY Times story about it which is headlined, “Malaria Drug Taken by Trump Is Tied to Increased Risk of Heart Problems and Death in New Study.”

    Last week, a group of 100 doctors and scientists wrote an open letter to Lancet asking that the data underlying the study be explained in more detail because it appeared the numbers didn’t add up. At the time, Dr. Sapan S. Desai, the owner of Surgisphere vigorously defended the accuracy of his data but refused to show it to anyone. He later agreed to let Lancet review it. However, today the Guardian reported some additional problems with the credibility of Surgisphere, a company whose total of six employees include a science fiction author and an adult model:”


    Quick! Someone remind me we must listen to the “experts”……. 🙄


  11. ———–


    But… but…. “experts”…..



  12. “Our hands are being tied,” Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association told Fox News host Laura Ingraham Tuesday. “The rank and file members of all ranks have sent me numerous emails, letters, text messages, photos of New York City … being destroyed. We have no leadership coming from City Hall. We are being told to stand down.”


    But Mattis and Democrats want you to believe troops are a bad idea.

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  13. Fire him.


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  14. ———

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  15. Tucker Carlson did another very good monologue yesterday. He basically said all the rioting over police shooting unarmed black people is way overblown. For example, in 2019 10 unarmed black people were shot and killed by police. During the same period, the data shows that 20 unarmed white people were shot and killed. He went through the black cases one by one by name and shooter. Out of the 10, only one sounded unjustified and not prosecuted. And I guess that is supposed to be worth all of the rioting and looting, maiming and killing that is happening right now?

    The data is from a very interesting database that is being kept by the Washington Post (linked below). It’s worth checking out and bookmarking.


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  16. Oh and that St. Louis prosecutor who released the criminals?

    A Soros lackey. This is what he pays them for.


    “Soros-backed St. Louis Prosecutor Ensures All Arrested Looters and Rioters Released From Jail

    “every single one of the St. Louis looters and rioters arrested were released back onto the streets by local prosecutor Kim Gardner”

    “Back in 2018, Katy Grimes wrote about leftist billionaire George Soros funneling millions into U.S. District Attorney races across the country.

    Apparently, the investment is paying off now. Soros-backed Saint Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner reportedly declined to prosecute those arrested for looting and rioting. More than 30 people were released from jail.”


    “Back in 2016 when Gardner was running for Circuit Attorney, she came under fire for accepting the help of a Soros-backed PAC.

    The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch reported at the time:

    Updated at noon Aug. 1 with information on a third large donation to candidate Kim Gardner from George Soros-backed ‘super PAC.’

    Kimberly Gardner, one of four Democrats running for St. Louis circuit attorney in the Aug. 2 primary, is taking heat for a new political ad paid for with money from a national super PAC that is at least partly funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

    The new internet and cable TV ad was financed by a federally registered campaign committee from Washington called the Safety & Justice Committee. It was established in June and reported $30,000 in initial funds from Soros. No other contributors were listed as of its last public filing June 30.

    . . . . Joe Steiger, president of the police union, said he believes that Soros also funded out-of-state activists to escalate protests into riots in Ferguson after the Aug. 9, 2014, police shooting of Michael Brown, 18.

    “It’s pretty insulting,” Steiger said Friday of the contribution to Gardner. “It’s more important for people to realize that calling for ‘black lives matter’ and ‘blue lives matter’ is not an opposite proposition.”

    . . . . Gardner said Friday that she has no regrets about assistance from the super PAC. She said the latest donation is paying for the TV and online ad, and that the committee’s mission aligns with her platform to reform the criminal justice system and restore trust in the community.

    . . . . Soros, a prominent backer of liberal causes, has supported Democrats in similar district attorney races around the country, including Chicago, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana, according to published news reports.”


  17. Those are violinists, not fiddlers–just so you know. Fiddlers have more sense.

    We have a young black friend who is a pastor. He was originally from Ethiopia and his father came here and eventually also pastored a church. We have had his mother and father to our home when he was a teenager. (We invited his father to preach at our church) None of them live near us anymore. He did have a comment on Facebook about all the racism he has faced, not only in society in general but within the church. The purpose of his post is that pastors do need to be speaking up about racism in all its forms. He was quite upset when his then church synod encouraged him to pastor or start an ethnic church. He doesn’t see where that is called for in the bible. He now pastors a church, not an Ethiopian church, but a church for whomsoever. It was sad to hear of of his experience. We need to listen to others. He and his beautiful wife have a couple of children.

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  18. People of compatible cultures tend to flock together. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this. But the Good News of Christ is for all people everywhere—every tribe or ethnic group and nation. That doesn’t mean there ceases to be tribes, ethnic groups and nations. We are not to prefer one over the other in dispensing our good works and justice, but there is nothing wrong with people of the same culture worshiping together as long as others are welcome to worship along side. This *does* need to be stressed from the pulpit particularly when it becomes obvious that there is a problem in dispensing justice and good works in the congregation or the city. However, immigrants/refugees from other nations may always feel somewhat like outsiders looking in. It is a difficult thing to leave the country and culture where you were raised and resettle in a vastly different situation. The language, smells, food, customs, and a thousand other little things can prevent one from feeling fully at home. Full integration may take a generation or more. In the meantime, we love as best we can.

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  19. When we have lived overseas, we tended to worship with fellow Americans. Race was irrelevant but language and probably culture did. In each church, though, there were people from many nations.

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    THIS is Antifa…..



  21. 2 NYPD officers shot, another stabbed last night.


    “Two police officers were shot and a third was stabbed in a confrontation with a suspect in Brooklyn late Wednesday, police and sources said.

    The melee unfolded when a suspect approached a cop on Church Avenue near Flatbush Avenue at about 11:45 p.m. and stabbed him in the neck, a police source said.

    Several cops responded and one pulled his firearm, the sources said.

    The officer and the suspect struggled for the weapon, which went off, striking one officer in the hand and another in the arm.

    A sergeant responded and fired on the suspect, who was struck.

    The police officers were rushed to Kings County Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

    The suspect was taken into custody at the scene. He was listed in critical condition.

    “It appears to be a complete cowardly, despicable, unprovoked attack on a defenseless police officer,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a press conference following the shooting.

    “I think we are all fed up with, what we’re saying is this violence has to stop.””


    But their leaders are no help.


  22. Why it’s almost like they’re organized…..


    “Feds investigating whether ‘professional’ Antifa-linked agitators exerting ‘command and control’ over unrest”

    “Federal law enforcement officials are probing whether “criminal actors” are coordinating violent activities during protests and are looking into reports that “rocks and bricks” have been dropped off to throw at police and other law enforcement as cities across the country grapple with the uptick in violence, a senior Justice Department official said.”

    “”You see the hallmarks… We’re trying to see if there’s a coordinated command and control, you see those bread crumbs and that’s what we’re trying to verify,” the DOJ official said.

    Another DOJ official said the feds have seen signs of “very organized” coordination from “professional” agitators, some linked to Antifa.

    There have been more than 100 arrests in Washington as a result of the protests and riots related to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, according to federal officials. Around 20 of those people were not charged. Meanwhile, 70 to 75 people have been charged with crimes such as assault, breaking and entering, destruction of property and other violations.

    That person added that officials are looking at “trends” and the possibility that extremist groups have been involved in directing violent acts in recent days.

    Another DOJ official said leads being pursued and cases being developed — related to Antifa and other extremists groups — by several different U.S. Attorneys’ offices.”


  23. These people are complicit enablers.


    “Dem AG: Letting America Burn Is the Path to Growth”

    “Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey (D.) on Tuesday refused to denounce the violent riots occurring nationwide, likening them to the purifying effects of a forest fire.

    “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow,” Healey said in a speech delivered to the Boston Chamber of Commerce.

    Healey, who is also the co-chair of the Democratic Attorneys General Association, repeated her remarks in a tweet later the same day, adding that Americans need to “seize the opportunity” to rid the country of “institutionalized racism,” which she blamed for the violence.”

    Republican Attorneys General Association chairman Jeff Landry called on Healey to renounce her statement shortly after, criticizing her for “inflammatory rhetoric.”

    “Maura Healey’s inflammatory rhetoric is part of the problem, not a solution,” Landry said. “An AG is elected to uphold the rule of law and protect life and property, not to violate their oath and incite additional violence by inflaming emotions and condoning lawlessness. AG Healey has an obligation to quell fear, not incite further damage and destruction.””


  24. So if we follow the rules states and coroners have been using, should his death certificate not say C-19? If murder victims and car accidents are, then this is too, right?


    Of course not, but this demonstrates nicely how stupid it is in the other cases where it is listed.


  25. There’s that name again……

    He must be the “outsider influence” they keep mentioning…..


  26. Dear Diary….

    Today that lady at work was mean to me again…. 😥


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  27. The people having their businesses looted do not seem to have the same opinion as that Healey person.


  28. ———–


  29. Posted this on the daily thread, but maybe it works here too — stolen from my pastor who put it up on FB today (w/this introduction: (“In an effort to truly grasp what is happening in the minds and hearts of people on every side, I have read, watched, listened to sermons, videos, links of every sort ad infinitum. As of now, in my humble estimation, this guy nails it more than any. And I don’t even know who he is.”)

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