34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-25-19

  1. Morning all. I am supposed to be packed, but am not yet. I did everything on my list, but somehow packing wasn’t on the list! I just realized I didn’t go to my fellowship group tonight. I wasn’t sure if I would, but, I didn’t write it down.
    Tomorrow night I will be in Port Moresby, the capital of PNG, and it will be hot. Cairns should be much cooler.

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  2. Morning! Bachelor Buttons!!! And grass and clover and a bumble bee!!! (And is that a poppy I see too?) Oh how this photo evoked childhood memories for me! My maternal grandfather lived in Sidney Ohio and had moved to a home in Anna. He had a large parcel of land fill with clover and bachelor buttons…and bees!! We would make endless clover necklaces and bouquets of the Bachelor Buttons. Now I need to call my sisters and ask them if they remember this as well! 😊 🌸

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  3. So that’s what those flowers are called.

    Last summer we had a tree taken down which was right in front of the house and rotting on the inside. The place where it was is too small to plant grass and was filled with rocks. Neither Mrs. L or I are much for keeping gardens alive, and the rocks were next to impossible to get completely cleared out. So I bought a package of prairie grass wildflower seeds, raked what rocks I could out, and spread the seeds according to the directions. Voilà! In a few days the plants began to show. After a few weeks several tall “weeds” grew up that I thought about pulling, but since I didn’t know what the wildflower plants looked like, I left them. I’m glad I did. At first there were only tiny white flowers. Then I noticed several other larger flowers. When we came back from vacation, it was this beautiful array of color!

    There is a large patch where the tree was that doesn’t have enough soil, so the plants are still tiny. But later today you’ll (maybe) see it with large toadstools and a rabbit enjoying the flowers.

    Just doing my part to preserve nature.

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  4. Chas, no one ever quite knows how flowers get their colloquial names, which can vary by region. But we can make educated guesses. The name has probably been shortened from Bachelor’s Buttonhole. A buttonhole is a flower worn through the top buttonhole on the lapel of a man’s suit jacket. The Bachelor’s Button is a wildflower that will seed itself down year after year and produces a variety of colours. That would make it a cheap and accessible choice of buttonhole for the young man goin’ a courtin’. One can imagine sharp eyed and sharp tongues elderly women inventing the moniker after seeing a few young bachelors spruce themselves up with a buttonhole from the wildflower while on their way to see their young lady 🙂


  5. Interesting insights on sorry from today’s OC:

    “Sorrow burns up a great amount of shallowness, but it does not always make a man better.

    “Suffering either gives me my self or it destroys my self.

    “You cannot receive your self in success, you lose your head; you cannot receive your self in monotony, you grouse. The way to find yourself is in the fires of sorrow.

    “Why it should be so is another matter, but that it is so is true in the Scriptures and in human experience. You always know the man who has been through the fires of sorrow and received himself, you are certain you can go to him in trouble and find that he has ample leisure for you.

    If a man has not been through the fires of sorrow, he is apt to be contemptuous, he has no time for you. If you receive yourself in the fires of sorrow, God will make you nourishment for other people.”


  6. Re: Buttonholes.
    It isn’t that the man looks better when dressed our for a lady.
    It’s the fact that he did it that’s important.
    The people where I worked part time at the SC Highway Dept testing lab knew I was serious before I realized it.
    What tipped them off? I mentioned that I shaved twice the same day.
    i.e. I was caught and they caught on before I did.

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  7. Mumsee– I’ve been thinking about your 17-year-old joining the military, and this story should be an encouragement:

    I read the book over the weekend and it was good, but you get most of the gist of his story in this interview (which you can also listen to as a podcast here: https://omny.fm/shows/the-eric-metaxas-show/remi-adeleke

    I’d also like to compliment you and Mike on your hard work raising these kids. If nothing else, you’ve given them love, Jesus, a work ethic and a knowledge of what it means to be in a family. Good work.

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  8. DJ – I saw a thing on Facebook, from a liberal site, which says, “Unbiased journalism is not pretending both sides are equally valid. Unbiased journalism is reporting the facts even if those facts include that one side is irredeemably awful. False neutrality is propaganda.”

    What do you think of this quote?


  9. Michelle, thank you, that was indeed, very encouraging. It is good to see God working. And that is my first time listening or watching Eric Metaxes

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  10. Kizzie, not sure I understand the quote (@5:11). By saying ‘even if those facts include that one side’ is awful, does that mean the story would somehow characterize those facts that way?

    Just finished up a complicated story, so good to have it done. Drayage, vertical racking systems … ugh, port stuff.

    It’s really overcast here again, stayed in the 60s all day I think and it’s so gray out. I’m not complaining but it does seem strange for ‘summer,’ usually this weather clears up by now. July is usually splendid, sunny, not too hot, and that’s just around the corner.

    Oh, those flowers … I’m going to need to buy some actual flats and plants, I guess, to get the backyard growing. The wildflower seeds just produced spindly green sprigs that look like weeds.

    Maybe some California poppies, daisies, big, colorful, flowering bushes.

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  11. Beautiful wild flowers! Why didn’t mine produce a harvest like that?

    I watered them every day it didn’t rain until they started growing. Then I left them alone.


  12. DJ – I wondered about that part, too. That last sentence about false neutrality being propaganda is another thing I wondered about. Kind of sounds like they are saying that the reporter should write about how awful the supposedly awful other side is.


  13. @7:30 – That’s been the trend in recent years — to help interpret the news for people. Sometimes that may make sense, but too often it leads to partisan views.

    It’s 5:30 p.m. here, is it too early to go to bed?

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  14. I watered my wildflower seeds a lot too — and then we had a whole lot of rain. They’re up but no flowers, just the green stems and springs. 😦


  15. A beautiful day here, mostly sunny with a thunderstorm rolling in. Cool or warm, depending on your definition. Sixties. I am in no hurry for this to leave and temps to go up but that will be nice too.


  16. I put these seeds out more than a year ago.

    Just talked to the neighbor, apparently their toilet in the other house has been overflowing for a month — her new Pergo floors and subfloor ruined in parts of the house. This was a fixer-upper they bought about 10 years ago and have been working to rehab ever since. They’d just FINALLY gotten it to where they could go out there and actually enjoy a stay rather than work through it.

    She’s put in an insurance claim so they’ll go from there. Water bill is $1,700+

    So I’ll be the fish feeder and mail gatherer for a while, looks like.

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  17. The fish crack me up, they’re koi and as soon as you approach the pond they know it’s feeding time and they all gather close to you, their mouths opening and closing.

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  18. They took their 2 big dogs with them. She said the floors bend and dip every time any of them, dogs included, walk over certain spots.


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