49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-30-19

  1. It is a very strange picture of a turtle. I am thinking the shell is rather flat. And, on first glance, I thought it had very weird eyes. Then I realized that the one that was weird was, in fact, his nose. Now that I put it all together, I get it, whew..

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  2. Morning Chas and Janice. Fellowship time tonight, but I am home now. My review went well today so thanks to those who prayed.
    I even read with a boy today that I hadn’t heard read in a long time. He brags so much that I just assumed he knew it all. He did well but was hesitating. The only problem was that he kept scratching his head. So I had my aide check and he has head lice. I told his Mom.

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  3. I think it’s a spiny soft shell turtle. It looks like there’s a second one hiding next to it too. 🙂


  4. It’s a soft shell turtle. A college roommate worked with a herpatologist on campus one summer. They went to waterways around NE Missouri tagging box turtles. One day they found a small one of these soft shells. It was about 2 inches in diameter. My roommate had an aquarium of turtles and kept this one. In the next year we watched it grow to be 6 or more inches. They can get quite large.

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  5. Good snowy morning! We didn’t get much they they keep telling us we will get 3 inches before it ends around 10…don’t believe it….we have about a half inch of wet fluffy snow…it is pretty!
    It appears to me that someone stepped on that turtle and schmooshed him!! 🐢

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  6. I wrote a response but am not sure what happened to it before I could manage to post it. Yes, that is a softshell turtle, though the one behind it is a different species (painted turtle, I think), and I’m not sure which variety of softshell it is. I found the snorkel nose quite intriguing. It was basking at the far side of the pond from me, in an area it’s hard to photograph (on a slope with a tree and grass in the way), and it is well camouflaged in that mud. I think there were two of them, actually, since I had to “find it” again each time I took its photo, and in the photos I got first it is head slope down, then head side up the slope, then vice versa again, so I suspect there were two different ones.

    I saw it/them on the day the pond had more visible turtles than I have seen in my life, dozens of them of multiple species. I saw the softshell again a week or two later, and even went down the slope on my side of the pond (fairly steep, so I haven’t ventured down it before) to get a better angle for photos, but this still was the best photo I’ve gotten of the species.

    I posted it on Flickr, and some man who has really wonderful turtle photos told me he hadn’t seen this species himself, and the sighting seemed all the more special. Have I mentioned I love that little pond just a half mile down the street? This week I’m taking photos of a pair of Canada geese and four goslings–common, even pesky birds, but they’re giving me some great shots (as long as I’m careful to step around all the clumps they are leaving on the walk).

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  7. Speaking of hate speech, which we were, though not in the most pleasant way:
    Was Deitrich Bonhoeffer doing the right thing or particiapating in hate speech by calling out the Germans on euthanasia and genocidal persecution?
    Should the Christians have spoken up?
    How about with Lenin?
    Khmer Rouge regime?
    North Korea?
    No Christian would have been saying that all Germans, Russians, Cambodians, or North Koreans were evil, but the systems were.
    But today, I am thinking that those efforts would have been hate speech.

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  8. I have never seen a softshell turtle, so find it quite interesting. The nose is really something different for me to see.


  9. And what is going on in schools. Children cannot take an aspirin without consent of parents, though they exchange drugs of all sorts in schools, but a daughter can become a son without parental permission???? And if parents speak up they can be arrested for basically, hate speech.

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  10. Mumsee – Yes, “hate” and “hate speech” are indeed overused these days. Unfortunately, that means that when someone correctly notes that someone else is exhibiting a hateful attitude, it is too easy to dismiss it as mere exaggeration.

    I’ve been thinking about the matter of hatred, and this is what I have come up with, so far:

    From what I have seen from some whom I do believe “hate” a group of people – or at the very least are very contemptuous of them, but contempt does seem to border on hate at times – they fully believe that they have good reason for their feelings, and the Christians among them would heartily deny that they actually “hate” the particular group, but their repeated words tell a different story. I see this on the left and on the right. (Not in everyone on either side, of course, but in some, maybe even many.) So it is as if they are blinded to their own hatred, because they believe their “reasons” are valid.

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  11. Back to work for me today. Carol called last night to say she won’t be able to get her hair cut (I was supposed to take her on Saturday, she was paying) or pay back any the money she owes me this month (from January), guess she ran through her entire monthly stipend (again) already, in about 2 days. So until next month … Sigh. But not surprising. She keeps telling me how she’s going to “start saving money” but she never really has any kind of a behavioral strategy in mind for how she’ll be able to resist spending whatever she gets as is her long-established habit. She said she’ll open a savings account but I told her she can (and no doubt will) withdraw money from that just as easily for the next shiny thing she sees and wants. Whenever I talk to her she’s plotting the next thing she wants to buy for herself. I still think it’s the mental illness that causes such a disconnect in her, she doesn’t seem to see it as a spiritual issue that needs to be confronted in herself.

    Gas is getting very expensive out here again, I spent $80 filling the Jeep up yesterday. that’ll last for a while, maybe 2 weeks, but sheesh. And I’m not sure we’ve even switched to our pricey “summer blend” gasoline yet, then it goes up even higher.

    I heard from the friend I went to the Pet Expo with, she had to take her favorite cat in to be euthanized last night and is kind of a wreck. The cat was 15 years old so had a long life, but she was one of the very special cats that my friend took in when she was just a kitten and had to be bottle-fed. She’s had a lot of cats, but this one was always her special love. A very emotional loss for her even though the cat had not been doing well and she knew it was “coming.” Never easy. Same friend also is facing radiation treatments for Stage 1 breast cancer in the coming weeks, but she has had the surgery and the prognosis is good. Still, she’s going through a lot and is not a believer, so I’m praying mostly for her salvation. She’s one of those who thinks all is well between her and her maker, but she doesn’t need church, thank you (all hypocrites, you know), and she has no interest in the things of God or the Bible, despite being raised in the Methodist church.

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  12. AJ – I’m sure we all want to leave yesterday’s contentious conversation behind us, but I do have one thing I want to say: I did not see Cheryl’s mention of self-examination as snide, but as offered from love and concern. You may think she is wrong and/or that she misunderstood your comments, but even so, I don’t believe she was being snide to you. Cheryl does not seem to be a snide or disrespectful person.


  13. Yes, it’s a mess.

    The result, also, of living in a one-party state, essentially — and that would be the party that loves taxes.


  14. Oh the fog has rolled into this forest and I spot a big fluffy snowflake falling from time to time…very Ansel Adams looking here this morning!
    Ya’ll I bristle when Christians are broadbrushed and lumped into the same category as say…Westboro Baptist types. When those who proclaim to be acting or speaking in the name of our Lord and they are clearly not there should be a differentiation made. Just saying “Christians” doing thus and such is just not a good move in my estimation. Ok…there is my two cents worth…….

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  15. We also seem to live in a city that is convinced we’ll all decide amicably to abandon our cars and ride our bikes or scooters to work. 🙂

    Thus bike lanes are now being put in everywhere — with no bicyclists hardly ever to be seen using them.

    This city is entirely spread out, it is simply not conducive to commuting by bike.

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  16. This seems to be applicable to the news thread and this thread, so I’ll put it both places:

    “7. The vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists.
    In fact, normal Islamic religious law forbids the intentional killing of non-combatants in battle. It also forbids suicide. It’s a small minority view that allows these things, and it’s a small minority who engage in terrorist activities.

    8. Muslims can be some of the friendliest, most hospitable people on earth.
    They make great neighbors and great friends. No Christian should be afraid to build a relationship with a Muslim.”



  17. An article on a matter which was discussed here not too long ago. . .

    “Pro-life proponents of immunization point out that vaccines no longer rely on abortion to provide further fetal cells—and that the initial two abortions were not conducted to supply vaccine makers with fetal tissue in the first place. Such circumstances would be immoral—an argument on the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) blog.

    The Catholic Church also concluded, in a 2005 statement, that those who receive vaccines are not culpable in the original abortions. Focus on the Family’s Physicians Resource Council, which last updated a statement in 2015, suggests that Christians have the moral freedom to receive vaccines, though it also respects those Christians who come to a different conclusion after consideration and prayer.

    National Institute of Health director Francis Collins suggests comparing it to organ donation after a child was shot. “There was a terrible, evil loss of life of that child and yet I think we would all say that if the parents decided and they wanted something good to come of this and gave their consent, that’s a noble and honorable action,” he said. “Does that translate into a parent, after going through a pregnancy termination, deciding that they would like the fetal tissue to actually help somebody?” ERLC makes a similar comparison to organ donation not condoning murder.”



  18. If I was a Californian and not happy with the direction California was taking, and had made due effort to redirect only to find it continuing in a direction I did not care for, I might well be happy to transplant to, say, Idaho. And would be welcome to do so. Just leave the California ideas behind and don’t try to make California out of Idaho. Some ideas might be helpful, but most would not. That would be my dad’s journey.

    If I was a moderate Muslim, or a nominal Muslim, and the country in which I lived was being taken over by Sharia law, and it did not appeal to me, I might well be tempted to go live in a less restrictive country where I would be free to raise my family, hold a job, contribute to my community and new country. And I would probably be welcome in most, just leave the idea of Sharia behind. Bring my good work ethic and family values, my willingness to help my neighbor, but leave behind the idea of dictating how my new neighbor shall now live.

    I have known many Muslims, and eaten meals with them and helped them and benefited from their assistance. I have had some in depth discussions with them. They, like my Christian friends, would like to see more people join their religion. They love their families and care for their friends. Many of the same ideals. But I have also watched as many have become stronger in their beliefs and became more rigid in their expectations of others.

    A Christian who becomes stronger in his belief, should become more Christlike. And Christ did not accept certain things: the moneychangers come to mind. We should be filled with love and desire peace and want to reach out to our neighbors, whoever they may be If somebody wants a cloak, give them the shirt as well. But we should not give them the freedom to take away our freedom to believe and work out our beliefs. Jesus does not call us to that. He demonstrated in action that there is a time to confront, a time to shake off the dust, and a time to invest in individuals.

    It is a difficult path to figure out.

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  19. Mumsee @ 10:57 – Not only can children change gender without parental permission, but in too many places they can get an abortion without parental knowledge, but need parental permission to get their ears pierced.

    We live in a topsy-turvey world.

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  20. We are curious if seventeen year old is taking driver’s training from the school without parental permission which would mean getting a driver’s permit without parental permission. He told twenty one year old he is taking it and wanted twenty one to keep an eye out for a pickup for him to buy. He may be talking current, he may be talking future. Asking him would not provide anything. We may inquire at the school but I am leaving that for husband to figure out when he gets back.

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  21. I had a long visit with the doctor. I was surprised up front to hear it named a wellness visit instead of a physical. That is how it is referred to for Medicare to not require a co-pay. No lab work is ordered for such wellness visits. Now I have a lot of other appointments to make. None are fun but the bone density will be easier than the mammogram and colonoscopy. I did the pap thing today and if it is clear that may be the last ever! Yay! 65 has a few benefits. I also got part 1 of the 2 part pneumonia immunization. I need to schedule with a dermatologist to have a skin check. My blood pressure was 122/79. Yay! Of course the vision test was confirming that it is not what I want my vision to be.😭 We talked about Uber.


  22. Oh Janice….I am praying your vision will be righted and you will be on the road again.
    I tried to sign up for Medicare online….remember I was in the SS office for two and a half hours the other day to get a verification code so that I might do so. So online I got all the way to the end…the end I tell you..I hit “submit”!!! …and it said there was an error…that I could not sign up for just Medicare but that I could sign up for my retirement!! I do not want my SS retirement!! I want to do what I must required by law…and that is sign up three months before my birthday…and it won’t let me!! So I shall call the SS number tomorrow and try….try…try…to sort it all out. I am not hopeful that it will be without another trip to the SS office but hey…by the time this is all over with perhaps they will have my coffee ready when I enter their office!! 😂

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  23. Yesterday I found out that although nothing was written on my calendar, Nightingale had picked up second shift for today, but forgotten to write it down. So I adjusted my thinking and readied myself to childsit tonight.

    Shortly after The Boy got home from school, I got a text from Nightingale that there was a mix-up, and she’s not working tonight after all. So my calendar was right to begin with! 😀

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  24. That new pic is so cute!

    I just posted something on the news thread about a shooting at U of North Carolina, 2 dead, 4 injured …

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  25. Today I am able to like things on here. I am making the most of it.

    I like that DJ comment about turtle Uber. Ha.
    I will later get glasses that will help. I did find out from my doctor that Uber cost varies according to time of day. It is based on demand. If I take it midday then it will be inexpensive. She takes care of students on Emory campus so she is aware of such things. The student health center is in that building.
    I have felt under the weather since getting the pneumonia shot. I napped this afternoon and felt some chills although this was suppose to be our hottest day with 86 as a high (89 was the record). My arm is sore, too. It has been a long time since I had a shot that made me feel puny. Does anyone use that expression, ‘feeling piny?’ That is from my background.

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  26. Kare,

    If you’re around …..

    Success! I finally have the video you sent me on Facebook ready to go.

    Someone should email 6Arrows and tell her to make sure she stops by so she doesn’t miss it. 🙂


  27. Thanks, DJ!

    I think I stayed at that pond an extra hour that day just to try to get a good photo of the little turtle riding on the snapping turtle. Snapping turtles usually swim with their heads under water, coming up just to breathe every minute or two. If I’d had the camera on a tripod, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but handheld it was tricky to keep the lens zoomed that far out, and focused on the little turtle, and not shaky. And inevitably when the big head did come up, one had its face turned the wrong way or I couldn’t get both in focus. I never did get a “perfect” shot, but I finally did get a couple of shots. And as the big turtle drifted into land, the little one slid off. It was all rather funny, and I suspect the little one just thought it was on a rock.


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