38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-8-19

  1. Morning all. Up and at em, Chas.
    Thanks for walking me through the turmoil this week. Not sure why my peace seemed to flee, I know the earthquake did not help.
    We had a staff meeting today and it was wonderful. There was a real unity and a sharing together. I was in charge of the devotional and God impressed on me that we needed to pray. So I began with Psalm 98 and then had us go around the room briefly sharing prayer requests. I had set out cards and pens so folks could jot down the requests. Then I had us all pray for those next to us and any other requests that they felt led to pray for. We all quietly prayed aloud and the room was filled with the sound of our prayers. As it began to die down, I quietly began to sing the doxology and the rest joined me. Lovely
    I just sang it again, why don’t you all join me?
    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow
    Praise Him all creatures here below
    Praise Him above ye heavenly host
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

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  2. Thanks for the blessing Jo.
    Have a good night
    Good morning everyone else.
    I am up and about to be at ’em.

    I reached over at 4:30 this morning and she wasn’t there. She was sitting on the side of the bed. So I took her in to “Potty” and we went back to bed for a couple of hours. She is still there, but I’m going to fix breakfast now.

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  3. Jo, thanks. In the Lutheran church we always stand when singing the doxology (or any verse of any hymn that includes the trinity). Is that the same in other denominations? Do I need to stand up when I read Jo’s post?

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  4. I love to hear/sing the doxology.
    I also awoke this morning to find no one there. Mr P has been making some sort of whistling noise when he sleeps so he has taken himself to the other room.
    He checked this morning our cardinal is in her nest right outside the bedroom window.

    I will be taking the last class towards getting my Graduate Real Estate Institute designation. As I tell my agents, the general public may not know what they mean but they know they mean something so get some. I have to do what I tell them to do.

    I posted something on yesterday’s thread if anyone is inclined to read it and offer advice.

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  5. Kim, I think you are doing the right thing.
    If you are on company time, using company equipment, you should be company cognitive.
    Everything she says may be true, but she represents the company to everyone.

    Go back to scripture. Neither, Jesus, Paul nor any others attacked other religions. They spoke of Christians practicing pagan customs, but not their convictions.

    Permitting other religions to invade out culture and laws is another matter to be dealt with.
    But not on company time.

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  6. Morning all…a beautiful way to begin the blog Jo…the doxology is something familiar to me since childhood.
    Kim I would concur that it is a must to nip it in the bud. There is a certain office decorum and she is stepping over the line….
    It is rainy and foggy here this morning with snow to come tonight and all day tomorrow…by the time it’s all over with we should have a half a foot of snow on the ground….

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  7. Imagine standing in a circle in an echoing dining hall holding hands with the camp staff (all the campers have gone home for the week) and singing the doxology in beautiful harmony. I still get chills every Friday evening in summer. 🙂

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  8. Jo, going around the room with prayer requests and then each person praying for the person next to them was one of the ways the team in the village structured their prayer meetings.

    Kim, you are right. It is not only unprofessional, but also, as a Christian, one cannot bless God and curse those made in His image (James 3:9-10).

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  9. I’m working from home today and got a good 8+ hours of sleep last night — felt very good after having hardly slept the night before for some reason.

    It’s overcast and chilly this morning, and what’s great about working from home is I can get started without having to feed all the animals, shower and race around the “get ready” first. There’s some breathing room.

    Last night’s meeting went until 9, which I figured it would (organizers wanted to end it by 8). So I’ll write that up today and try to find some other things also. Last night I sat next to one of our town’s Realtors (a guy) who was wearing flip-flops and had on silver toenail polish. Fascinating. I’d never seen that before but I see online that nail polish has been a “thing” for guys for at least a couple years.

    Looks like one of our local cities had some disruption at its City Council meeting (covered by someone else last night) by BLM.

    I love singing the Doxology — we’re always standing because when it’s sung it’s as part of our hymn lineup at church (and we stand when we sing anything).

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  10. DJ, I’ve never seen a man wearing toenail polish. In Nashville I once went to the dog park, though, and met an unusual grouping. Two men who brought in their chihuahua . . . a little female chihuahua on which one of them had applied pink toenail polish. I thought that rather bizarre. (And it had to have been easier said than done!)

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  11. The guy polish was new to me — this is a man who’s ‘new’ to our area (relatively speaking around here where people stay for generations, he arrived on the local scene maybe 5-10 years ago?), African American and he and his wife run their own real estate company. He’s become very involved in the chamber and other neighborhood groups, so for me, he’s become one of the best quick sources for information about all the various developments popping up so fast in our area right now.

    I looked up toenail polish for men when I got home, just curious about this trend I’ve apparently missed (I found myself staring at his feet a few times last night since I was sitting next to him and we were in the back 🙂 ). And sure enough, there were posts going back to 2017, I think, including discussions about “best colors” for men. I’ve just missed the whole thing somehow.

    I have heard of and seen dog nails being painted for a while, however. 🙂

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  12. Text from female photographer who was assigned to shoot the homeless encampment for my story this morning: “One man invited me to get drunk and NOT have sex and one woman was screaming at me to leave. Lovely morning LOL”

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  13. Grandchildren can keep you very busy. Much prayer needed, not for grandson and me, though we won’t decline, I know God is here.

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  14. I just showed Elvera what I was planning for dinner.
    She agreed, as she always does.
    I started to say something, hesitated, then went back and said.
    “I started to say I was lucky to get you. Burt it wasn’t luck, it was arranged that way.

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  15. Speaking of nail polish on toe nails. . . Nightingale and I (both female 😉 ) had pedicures today at a nice day spa in the town next to ours. You may remember me mentioning that she wanted us to get pedicures as a birthday present for me back in January, but it kept being delayed, and then forgotten for a while. I thought the little pedicure she gave me here at home was in place of it, and was thankful enough for that.

    But apparently dear Nightingale still had it in mind to go to this nice spa for the pedicures. The place was much nicer in atmosphere than the mall place we had gone to a couple years ago, and the ladies doing them were really good. The foot massage part lasted longer than what we had in the mall, and there was one extra step they did. And yet, it was only a few dollars more per pedicure than the mall place.

    Afterwards, we came back to Stafford, and stopped by the Stafford Coffee Company, the place where we had met up with Kevin and his wife several months ago. We each had lattes and a baked good. So delicious!

    And it was a perfect spring day – sunny, with temps in the 60s, with the new spring growth looking beautiful. We stopped by the little park downtown for a bit, and Nightingale took a photo of our feet together to show off our pedicures. (We were wearing sandals.)

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  16. Nightingale says she wants this to be an annual thing for us. Isn’t that sweet? I am so blessed to have her. Funny thing is, she was “the difficult one” growing up.

    She also has nice plans for us for Mothers Day, but we may have to postpone our plans to another day. She had planned a “tea party picnic” to have at a beautiful park a couple towns over, but it is supposed to be chilly and rainy that day. We’ll keep an eye on the weather reports, and hope it changes by then.

    Wanting to find an adult-size tea set made of something unbreakable, she scoured Amazon and some other sites. She finally found a melamine dinner set, with cups and saucers that look suitable for tea, on eBay. And she bought an insulated picnic basket that, although not made of wood like the old ones, is in the same kind of shape. IOW, it is not boxy, but kinda flares out a bit from the bottom (not sure how to describe that.)

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  17. That pedicure sounds lovely, Kizzie.

    Your comment, “Funny thing is, she was ‘the difficult one’ growing up” has been my experience, too. Of my three adult children, two were challenging, at times, to raise, and one wasn’t at all. The two “difficult” ones are the two closest ones now, and the “good” child has thrown off much of how she was raised. We’re not particularly close.

    Working through the difficulties with the other two maybe helped forge deeper bonds? I don’t know. But God does, and I’m thankful for the shaping and pruning He does in all of our lives.

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  18. 6 Arrows – Nightingale was so super-stubborn. I told her that if she could turn that stubbornness into perseverance, she would do well. That is what she has done. (She still does have a stubborn streak, though, but at least she has the maturity to not be stupid about it. 🙂 )

    She surprised me the other day in a conversation we were having. I had said something about her being strong, and she insisted that she is not strong. I pointed out that she persevered in her LPN classes, and will soon be continuing on in her education to be an RN, to build a better life for herself and her son, and that that takes strength. And I reminded her that she is planning to buy her own house, and use this one as a rental for extra income. (That’s the latest plan that I forgot to mention to y’all.) I said it takes strength to make those plans which I know she is nervous about but is pursuing anyway.

    She said that’s just what people do to get ahead, and it doesn’t take much strength to do that. She doesn’t realize that a lot of people don’t do those kinds of things, and just let life take them along for a ride rather than making an effort to steer the boat.


  19. That reminds me of sort of an opposite view on strength. I have a friend who is mostly a Facebook friend, although we live in the same town and have met more than once. “Nan” was on her own at 15 due to a bad home life. She married young and had a son, but divorced, and then later had twin sons (who are now 16) on her own.

    She has no problem referring to herself as strong, but she also insists that only people like herself – who supposedly have absolutely no one helping them or supporting them in any way – are actually strong. If you have anyone to rely on or to help you out, you’re not really strong.

    I’ve noticed some other people who have defined and judged certain words and traits in comparison to their own temperaments or experiences.


  20. Hmmm, sometimes it takes a great deal of strength to be able to ask for help. Admitting vulnerability isn’t always easy.

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  21. I saw the new picture up there and started answering Jo’s post as if it were today.
    It is today, but not tomorrow yet.
    See you latger.


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