28 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-8-19

  1. Ah yes, the old leftist non-apology apology.

    He’s a real jack-ass.






  2. Thank you Mr. President.


    “President Donald Trump issued a full pardon Monday to former Army First Lieutenant Michael Behenna, who served five years in prison after being convicted of murdering a suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist.

    In May 2008, Behenna was questioning Ali Mansur Mohamed, a suspected terrorist who had allegedly been involved in an IED attack that killed two U.S. soldiers. The interrogation ended when Behenna fired two rounds into the terrorist — which the 1st Lt. claimed was in self-defense after Mansur lunged for his pistol.

    A military court convicted Behenna of unpremeditated murder in a combat zone in 2009. The prosecution said Behenna was not acting in self-defense, but in retaliation for the deaths of his fellow soldiers, and killed Mansur while returning him to his hometown.

    In a statement released Monday announcing the pardon, the White House noted that Behenna’s 25-year sentence was greatly reduced following certain concerns about the case. Behenna was released from prison on parole in 2014.

    “After judgment, however, the U.S. Army’s highest appellate court noted concern about how the trial court had handled Mr. Behenna’s claim of self-defense. Additionally, the Army Clemency and Parole Board reduced his sentence to 15 years and paroled him as soon as he was eligible in 2014—just 5 years into his sentence.”

    Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has repeatedly petitioned the White House for clemency, writing to Attorney General Bill Barr last month that Behenna’s conviction was predicated on improper procedure by prosecutors.”

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  3. Are you getting nervous Jim? 🙂

    Because you should be.


    “James Comey is in trouble and he knows it”

    “James Comey’s planet is getting noticeably warmer. Attorney General William Barr’s emissions are the suspected cause.

    Barr has made plain that he intends to examine carefully how and why Comey, as FBI director, decided that the bureau should investigate two presidential campaigns and if, in so doing, any rules or laws were broken.

    In light of this, the fired former FBI director apparently has decided that photos of him on Twitter standing amid tall trees and in the middle of empty country roads, acting all metaphysical, is no longer a sufficient strategy.

    No, Comey has realized, probably too late, that he has to try to counter, more directly, the narrative being set by the unsparing attorney general whose words in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week landed in the Trump-opposition world like holy water on Linda Blair. Shrieking heads haven’t stopped spinning since.

    And so we’ve seen Comey get real busy lately. First he penned a curious op-ed in The New York Times. Then a Times reporter, with whom Comey has cooperated in the past, wrote a news article exposing an early, controversial investigative technique against the Trump campaign in an attempt to get out front and excuse it. Next, Comey is scheduled to be encouraged on a friendly cable news “town hall.”

    In the op-ed, Comey trotted out his now-familiar St. James schtick, freely pronouncing on the morality of others. He sees himself as a kind of Pontiff-of-the-Potomac working his beads, but comes across more like an unraveling Captain Queeg working his ball bearings.

    Comey adjudged the president as “amoral.” He declared the attorney general to be “formidable” but “lacking inner strength” unlike — the inference is clear — Comey himself. A strategy of insulting the executioner right before he swings his ax is an odd one but, then, Comey has a long record of odd decisions and questionable judgment.”


  4. This may play with with the Dem base, but the R’s will surely use it should he be lucky enough to win the clown car primary Dems are currently engaged in.


  5. Democrats using Russian tactics to affect elections. Why am I not surprised.


    “Dark Money Org Created Fake Facebook News Groups to Reach Nevada Voters

    Tactics were similar to Russian disinformation efforts in 2016 using social media”

    “A group promoting progressive health care policies in Nevada paid for Facebook advertisements in which the source of the content appeared to originate from a pair of local, state-based news organizations—news organizations that did not exist in any meaningful sense.

    While the ads in question rolled out in 2018, the tactics of Health Care Voters for Nevada have contemporary importance as recent reporting has revealed the scope and influence of the organization’s dark-money parent group, the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

    “Trump’s new tax law will hurt Latinos the most,” one such ad reads, which appears to emanate from a posting by “Nevada News Now.” However, there is no world wide web URL for Nevada News Now, and if it was a Facebook group, it has since been deleted.

    Similar ads also appear from a group called “Silver State Sentinel” but little proof such an organization is real exists.

    Facebook did not respond to requests about whether Nevada News Now or Silver State Sentinel was ever a Facebook group, but parts of the content suggest they both were.

    Many of the ads were short videos between 20 to 40 seconds with brief on-screen claims about health care policy. However, those ads would often end with a graphic inviting the viewer to “Tell us what you think in the comments” followed by a professional looking graphic for the so-called news outlets.

    Facebook began organizing and publishing a searchable database of paid political advertisements on May 24, 2018, at a time when the company was under public and congressional scrutiny in the wake of acknowledgements that Kremlin-backed groups had been using the platform in deceptive ways to divide Americans against each other and to influence the 2016 elections.”


  6. Wrong again.


    “Liberals Were Very Wrong About Tax Cuts. Again.

    Contra the Chicken Littles, tax relief has once again spurred economic growth.”

    “For those of you who survived the Great GOP Tax Cut Massacre, things are finally looking up. The unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent last month, the lowest level since 1969. We’ve now experienced over a full year of unemployment at 4 percent or lower. The economy beat projections, adding another 263,000 jobs in April. Wages are rising.

    It was Larry Summers, Bill Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary and Barack Obama’s White House economic adviser, who warned that tax reform would lead to over 10,000 dead Americans every year in December of 2017. Summers, considered a reasonable moderate by today’s political standards, was just one of the many fearmongers.

    The same month, after cautioning that passage of tax cuts would portend “Armageddon,” then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi explained that the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), a reform of corporate tax codes and a wide-ranging relief, was “the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress.” Worse than the Fugitive Slave Act? Worse than the Espionage Act? Worse than congressional approval of the internment of Japanese Americans? That’s a really bad bill.

    The tenor of left-wing cable news and punditry was predictably panic-stricken. After asserting that the cuts wouldn’t help create a single job, Bruce Bartlett told MSNBC that tax relief was “really akin to rape.” Kurt Eichenwald tweeted that “America died tonight … Millenials [sic]: move away if you can. USA is over. We killed it.” “I’m a Depression historian,” read the headline on a Washington Post op-ed. “The GOP tax bill is straight out of 1929,” proclaimed the same writer. And so on.

    None of this is even getting into the MSM’s straight news coverage, which persistently (and falsely) painted the bill as a tax cut for the wealthy. “One-Third of Middle Class Families Could End up Paying More Under the GOP Tax Plan” noted Money magazine. An Associated Press headline read, “House Passes First Rewrite of Nation’s Tax Laws in Three Decades, Providing Steep Tax Cuts for Businesses, the Wealthy.” “Poor Americans Would Lose Billions Under Senate GOP Tax Bill” reported CNN. Yahoo News ran one piece after the next predicting doom.

    The GOP tax cut’s “unstated goal is to leave the poor and vulnerable in America without the support of their government,” ABC News pretend centrist claimed. “It’s not enough to give money to rich people. Apparently, Republicans want to kick the poor and middle class in the face, too,” a columnist at Washington Post noted, leaning hard into two of the stalest canards about tax policy.”


  7. I see on TV where the Dem’s are going to vote today to convict Barr of contempt of Congress.
    They can’t do that!
    Barr hasn’t shown his contempt for that bunch.


  8. And didn’t ‘Mayor Pete’ pretty much just say that God was a Democrat? 🙂 After saying that God didn’t belong to a political party? You knew there was a “but” coming in that statement.


  9. As for Sims, he didn’t really apologize. And just the idea that he thought nothing of doing what he did is appalling.


  10. WSJ editorial board’s take:



    The Pseudo-Impeachment
    Democrats hold show trials rather than vote to oust the President.

    House Democrats are escalating their campaign against the Trump Administration with complaints that its resistance to Congressional requests for documents is a threat to democracy. It’s more accurate to say that Democrats are performing what amounts to a pseudo-impeachment so they don’t have to undertake a real one.

    Democrats are agonizing over impeachment because while they’re itching to do it, special counsel Robert Mueller’s report blew up their Russian collusion hopes. He also took no position on obstruction of justice while reporting a highly critical “analysis” of President Trump’s actions. Democrats now find themselves caught between a left-wing base that says they’ll abdicate their duty if they don’t impeach and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s cold-blooded calculation that it could cost their majority in 2020.

    What to do? Democrats have decided to act out a pseudo-impeachment that claims Mr. Trump and his Administration are committing offenses against the Constitution without daring to open a formal impeachment inquiry. The split-level goal is to appease the left while sparing the swing-district Democrats who delivered the 2018 majority from ever having to vote on articles of impeachment. …


  11. Again, these people are not entitled to what they seek. They have no right to see the legally protected info in the report. Barr would be breaking the law by giving it to them. Everyone knows this, and yet, the theater of the absurd continues.

    They got nothing, except a show to put on for their sheep base.


  12. Like I said. Theater.


    “Trump Asserts Executive Privilege Over Unredacted Mueller Report

    DOJ: Barr “could not comply with” the subpoena “in its current form without violating the law, court rules, and court orders…”

    “In a statement tweeted by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House stated that Americans “see through Chairman [Jerry] Nadler’s desperate ploy to distract from the President’s historically successful agenda and our booming economy.”

    The White House noted that Barr “has been transparent and accommodating throughout this process, including by releasing the no-collusion, no-conspiracy, no-obstruction Mueller Report to the public and offering to testify before the Committee.”

    The statement goes onto to say that Americans “deserve a Congress that is focused on solving real problems.”

    Actually, I don’t mind the Democrats going after Trump. They won’t get anywhere and it keeps them from legislating more big and bloated government over us!

    DOJ Notifies Nadler
    JUST IN: As the House Judiciary Committee begins a hearing to hold Barr in contempt, Trump asserts executive privilege.

    “This is to advise you that the President has asserted executive privilege over the entirely of the subpoenaed materials,” DOJ writes.

    Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd sent a letter to Nadler to inform him of the executive privilege.

    Boyd pointed out that Barr “could not comply with” the subpoena sent by Nadler “in its current form without violating the law, court rules, and court orders, and without threatening the independence of the Department of Justice’s prosecutorial functions.”

    Like the White House, Boyd reminded Nadler that Barr and the DOJ has accommodated the committee and Congress as much as they could. But instead of working with them, Nadler “scheduled an unnecessary contempt vote, which” he “refused to postpone to allow additional time for compromise.””


  13. Rep Al (Guam Might Tip Over) Green let’s the truth slip out.



  14. I couldn’t understand how there was a school shooting yesterday and I’m not seeing 24/7, wall to wall coverage from the MSM.

    Now I know why. The shooters are anti-Trump, and anti-Christian. And one is transgender.


    “Devon Erickson’s Facebook page says he lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. John Fenton, a news producer with CBS Denver, wrote that the “car towed from #stemshooting suspect’s home apparently has ‘F*** SOCIETY’ spray painted on the side. Also ‘666’ and a what looks like a pentagram sprayed on the hood.” The sheriff said the “graffiti on” the car is still being analyzed. He said he had no specific information on “what it means or where it came from.”

    The second suspect was not named, but the sheriff said in a May 8 press conference that suspect two is a “juvenile female.” Erickson will appear in court at 1:30 p.m. on May 8. It’s not clear when the juvenile will appear in court. “We originally thought the juvenile was a male by appearance,” the sheriff said. “I did the press release very early on before the detectives were able to get medical… were able to speak to her.”

    The Denver Channel wrote that multiple sources say “the second suspect, who is a minor, is a transgender male who was in the midst of transitioning from female to male.” The motive, the station alleges, “went beyond bullying and involved revenge and anger towards others at the school,” adding that one suspect “was involved in legal and illegal drug use and had been in therapy.”

    Erickson’s social media pages show he is a fan of videogames, paintball, skateboarding, and The Walking Dead. His Facebook posts indicated that he was a guitar-playing youth theater actor who once sent his resume to TWD. His Instagram page highlights a more recent look that matches scanner dispatch reports that indicated a suspect had purple or pink hair (that’s the photo on left above). Asked on Instagram if he’d turned his hair blonde, he wrote, “it was purple then pink for a little too 😂.” On Twitter, he indicated, “I make music I guess.” He filled a YouTube channel with videos showing him singing cover songs and playing the guitar. That page gives his Snapchat account name as “devonkillz.”

    On social media, Devon Erickson, a registered Democrat, expressed hatred for some Christians, and shared posts criticizing Donald Trump and praising Barack Obama, which you can see later in this article.

    “You know what I hate? All these Christians who hate gays, yet in the bible, it says in Deuteronomy 17:12-13, if someone doesn’t do what their priest tells them to do, they are supposed to die. It has plenty of crazy stuff like that,” he wrote in one Facebook post a couple years ago. “But all they get out of it is ‘ewwwwww gays.’” In 2015, Erickson put a celebrate pride filter onto a Facebook picture.”


    Poof, now it will disappear from the headlines.


  15. Mike’s latest letter:

    The April 20th guest commentary by Amina Ibrahim from the Council on American-Islamic Relations began a thought process that has crystalized and clarified my concerns regarding the Quran and Islam. Note the choice of terms for the relationship; American-Islamic relations. Not Christian-Islamic relations. Islam is not compared to a religion (Christianity), but rather to a nation (America). Islam should be viewed as just that, a nation – a nation without borders, but a nation nonetheless. When Muslims immigrate to a new country (the Quran has a term for this – it is ‘hijrah)’, they don’t assimilate they remain a cohesive, isolated Islamic force within the host nation. They remain ‘citizens’ of Islam. The Quran is their Constitution. It contains their theology, moral code, and legal system.

    Now, if you’re objective is to influence policy in the United States, what better way to accomplish this than to relocate refugees to specific locales. With the US accepting 1,000,000 new citizens/year it doesn’t take long to overwhelm an area with a new voting bloc. Who determines where these immigrants settle? This tactic has been used successfully to elect Ilham Omar and Rashida Tlaib, both with ties to CAIR (an organization listed as a terrorist organization) to the US House of Representatives.

    Though these women may legally be American citizens, their first allegiance is to their citizenship in the nation of Islam. We now, essentially, have foreign nationals serving in our Congress.

    Back to me, thoughts?


  16. I just got around to reading Mike’s letter.
    He is correct. The issue is not a nation, it is about sharia. That is the ruling law for all.


  17. My comment did not post. But I agree with Mike.
    The problem is that we Westerners think that Islam is another religion that can live with peace with other beliefs. It does not tolerate dissention. The key is Sharia. That is the ruling law which governs everyone, not just Muslims.

    Every politician should read the Koran. Our leaders need to know what they are dealing with.
    Yes. I have read it.


  18. Mumsee. I see that Mike is interested in the subject.
    I recommend to him the book “God’s War on Terror” by Walid Shoebat. it is available on Amazon. It is a different way of looking at the end days.


  19. Thanks, Chas, I will pass that on. Didn’t Shoebat write other books we have discussed on here? Seems I read a couple of his.


  20. —————–

    They’re starting to crack. 🙂


  21. Mumsee,

    They don’t call it ” Little Mogadishu” for nothing. Settle a large population as refugees, refuse to give up the old ways, once voting rights are achieved, elect like minded radicals to high office, find liberals so open minded their brains fell out years ago to sponsor and support them, lather, rinse, repeat. This is the tact, every day, everywhere. The Democrat party fell without a fight to these radicals years ago. We can’t rely on them to help fix this. They’re collaborators.


    “Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar was only elected to Congress this past November, yet she seems to be effecting the Corbynization of the Democratic Party. That’s quite an accomplishment for a first-term congressman of no distinction other than her heavily advertised Islamic faith. What are we to make of her?

    I’ve been observing Omar since she defeated 22-term incumbent state representative Phyllis Kahn in 2016 for the Democratic nomination to represent the district including Minneapolis’s “Little Mogadishu.” Omar’s rise lies at the intersection of immigration and Islam that is transforming the Democratic Party and, therewith, the United States. At a campaign stop in Minneapolis just before the 2016 election on November 6, then-candidate Donald Trump delivered the message in Minneapolis that we “have seen firsthand the problems with faulty refugee vetting, with large numbers of Somali refugees coming into your state, without your knowledge, without your support or approval.”

    The 2016 election brought us Trump as president, of course, but it also brought Ilhan Omar to office. From her perch as a first term-member Democratic member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Omar constituted little more than a political cipher. Yet she was already on her way to becoming an intergalactic superstar. I wrote about her in the City Journal columns ”The curious case Ilhan Omar” (September 9, 2016) and ”Ilhan Omar’s many firsts” (September 15, 2017).

    In early 2018, documentary filmmaker Norah Shapiro celebrated Omar, declaring it was Time for Ilhan in the title of the movie telling the story of her rise to cipherhood in the Minnesota House. Yet Shariro, of course, was on to something. It was time for Ilhan in more ways than one.

    On June 5, 2018, then Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison announced that he was standing down from his bid for reelection to run for Minnesota Attorney General. Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District is one of the most heavily Democratic in the country. Ellison’s withdrawal set off a race fo the Fifth District nomination on the Democratic side that heavily favored Omar and she quickly declared her intention to succeed Ellison. She easily won the party’s endorsement at the special DFL Fifth District endorsing convention held on June 17 and faced down four Democratic opponents in the August 14 primary to determine the party’s nominee. The Democratic primary was the real Fifth District election; Omar skated to victory over her nominal opponents in November, only six months ago.

    At the Fifth District Democrats’ Special Endorsing Convention in Minneapolis on June 17, 2018, I saw Omar nominated by a millennial constituency weighted toward “all that dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal-wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers who come flocking toward the smell of ‘progress’ like bluebottles to a dead cat,” as George Orwell described English socialists. The convention voters were thrilled by Omar’s occupation of the left-wing fringe of the Democratic Party.”


  22. Mumsee, indeed, we may have talked about Shoebat before.
    English is not his first language. Joel Richardson helps him a lot. Richardson co-authored “God’s War on Terror”.


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