28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-2-19

  1. I saw the endocrinologist yesterday afternoon. I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. It will be at least a month before I have the surgery. The doctor wants me to build up my Vitamin D levels for a month, come back, run some tests then schedule it.
    Turns out there is a reason my left hip and upper back hurt. Osteopenia. Normal bone density is measured between +1.5 and -1. Mine is lower than -1 although I can’t remember the exact number. In any case my number is lower than 50% of the women my age and at greater risk for osteoporosis.
    Have I mentioned that I have always been very healthy? This is all new to me.
    Well, it’s probably new to other people too but it IS about me right now 😉
    One of my most conceited fears has been developing a “widow’s hump” like my grandmother. Surely that wouldn’t happen to me! She carried 11 pregnancies full term. I only had one! Guess what????
    Ladies, one of the biggest risk factors is being a small boned female Caucasian.

    I am still thankful that the real estate association I belong to figures out a way to offer us group healthcare. I shudder to think the financial mess and strain this would be if I didn’t have good insurance and was having to pay $7,000 out of pocket. I am thankful I have been so healthy so long.

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  2. Me too, Kim.
    I was 85 before I started falling apart.
    I have been blessed. But now this body isn’t worth much.
    But it’s the only one I have.
    I just hope I can keep up to take care of her.

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  3. I also have osteopenia, Kim. Exercise is crucial.

    Love the ducks. My mom painted ducks like these. I don’t have any of his, but I did get one for one of my daughters. Whether old or new I like them.

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  4. Your condition is one we recently studied. Calcium intake during child and teen years are a huge factor. Makes me want to nag the grands to drink their milk.

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  5. So this is day 3 of my summer job at the track. It is quite different from my work at the hospital. I have very little down time at the hospital. If the census is down, then there are other duties or training that may be done.

    Here at the track, you come in at 0530, warm up the ambulances, and the basically sit around and wait for a horse wreck. Races don’t begin till next week, so just morning exercise and training. There is a break room where ems and the tractor guys hang out in between.
    My daughter has worked here for several seasons. She talks about ‘her tractor guy’s and others from here. It is interesting to put faces with stories.

    I have decided that the hospital is more like a tv drama . The racetrack is like a sitcom, with each distinctive funny character. When you go to the break room, as each person enters and grabs coffee and sits down, you can almost hear the laugh track cueing up in the background.

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  6. My daughter did a lot of studying while working (and being paid!) as an EMT. Now she doesn’t know what to do with herself during the down times on the job.

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  7. Good morning. I’ve made breakfast, grocery shopped, cleaned out the cat litter box, cleaned up cat vomit, and i later hope to pray for the National Day of Prayer. Finally I may have time to do a review of Michelle’s book. I have written it but just need to key it in.

    I received a nice surprise in the mail yesterday, a thank you card full of signatures of the children who participated in the haiku contest. A few additional handwritten haikus from the children were enclosed. The lady I am virtual friends with lives in Selma, AL. She is involved with a group trying to bring reconciliation between groups in the community. As I understand it, a grant was received from Kellogs to help bring people together. My friend decided to have a haiku contest for students during poetry month (April). At first when asked, I did not think I would have time to be the judge because of tax season, but since I was home with the eye afflictions, God had a good plan. Many of the haikus I judged were from inner city schools with the students in poorer families than those from other schools. The coincidental God wink is that the superintendent of schools is named Dr. Avis Williams. The name of our county library closest and used most by my family is the Avis Williams-Toco Hills branch. The Selma lady is black but the library was named for a white. The name is not common at all. My friend said when the lady in Selma looks up her name on the web that she finds our library.

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  8. I’m a mess, I have the worst sinus headache, my entire face just aches something awful.

    Big problems as I had a speech to cover today + had to do a follow on an LA school vs. charter battle in our area.

    So I sent a very early email to my editor explaining my predicament. I really don’t want to go to urgent care, a friend said I may have a sinus infection that needs antibiotics.

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  9. We’re so short handed now there virtually are no backup reporters to fill in on your beat if you’re out.


  10. Beautiful day in the neighborhood. Seventeen year old is hanging out her clothes. She washed them yesterday but forgot to dry them. Eleven is out doing her morning chores. Twelve is eating breakfast Seventeen year old was seen walking off to school. Twenty three is taking her dog out. And so it goes.

    Husband starts for home this afternoon, which will be tomorrow where he is. He should land in Seattle six hours before he leaves Okinawa.

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  11. Mumsee – Nightingale often forgets that she has laundry in the washer or dryer, due to her busyness. Sometimes she will make a point of asking me to remind her when a load is finished.

    As you all know, Nightingale and I went out to lunch together yesterday. Today we are planning on watching a recorded TV show together with our lunch.

    After pointing out that we are doing something together two days in a row, I joked, “You’d better be careful. I might start get to thinking that you like me!” 😀

    When getting in the car after lunch yesterday, there was a car that had parked pretty close to ours on the passenger side, and the driver had just gotten in. So I was very cautious to only open the door just enough to slide in. Closing the door was a little tricky, as I had my cup of soda in my left hand, and my purse looped by the handles over my right arm.

    My purse ended up getting wedged between the seat and the door, meaning my arm was caught in the handles. “[Nightingale], I’m stuck!” I said.

    It doesn’t sound so funny writing it out, but she burst out laughing at the absurdity of it, and so did I. We laughed hard for quite a while, and she had to wipe away tears from laughing so hard. 😀

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  12. Kizzie, busyness is not seventeen’s challenge.

    Speaking of twenty three: for years she has told us she is lactose intolerant and gluten free due to the ill effects. Though she does not hesitate to eat pizza and whatever else is available. Currently, she is requesting cheese sandwiches. But now her dog is lactose intolerant and she warned her roomies to not fee it any dairy. But one slipped it a bit of cheese… Daughter had to take the dog to the vet because it was vomiting blood. The vet thought it was parvo but gave it some meds to empty the stomach out the other end. Lo and behold, out came the small bit of cheese causing all the problems! The roomie confessed to her crime but daughter was stuck with the four hundred fifty dollar vet bill. And so it goes.

    You may wonder why I don’t believe anything I hear around here. Pay attention to some of these stories and you will see a trend.

    By the way, when can she start giving her dog adult food rather than the expensive puppy food? She used to give adult food to the puppy but the vets said it was giving him worms. And on and on and on and on…….

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  13. Oh! I forgot what it was that Nightingale found so funny about my arm being stuck by my purse being stuck. She said I was kind of flapping my hand as I told her that I was stuck, and it looked really funny.

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  14. Now she is making salmon melt sandwiches for our lunch. (We were out of tuna, but had a large can of salmon.) With bacon, too!

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  15. Funny story, Kizzie.

    I slept for a couple hours and now my face doesn’t hurt as much, but I still feel lousy — spent about an hour emailing editor and fill-in reporter all the info I had on 2 assignments I was juggling today, I thought I’d be able to drag myself through it but it really took a turn for the worse overnight. And I hate dumping stuff in people’s laps like this, but what are you going to do. I’ve had a couple of these really harsh colds in recent years — and my guess is it’ll head to my chest by tomorrow which will make me feel worse in a different way.

    But there’s no real cure or treatment for a common cold yet. And just so it’s not the measles. Of course, then I wouldn’t need that stupid vaccine that all the pharmacies are now out of.

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  16. Thanks for your answers to my military questions yesterday, Mumsee and Michelle.

    DJ, cute ducks! I like the look of that collection.

    Hope you get to feeling better. Sinus woes are sure miserable!


  17. Praying for health for you, dj. I like your ducks and that you have a place to display them. What a treasure.
    Made it to market and home again. 6:30 is just too early to go out and choose produce and give pleasant greetings. Most of the carrots were so small I kept looking and looking. Those small ones would be way too hard to peel and keep my fingers intact. It is asparagus season!

    And it is Friday here!

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  18. I had a fun night out with BG. We went to an author event at at a local bookstore. May 27th none other than Lynn Vincent will be there. It is on my calendar. Then we went to dinner. Home now.
    I few weeks ago BG went to Tennessee with a friend. She met a guy. He is coming down in a couple of weeks to see her. I told her a guy willing to cross a state line for you might be worth something. He is older than she is and sells medical equipment. I am withholding opinion.
    He so far has been very encouraging to her. We shall see. She is currently talking about school. Finally!!!!!

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  19. I spent most of the day asleep. Looks like on top of my assignments that had to be covered the local refinery caught on fire again. Our young, hipster, fill-in editor (main one is out for carpal tunnel surgery) is a young, bearded guy whose hair tends to stand straight up sometimes, I think when he grabs fistfuls of it in a panic on days like today (though he also wears a knit cap a lot of times, probably to avoid doing that).

    I can only imagine how he looked by the end of today.

    I will probably call out sick tomorrow, I’m guessing this will be in my chest by then.

    Positive news about BG

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  20. Oh, DJ, I am sorry to hear you feel so badly. I would bring you some healing soup if I could. I do enjoy seeing your duck collection.

    I ate some chocolate chips this evening. Will I be able to go to sleep is the question to ponder if I remain wakeful this evening. I will pray for DJ and others.


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