27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-7-19

  1. That photo could be taken up in my neck of the woods – except for the shape of some of the trees. Beautiful.

    Today is an outside work day – mow lawn, collect grass and leaves and put on garden. Set up deer barriers around our fruit trees, rototill garden, empty pond, clear furniture off decks so that snow shovelling is quick and easy (is that such a thing?). Thankfully it’s going to be about 18C (64F) so it should be a good day. We might even string some winter lights (formerly known as Christmas lights). I love the idea of calling them winter lights so they can stay up longer. Winter is such a long cold, uncolourful season, we’ve decided on winter lights this year 🙂

    Then tomorrow we rip out the bathtub and tub wall in the main bathroom – we’re going to replace it with a shower only. We’ve had a small leak in the shower wall since we purchased the place, but don’t use that bathroom except for company and bathing dogs.

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  2. Oh, what a lovely portrait of autumn on the header! It finally feels a bit like fall, but it won’t be pretty this year here.

    I read that olive leaf tea is good for lowering blood pressure. Has anyone tried it? Brand recommendation?

    Church is so sweet lately with the new members I am meeting. I am thankful that I did not change churches a while back when I felt so frustrated. And, at Art’s church they interviewed and voted to hire a new choir director. When the lady walked in, Art was totally surprised to see one of his clients!

    I just heard from my friend, Karen, and she has pneumonia. She needs to be in the Hospital.Right.Now. Her husband is still getting over his bout with it.


  3. Winter lights, I like that. It’s a little harder sell in Southern California. We just figure it’s someone who didn’t get their lights down from last year.

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  4. Technical question for Phos, or anyone else who might know.
    Is there a mental condition in which a person forgets how to eat?
    I feed her like a baby. She chews a while and spits it out.
    I just gave her lunch, but don’t know if she ingested anything.
    I gave her a muffin, which she always likes, and she ate one bite.
    I don’t know what to do.


  5. Pretty header. I’m not sure how colorful we will be this year–we have been way too dry as of late.

    I still have some vertigo. Not as bad as Saturday, but it’s quite an unpleasant feeling. (And Saturday as nowhere near the worst I’ve had it once or twice.)


  6. Thanx Mumsee. All I need now is information. Not a lot of commotion.
    This has happened before, and it passed.
    What I don’t want is an ambulance with sirens howling and 21 men to tie her up and take her to the hospital.
    (That’s what happened when I called 911 before.)
    You need to understand: No matter what the problem, no matter how trivial. When you call 911, SOP kicks in. Everything i the book will happen. I


  7. Sounds like a lovely day, Kare.

    I’ll be inside working on my Bible study–which will be good–and other items like that.

    But, maybe I’ll plant carrot seeds, too. 🙂


  8. I understand that, Chas. We have that issue when daughter is acting up. The whole team rolls up.

    That is why I suggested the webmd site. It has suggestions on how to encourage someone to eat though I did not see the specifics for your concern. A dental check sounded interesting.

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  9. I am downsizing the dining room. Lots of stuff collected there over the past twelve years. Time for a lot of it to move along.

    We had planned on eighteen having two rooms over there and had painted them for her but her behavior has not been conducive to that. Instead, we are making one room into a home office so a lot of the “stuff” in the living room can move along as well. So, I took a book shelf out of the dining room, out on the deck, around past the hot tub, through the guest room, and into the office. Fortunately, it was Ikea so very light weight and twelve was able to help me negotiate the turns and my back was not injured further. I hope.

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  10. Phew, I’m pooped. We got everything done except the winter lights. I may go out to do that after a snack. Husband is currently cleaning out the garden shed so that it’s more organized come spring and we need to pull everything back out again.

    I think husband also wants to move some lily bulbs to the new flower bed – we’ll see if that happens. 🙂

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  11. Well, I took a walk and worked through my tedious study—I don’t care for this book— and will be augmenting with several insightful and delightful Bible Project videos.

    Oh, and I spoke for 45 minutes to a Bible study in Lexington, which was totally fun.


  12. Well, she is home. I was not here when she got here and apparently she went straight to bed. I will have to wake her to give her her meds.


  13. Just. So. Sad.

    ~ Indeed, the full interview illustrated how the media are increasingly obsessed with performative demonstrations of their political views, and less concerned with simply being informative. …

    … The Todd-Johnson interview is a classic example of how the media no longer seem to understand their proper role. Instead of being a conduit to relay information between government and citizens, so that voters can ultimately decide what direction the country should head in, the incentives are now skewed. The media see their role as “speaking truth to power” at best, and partisan advocacy at worst. ~


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