37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-28-19

  1. Got. Call yesterday. They moved me up to 6am instead of 8 so here we sit waiting.
    Of course neither of us slept last night. Me P has been awake since 1:30. I dreamed I spent all day here and they didn’t get to me and I would have to come back Monday.

    Say a prayer for all involved. Especially Dr Ringold. I want him at the top of his game today. 😀

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  2. I see another of my flower pics is up. Those pink ones are the biggest of the plot, 2-3 inches in diameter. The red one from the other day is also “big”, about 1½-2 inches.

    I hope DJ doesn’t get jealous about these. maybe she’ll enjoy the Friday cartoons. Some good ones concerning the “debates”.

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  3. it’s an early and busy day for me, I’m off to LA City Hall for the council meeting where 1,000 longshoremen are expected to show up for terminal automation vote. I wrote part of the back part of the story last night so mostly I’ll be topping it off and filling in with quotes and color, tweets, etc., but it’ll be a rather hectic morning. I’ll have to file what I can as it unfolds via phone texts & emails that’ll be added as updates to the story and posted through the morning by reporters in the office.

    The item should come up first (it was #52 on the agenda but they bumped it to the start of the meeting at 10 a.m. — right after presentations honoring the city’s adoptable pets of the month and Muslim Heritage Month). It should wrap up by noon or so, if all goes well.


  4. Husband heads down to Boise tomorrow for the next infusion.
    Moses comes here tomorrow to off a few animals.
    Twenty year old and his dog are coming back tomorrow. He got a job out of college, working in Provo but learned it is expensive to live there. He had our camp trailer to live in but most of the campgrounds do not allow that old of a trailer in their parks. Then he got a lead on a job in Logan which has a much lower cost of living and a significant pay raise. Told his job of three weeks what he had been offered, they told him to enjoy his new job. So he starts the new one in about three weeks. Leaving him three weeks to work harvest for local farmers. So he is coming back for that time.
    Twenty one year old arrives from Okinawa in less than two weeks.
    We seem to be refilling faster than we are emptying.

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  5. Morning! Covering you in prayer this day Miss Kim! I am confident with the Lord and Mr P watching over you that you are in good hands indeed!! Praying for a fresh mind and divine wisdom for your Doc!
    A beautiful hot day here in the forest.

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  6. Peter, that’s a lovely poppy. DJ, some wildflower mixes are better than others, but if you got plants you will probably have flowers.


  7. Nightingale and The Boy will be heading back from Maine today.

    Janie’s crate was brought down to my bedroom, so sometimes at night, as I lie in bed, with her in her crate, both dogs and both cats would be in my bedroom. (The cats won’t come out from “their” room – which is Chrissy’s old room – when Janie’s loose down here, but will venture out when she is in her crate.) I joked to myself that, with all of us in one room, we were gonna tip the house over.

    Upstairs was a bit messy, so I did some cleaning and straightening up so that when she comes home, Nightingale won’t have the stress of being assaulted by a mess.

    One kinda funny thing I did – In her “hallway” (a wide area which is in the middle of the upstairs, with all the rooms opening off of it, kind of in a circle, but not actually circular), she had her ironing board set up for some reason not too long ago, and it had accumulated a lot of stuff on it. It is the first thing you see when you go upstairs, and it can also be seen from the open living room which is right across from it.

    Not knowing what to do with all the stuff on it, nor if she would even want it moved back to her room, I draped a tablecloth over all the stuff. It may still be there, but at least the unsightliness of the stuff on it is covered. 😀

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  8. There were almost twice as many cartoons this time around. Some of them were pretty good.
    I don’t see how the Democrats can pick anyone from this bunch.
    Most Americans realize that you can’t make everything free.


  9. It seems to me that God uses a combination of kind people and irritable people in our lives. Yes, God uses the tension of dealing with an irritable or offensive person to help us die a little more to ourselves. But He also uses “the kindness of strangers” to refresh us and/or remind us of His mercy and grace.

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  10. If we only had contact with the irritable, the mean, and the cruel, we would either die or become so ourselves. Kindness is, as my grandmother noted, a sign that God is caring for us. By the way, she wrote that list as she was dying, slowly and painfully for two years in the hospital, of cancer.

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  11. I put a prayer on that thread for Kin.

    Beautiful flower, Peter.

    Wesley was funny, not meaning to be, when he asked how I keep the temp so comfortable upstairs. I told him when I cook that the source of heat on that level makes the house seem hotter so it kicks on the A/C more. The upstairs is usually too warm when I am not cooking and the lower level is cooler. So that was really a comment saying I don’t typically cook much in the summer.

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  12. Michelle – Several years ago, we had a man minister at our church who had a healing ministry (or at least that was part of it). At one point, towards the end, he pointed me out and said something specific about God seeing me and caring. (It wasn’t pointing out sin, but something I was dealing with at the time. Specific enough for me to believe it was from God, but not an invasion of privacy for him to say it in front of the congregation.)

    A little later, Hubby was at the altar to be prayed for. He had a problem with his back. Not a temporary thing, but something that would grow and become more painful. The minister laid hands on him, and said that he would be healed, and that he saw him doing something like moving firewood.

    Well, we don’t have a fireplace nor a wood stove, but I filed that away in my memory.

    Several months later, Hubby (who had forgotten all about those words) came in and told me that he had just moved into his truck the large pieces of a tree that had been chopped down, and he realized that his back no longer had that pain.

    When Nightingale was two years old, we were referred by her pediatrician to an orthopedist because one of her feet was slightly malformed. The orthopedist said that she would need surgery to correct it when she was older, maybe around 11.

    Shortly after, at our old church, there was a visiting preacher. We took her forward for prayer at the end of service, and he said that God would heal her foot, that she would not need surgery. Her foot turned out to be fine.

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  13. Back from a raucous meeting at City Hall. Could have been worse, it’s just always a challenge to be taking notes (while recording also), tweeting w/video & photos, then trying to write the story all on a smart phone.

    Reporter at the office took everything I was sending her, including graphs for the story, so it’s posted; I just need to add in all those great quotes I couldn’t get in so immediately. I actually wrote most of the story on my phone while standing against a wall in the City Hall foyer, however.

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  14. Karen, by little brother had a crossed eye. My parents had a minister pray for healing and his eye straightened out. I didn’t witness it, I was away in the Air Force.
    But I am entirely skeptical of radio preachers who say, “Send me $5.00 (or whatever it is now. That’s what I heard years ago.) and I’ll send you a piece of cloth from a shirt that’s been on my back. (something like that, it has been years ago since I heard that. But I did.)

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  15. I am in a room. The hospital staff has been excellent.

    My dad loved a good televangelist. He called me one day because he had found an honest one. “Send me your money. You are just going to waste it anyway”. He really liked the Asian guy. He thought he was the best of all.

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  16. Chas, I am in Cairns, Australia. So nice to be in a first world place. We have all of your thunderstorms here. I took a walk yesterday and it was lightly raining, but got heavier as I walked. I was pretty wet when I got back to the car. Didn’t quite get in my five miles.

    Today I will go to a different mall and look for some school things. Another teacher wants 60 tubs or basket for books. Good thing we can leave things here to be brought up when our planes make the trip for cargo.


  17. Editor is reading the final (I think) version of the story now so I may be able to call it a day shortly.

    Tonight we have the first of the season’s professional fireworks with a pre-4th of July waterfront show that’s part of a car show and music/dancing event outdoors at the harbor.

    We’ve had the DIY fireworks for weeks now, though, loud, random booms that explode out of the blue, making everyone in the neighborhood jump.

    Kim, are you going home today or are they keeping you overnight?


  18. I threw out several different wildflower seed mixes, all native to California and all supposedly easy to grow and colorful. I even added a soil nutrient as my backyard is fairly hard and rocky right now.

    Guess I don’t have Peter’s ‘tossing’ touch.

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  19. I through out wild flower seeds when we put in the new septic system. I mowed it and have goats eat it down. Still, lots of beautiful chicory escaped and grows all over the yard. I love it and leave it where it is out of the way. Or just leave a stretch unmowed because chicory makes me happy. Well, I am pretty happy most of the time anyway, but it brings a big warm feeling and smiles.

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  20. The latest picture shows the whole plot. The bare spot it where the tree was. I raked some soil into that spot, but not enough. There are short flowering plants growing there. A rabbit has decided it’s a good place for breakfast. I see it every morning.

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