47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-3-19

  1. Morning all. A very noisy Friday as my kinder class was full of energy. Then, while we were waiting for parents, one little boy had a built in whistle on his backpack which he enjoyed blowing. I threatened to take it off of his backpack. Piercing noises are not tolerated too well at the end of the day.
    Let the weekend begin.
    Morning, Chas. and good night all.

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  2. I wish I could “like” things.
    I an with Kim and this thing about a guy and BG.
    When a guy starts doing “dumb” things, like traveling miles to see a girl, it means something. We aren’t sure what.
    I’m praying along with you on this Kim.

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  3. Thank you Chas. I appreciate all of the prayers all of the years.
    I see the surgeon this morning. Now that I know what’s wrong and have decided what do do….I want it done!

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  4. See the green bunny on the table? It is supposed to look like a little topiary. It is Nightingale’s. She likes it, but I am not fond of it. Had to laugh when, on Facebook, AJ said it looked like a Chia bunny. 😀

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  5. Morning! It is a beautiful day here in the forest and 31 degrees….winter is not about to let go of us yet! That is a beautiful bouquet Kizzie…I usually grab a bunch of alstroemeria at the grocery just to bring some “sunshine” into the house. They are such a long lasting flower and they just make me smile!

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  6. And neither of us like that bunny-in-a-carrot thing hanging on the door knob at the far left of the photo, but The Boy’s other grandmother gave that to us.


  7. The reason the bunny-in-a-carrot thing is hanging on the door knob is that originally, it was hanging on the wall and could be seen behind the flowers. I moved it to get it out of the picture. Then I realized it was still in the picture. Oh, well.

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  8. Beautiful morning here! Sun is shining, sky is blue, frost is melting. I get to meet seventh grandchild today! And plan to go to fifth grandchild’s birthday party tomorrow!

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  9. Good late morning. I’ve done round one of the mowing. My brother is here helping with other yard work. I figured I could mow while he saws on one of those horrid honeysuckle bushes that has a tree trunk. He can’t do it all today. Sweat is pouring from my face although I washed with with cold water three times already.

    I have been gathering Christian books and Bibles again to donate to Christian Library International. It’s a great place to send them to if you have any to donate.

    Art cancelled his kidney stone surgery on May 10th. We will try for later after I renew my license. He is having no symptoms currently. He is very fortunate. Of course he always has back and knee pain.

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  10. Beautiful header, Kizzie. You have classy taste in decor. I have hardly gotten away from college dorm room style. I do have a nice set of decorative plates depicting the old ships that were used in the China tea trade. I have all of them displayed mostly high above bookcases and just below the ceiling. At one time I was trying for a nautical theme in our house. We also have a lovely painting of a ship on the ocean with white clouds on a blue sky that Art painted in oil many years ago. It hangs above the worn out piano.

    It’s almost time for me to get back to the chore. I still hope that I can get Michelle’s review posted today. Everyday I think I will get to it and then something else needs my attention.

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  11. I think that table needs a duck.

    Big Bunny on the doorknob will not be ignored.

    But seriously, I love the copper plate 🙂 and the tasteful table runner and flowers. It’s all very pretty & tasteful, very New England-y.

    Jo, condolences for that whistle. Yikes. That would just about put one over the edge at any time of the day.

    I had a good night’s sleep at least, and I dreamed I was ‘helping’ mumsee bake muffins. My job was to carry them around on a big platter, back and forth all across the property, but I’m not sure what the point of that all was. Maybe she was just giving me “busy work.”

    I don’t feel as horrible as I did yesterday but am staying out sick again.

    A muffin would be good for breakfast.

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  12. I like the green bunny (anything mossy is so textural and I love that effect!!) the carrot one not so much but it was a nice gesture of the other granny to gift it to you… 🐰 🥕
    The Social Security office is going to call me in the morning at 7am (on a Saturday no less!!!) …and my husband needs to be here to confirm I am indeed married to him…yep…that’s the glitch!! Ya can’t make this stuff up folks……

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  13. Pretty header! I like that AJ puts the photographer’s name under the picture rather than above — I like to guess who the header pics are by. When I opened up the blog today, this one had Kizzie written all over the picture. 🙂 Vivid colors, lovely table arrangement… I loved the light, airy look of the room, too, with the window and door nearby, too.

    Didn’t notice the bunny-in-a-carrot thing on the doorknob, though. It’s ending up in the picture reminds me of a picture we have that my husband and I still chuckle over.

    Thirty years ago we took a trip to Colorado and drove up Pikes Peak. We wanted a picture of us up at the lookout where we ended up, so had another tourist take a picture with our camera. But before s/he did (I don’t remember who snapped the pic), I decided I didn’t want to have my purse in the picture. (Don’t ask me why — it didn’t look bad with my outfit — but I just didn’t want it over my shoulder or in my hand.)

    So I walked a short distance off to the side, set my purse down, walked back to my husband, and we smiled for the camera.

    A couple weeks later, after we’d had our pictures developed (this was back in the 35mm film days), there in the photo packet was a lovely picture of hubby and me in the center, and the darn purse at the right edge of the frame. 😛 LOL.

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  14. I think I’m caught up here on the blog now. It was fun to read the end of the April 30 daily thread today and see “evidence” of the plotting Kare and AJ had been doing behind the scenes to get Christina’s video on here on the 1st. 🙂

    the real Aj | April 30, 2019 at 9:52 pm

    If you’re around …..

    Success! I finally have the video you sent me on Facebook ready to go.

    Someone should email 6Arrows and tell her to make sure she stops by so she doesn’t miss it. 🙂


    kare2012 | April 30, 2019 at 9:59 pm
    I will do that! Thank you.

    That sure was a neat surprise! Thank you both again. 🙂

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  15. Most of the spring music events I’ve been involved in are finished up now. Only two to go — 6th Arrow playing at the state piano competition on May 11, and I playing in a string quartet at our church on May 12 for Good Shepherd Sunday, which is also the day our new pastor will be installed. Tonight is our quartet’s first practice all together. I haven’t been in a string ensemble since college back in the 80s, so I’m looking forward to doing this again. (It won’t be a regular thing, probably, but perhaps we might play as a group again. I’m toying with the idea of arranging some music for string quartet to play at occasional future services. We’ll see.)


  16. Something you can’t see in the photo is that the wood does not go all the way up the wall. It goes up a little over halfway, and the rest of the wall is painted blue – darker than the curtains, but not actually dark. The floor has wide, rustic hardwood planks with wooden nails from when the house was built in 1900. (So much of the house has been messed around with over the years, so not much is original to how it was when first built.)

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  17. A quote from the article, which I forgot to include above:

    “Kinism in some form has been a problem within Reformed circles, particularly in Presbyterian and Reformed Baptist churches, since the Civil War. Even as our movement has denounced racism we’ve always seemed to attract racialists—from neo-Confederates to Reconstructionists**—who want to apply an intellectual veneer to their heretical views. But we’re seeing a resurgence in kinist ideology, and it’s far more prevalent than many of us want to admit.”


  18. It was a new term for me, too, Chas, but there’s nothing new under the sun — just new names for old ideas and old behaviors.

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  19. She has been busy all afternoon. But there is nothing she can do. We walked around the house. She wanted to get in the car, so I took her for a ride. About half an hour. That satisfied her. But she didn’t eat much dinner. I fed her some fruit salad like you would feed a child.
    She is watching TV now.

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  20. I’ve heard about kinism for the last several years but as far as I know I’ve never met anyone who follows it. I had heard that it’s one of those heresies that some so-called Presbyterians hold, though.

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  21. 6 Arrows, loved the purse photo bomb story, that made me laugh out loud. 🙂 At least no one fell off a cliff.

    Talked to our former longtime crime reporter today, he’s still job hunting after hitting burnout a year or two ago and walking out, but has in the meantime gotten a 7-year-old Chihuahua from the shelter, his first dog, so he calls occasionally for advice. He’s doing freelance work but the funds are getting eaten up by his having to heighten his backyard fence which the dog can leap over in a single bound. Who knew Chichuahuas were so agile?

    He’s filming a segment for Dateline, though, based on a crime he covered that was featured some years ago on another similar TV show, 48 Hours. When they asked if they could take him back to his old newsroom for footage, well, he said there is no more physical newsroom in that sense of the word. 😦

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  22. Received the most recent magazine from our denomination the other day, cover story is “Reforming Race Relationships in the Church.”

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  23. I’ve never before heard of that word either….I need to read up on it I guess…..
    Daughter has applied and interviewed for several jobs and still nothing. She continues to have her editing/paper writing freelance job but it is starting to get to her. There will be a job fair in town at the end of the month and she is beginning to think perhaps she should go to a temp agency just to get out there….anyone ever worked with a temp agency before? Advisable or not?


  24. Husband and grandson have made it to Seattle. Lots of people helping. A man with a baby gets a lot more help than a woman with a baby or three or four. I am glad. I got plenty of help on my trips as well. But to have somebody hold the baby the entire flight, and feed him and change him???

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  25. Kim mentioned something about grandpa’s and babies. UPS arrived today. I now have more new baby furniture than I ever had for my own children. Birth or adopted. I thought, with him only being here three weeks, we really did not need anything. Guess I was wrong.

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  26. NancyJill – I have heard that working a temp job can often lead to a permanent job. If not, then she would at least be making some money, and getting some more experience in whatever she does. However, I have not done that, so I don’t know what the drawbacks might be.

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  27. I worked for a temp company straight out of high school. The original week stretched to three weeks and by that time I had another job. I think they can definitely lead to permanent position.

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