20 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-1-19

  1. Some numbers to ponder.

    These are 2018. They’re even worse for this year already.



    “ERO administrative arrests are predicated on an alien lacking a legal basis to remain in the United States. While ERO makes every effort to arrest aliens who threaten public safety, no criminal action or conviction is required for ERO to act on an individual case. There is no category of alien exempt from immigration enforcement.

    In FY2018, ERO arrested 158,581 aliens, 90% of whom had criminal convictions (66%), pending criminal charges (21%), or previously issued final orders (3%). The overall arrest figure represents an 11% increase over FY2017.”



    Removals of convicted criminal aliens increased 14% over FY17 removal totals
    Vital to the integrity of the nation’s lawful immigration system is the removal of immigration violators who are in the country illegally and have been ordered removed, after receiving all appropriate legal consideration.

    In FY2018, ERO removed 256,086 illegal aliens, reflecting an increase of 13% over FY2017. The majority of removals (57%) were convicted criminals. Additionally, 5,914 of the removed illegal aliens were classified as either known or suspected gang members or terrorists, which is a 9% increase over FY2017.

    Nearly 6,000 known/suspected gang members were removed in FY18″


  2. Stop falling for the myths.


    MAY 2019
    1. MYTH: Most aliens who claim a fear of persecution in expedited removal
    proceedings have meritorious asylum claims.
    FACT: Out of every 100 credible fear claims, on average, only about 12
    result in a grant of asylum by an immigration judge.

    2. MYTH: Most aliens who claim a credible fear of persecution are asylum
    FACT: On average, at least half of aliens who make a credible fear claim
    and are subsequently placed in removal proceedings do not actually
    apply for asylum.

    3. MYTH: There is wide discrepancy in asylum grant rates across all
    immigration courts.
    FACT: The median asylum grant rate for all immigration courts is eleven
    percent (11%). Eighty percent (80%) of immigration courts, 50 out
    of 62, have a grant rate of twenty-one percent (21%) or lower. Only
    12 out of 62 courts have grant rates more than ten percent (10%)
    above the median grant rate. Only 1 out of 62 courts has a grant rate
    above fifty percent (50%).

    4. MYTH: Few aliens fail to attend their immigration court proceedings.
    FACT: Forty-four percent (44%) of all non-detained removal cases end with
    an in absentia order of removal due to an alien’s failure to attend a
    scheduled immigration court hearing”


  3. No word on the legal status of the fine immigrants who would do this. Hint: it usually means they’re illegal when it’s not mentioned. The other hint is they’re smuggling people and using a safe house.

    Again, thank Democrats and RINOs who won’t close the border.


    “Authorities arrested and charged five people who allegedly kidnapped, smuggled and sexually assaulted multiple people in Houston.

    During a press conference on Friday, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the arrests of the alleged kidnappers.”


    “Authorities located a stash house at 10427 Rockcrest Rd. where 18 people, including two women, were allegedly being held in the safe house.

    The two women were allegedly held captive in the home for 25 days, and sexually assaulted by three of the five men arrested.

    The other 16 men were allegedly being held with little to no clothing, and were “enslaved, in some cases, for work and sex.”

    Detectives said 18 people, including two women, were being held for ransom. They also found four guns, more than $10,000 in cash and 19 grams of cocaine.”


    No word yet on whether AOC is planning a photo op at the facility these criminals are being held at.


  4. Push back.


    “Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D-Ore.) is facing backlash for his continued tolerance of Antifa violence in his city, following the attack of Quillette reporter Andy Ngo.

    On Saturday, Ngo was covering a protest between a white supremacist Proud Boys group and the local Antifa protesters. During the protests, a group singled out Ngo — who has an extensive record of covering Antifa protests to highlight violent outbreaks — and attacked him.

    The group hit him with “milkshakes” that reportedly contained a concrete mixture and proceeded to beat him.”


  5. Living in the Age of Hate.


    “Byron York takes a dispassionate look at today’s political/cultural landscape, which is beginning to resemble the one that preceded the Civil War:

    The toxicity of the resistance to President Trump has risen in recent days, with the nation’s most respected newspapers publishing rationalizations for denying Trump supporters public accommodation and for doxxing career federal employees, while a journalist found himself under physical attack from the so-called anti-fascist group Antifa, which has stepped up its violent activities since Trump’s election.

    Advocacy of incivility and violence isn’t coming only from the zany far left. It finds a home in formerly respectable news outlets, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, as well as among Democratic Party office-holders.

    The justification for denying public accommodation came from the Washington Post in an op-ed by Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of a farm-to-table restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. Wilkinson became famous in June of last year, when she refused to serve White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders and and told Sanders and her family to leave the restaurant. Wilkinson’s staff then followed the Sanders group in protest as they tried to find another place to eat.
    In her new article, Wilkinson discussed the case of The Aviary, a trendy bar in Chicago where a waitress recently spat on Eric Trump, the president’s son. Wilkinson wrote that the incident, along with her own decision to oust Sanders, shows that in the age of Trump “new rules apply” in public accommodations: Americans who work for the administration or support the president should stay away.

    Democrats obviously think that the “new rules” will never apply to them. Why is that? Evidently, they believe–correctly–that we conservatives are better people than they are. But our patience is not infinite.

    The apology for doxxing came from the New York Times in a piece by Kate Cronin-Furman, an assistant professor of human rights at University College London. The article focused on the treatment of illegal immigrant children in detention centers near the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Which has actually improved somewhat since the Obama administration. And, in any event, if a Central American is concerned about how his children will be treated if he brings them along as he tries to cross our border illegally, he should consider not doing that.

    Cronin-Furman discussed the detentions, as well as actions by employees of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in terms of the Holocaust and genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda. Those are, of course, contexts which most Americans would likely dismiss as preposterous and offensive but which Cronin-Furman and the New York Times apparently take seriously.

    These comparisons are so idiotic as not to require refutation. But the New York Times publishes them; not because they are remotely plausible, but because the Times doesn’t care. The Times exists solely to launch one hysterical attack after another against President Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party.”


  6. Yeah, actually meeting some was bound to improve her view of them.


    “What I Learned About Pro-Life Women After I Had An Abortion”

    “Before my abortion, I had a warped preconception about the character of pro-life women. Convinced they were all judgmental, self-righteous, and filled with little concern for my wellbeing, I preferred not to associate with them. I saw them as women who were misinformed, ultra-conservative, groveling at the feet of their husbands, women who had picket signs attached to their uteruses, carried fetal models in their purses at all times, and had no sense of style, including big, Texan hair.

    I wanted nothing to do with them. The stereotype in my mind was a huge reason I chose to call myself pro-choice and eventually chose abortion. I didn’t want to talk like these women or dress like them. I certainly didn’t want their lifestyle. I didn’t want to ally with women who didn’t care about other women; I thought they were only concerned with indoctrinating women and echoing restrictive narratives given to them by men.

    I became pro-life about five minutes after my baby was painfully sucked out of my body. That was over 20 years ago. I could’ve cared less at that point what the pro-life women looked like, smelled like, or talked like. I just knew that the pro-choice women who looked all cool in their bra-less halters and flat hair ruined my life with their bait-and-switch rhetoric. They baited me into a lie in minimizing the after-effects of the abortion experience, and then when I said, “Hey, what was that?” they grew silent and didn’t look so cool anymore.

    I didn’t tell anyone about my abortion, and I didn’t find healing until ten years ago. When it came time to pick up the pieces and reconcile over my abortion, I found that the big-haired pro-life women were the ones who came running to my side to pick me up off the floor. Pro-life women are not what I expected.”

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  7. Cue the clowns and hit the music!


    “We are now in the fourth year of an anti-Trump mania, and about reaching the point of caricature.

    The Left should have learned something after the failed celebrity appeal to undermine the Electoral College, the initial articles of impeachment, the empty invocations of the Logan Act, the Emoluments Clause, and the 25th Amendment, the 22-month, $35 million Mueller investigation deflation, the periodical silly “bombshell” announcements of perennially wrong and comical Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the pathetic palace coup attempt of Andrew McCabe, the assassination chic from the likes of Madonna, Snoop Dogg, or Kathy Griffin, or the deification of the slimy prophet Michael Avenatti.

    Not at all. An entire new cast of carnival characters has arrived on the scene to take up where the now imploded Left off. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) has replaced Schiff in the unhinged congressional investigative limelight. In his latest hearing, Nadler obtusely insisted on addressing former Trump White House aide Hope Hicks as “Ms. Lewandowski.” Even Democrats were puzzled—given that Nadler’s supposed “slip of the tongue” was repeated three times until Hicks finally corrected him.

    Even in the age of gender transitioning and speech reduced to Twitter-like grunts, sane people still do not confuse the four-syllable name of the male Lewandowski as some sort of homophone for the one syllable name of the female Hicks.

    Was Nadler in tawdry fashion then trying repeatedly to traffic in stale and unfounded rumors that the married Lewandowski had had an affair with Hicks? In the age of #MeToo was the enlightened feminist Nadler implying that Hicks was somehow the sexually compromised tool of the former controversial Trump aide? Or was he so unhinged in his hatred of the president to the point of conflating his make-believe enemies into some sort of composite delusionary specter? Did a Republican committee member ever repeatedly address witness Lisa Page as “Ms. Strzok”? That “slip of the tongue” or “confusing”of two one-syllable names at least would have been fueled by a real and substantiated affair.”


    “Then there are the two-dozen would-be presidents in the current Democratic field. So desperate is the desire for an anti-Trump messiah that each week someone, in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Great Stone Face” style, is declared the long-awaited heroic Trump destroyer. The once canonized “Beto” O’Rourke has descended into silliness after his loss in the Texas senate race to Ted Cruz. Like a scorched frog on a skillet, Beto jumps around the stage and makes strange noises that confirm as a rich, privileged white guy he is more than willing to pander far more than merely adopting a Mexican-American nickname, but lacks the knowledge and depth to know quite how to grovel other than apologizing in the abstract for his white rich upbringing.

    Cory Booker still has not convinced Americans who know why he’s called “Spartacus” that he’s not crazy. Elizabeth Warren is in recovery, once she stopped showing DNA proof that she is not the Indian that for two decades she claimed to be for careerist purposes and whose lies Harvard was only too willing to promulgate. Bernie Sanders after 2016 seems as if he is going through the socialist motions—or rather suggesting that if things were once hard at 73 they are really hard at 77. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union, but the once newlywed Bill de Blasio topped that with Cuba.

    How do you pander beyond legal infanticide? Julian Castro believes he can by offering free abortions to transgendered females without wombs. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is proving that intersectionality is a destruction derby and that black activists are not especially keen to envision him as a gay victim. It is hard to know who distrusts the narratives of Kamala Harris more, her own father or her past paramour and former enabling San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. And on and on.”


  8. Blaming the victim.

    And someone please tell Jim Acosta that this is what an actual “assault” on the press looks like, so stop crying just because Trump is mean to him, and be thankful that Trump supporters don’t act like his side.


    “When is it fine for an all-white gang to assault an Asian American in broad daylight? When he’s a conservative journalist. Where is it fine to do this? Portland, Ore. How do you do it? By all means necessary.

    The footage of Andy Ngo being ganged up on by black-clad, masked protesters in Portland shows the truth behind the cool slogans of radical chic. Ngo, a physically slight man, is punched in the face, has what appears to be a rock thrown at him when his back is turned, and is doused in milkshakes that, Portland police believe, contained cement mix, which can cause skin burns. It looks like a racist assault, but it’s alright, because they’re attacking a ‘fascist’.”


    “The story behind that image, and the false impression given it is reproduced without context, tells us everything we already know, or should know by now, about the radical fetish for violence. The revolution is built on a dream of purgative violence, and eventually it eats its children. Given America’s long history of political killings, it’s appalling, though not especially surprising, that those with a soft spot for Antifa’s cult of righteous violence appear to be justifying the assault on Ngo — rather than decrying it as an assault on his constitutional rights, and on what remains of America’s civic culture.

    ‘Looks you like were attacked by a small family of pigeons,’ quipped Parker Molloy of ‘the nation’s premier progressive watchdog’, Media Matters. Looking forward to more one-liners from her about the KKK.

    Charlie Warzel, who writes for the New York Times, says that ‘the situation is @#$%$#’ — he won’t say who by — and that ‘violence should be unacceptable’. Not ‘violence is unacceptable’, but violence is conditionally unacceptable — which is to say, acceptable under certain circumstances.

    ‘There are also serious risks involved with putting yourself in volatile situations,’ Warzel concludes. ‘Any journalist should know that.’ So Andy Ngo got what was coming because he wasn’t enough of a journalist for the legacy media, and was asking for it because he went to a bar in a short skirt.

    C.J. Werleman, who has been accused of plagiarism in the past, falsely accused Ngo on Twitter of being ‘one of the leading amplifiers of Islamophobia’ in the US and, again falsely, accused Ngo, who happens to be the son of a Vietnamese immigrant, of participating in ‘white supremacist instigated violence’. The implication being that Ngo got what was coming to him.

    Werleman also accuses Ngo of promoting Proud Boys events. The basis for this accusation is a tweet in which Ngo reported that he had been informed of the Proud Boys’ march: ‘Source w/knowledge tells me Proud Boys hosting event in downtown Portland on June 29 — almost exactly one year after the “Battle of Portland.” Unknown if antifa will show up to fight again.’ Ngo attached a clip showing violence from last year’s rally.

    Rather than ‘promoting’ the Proud Boys, Ngo’s tweet is a model of digital journalism: cultivating sources in traditional fashion, and making as value-neutral a report as he can — rather than editorializing or speaking down in the manner of the Times or the Post, or simply making it up, which is what Werleman is doing here.

    Werleman is shooting the messenger. This, figuratively, is what the thugs in Portland did to Ngo on Saturday. Literally, it is what will happen to an ‘enemy’ journalist at some point in the near future if Antifa are allowed to continue carrying their radical play-acting into the streets. The police in Portland have previously been accused of indulging Antifa while taking a tougher line on their antagonists, the bizarre straight-Pride cult that is the Proud Boys. Ngo has previously documented that Antifa members in Portland have threatened and attacked him for his reportage.”


  9. My apologies for missing the curse word in one of the links above. I’ve edited it. Again, sorry.


  10. Good grief. You’d think they’d know better after seeing how much it’s done for LA. One of the LAPD’s skid row cops, a very compassionate man and a Christian, had this to say when he posted this story this morning: “This has not ended homelessness in SoCal. It has only exacerbated it. Why on earth would a city adopt something that is failing?”



    Starting Monday, homeless people will be able to camp on city sidewalks

    AUSTIN (KXAN) — Changes to the way the City of Austin and its police department will handle homeless people go into effect Monday after the city passed an ordinance largely decriminalizing the act of sitting, laying or camping in public places.

    Proponents of the rule change have argued that this will help homeless people break the cycle of homelessness. …


  11. He’s here all week folks.

    Remember to tip your server. 🙂


  12. A lefty who gets it.

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  13. Mumsee, LA’s excuse mostly is that the city has been under pressure from lawsuits filed by homeless advocates. I don’t know what Austin could be thinking (assuming this isn’t a move that’s being legally forced onto them — it sounds like it’s a voluntary decision).

    Our experience seems to show that once you allow people to camp in public spaces, including public sidewalks, the numbers of vagrants and tents balloons. And the police have no authority to enforce those old vagrancy laws, because homelessness is “not a crime.”


  14. It reminds me of a line from an old episode of Law & Order, back when Michael Moriarty was still on it (he left the show in 1994). They were talking about the homeless situation, and a new law (or relaxing of an old law). One of the characters said that it was like saying that they have “the right to a miserable existence”.

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  15. Hispanic evangelical group offers to house migrant children in churches


    (RNS) — The head of the largest Hispanic evangelical Christian network in the United States announced it will offer to work with the Trump administration to provide resources and shelter to migrant children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Speaking during a call with reporters Monday (July 1), the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, said his organization plans to launch a campaign to offer aid to immigrant children held in detention centers at the border.

    The effort, which organizers are calling the “For His Children” campaign, will involve sending “shipments and cargo and truckloads of resources to the border,” including shoes, clothing and hygiene products, Rodriguez said. …

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