39 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-30-19

  1. Yes white nationalists are idiots, but this is not the way to respond. This is how a terrorist would respond, which is even worse. This is barbaric and evil.


    “A veteran of the war in Afghanistan was arrested Friday and accused of plotting to attack a scheduled white nationalist rally over the weekend in Long Beach, Calif., federal investigators say.

    Mark Steven Domingo, 26, faces one count of providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists, according to a federal complaint unsealed Monday.

    Prosecutors say Domingo made online posts that “expressed support for violent jihad, a desire to seek retribution for attacks against Muslims, and a willingness to become a martyr.” Authorities added that after Domingo considered attacks targeting “Jews, churches and police officers,” he decided to detonate an improvised explosive device at the Long Beach rally, which police said was called off Sunday morning.

    “This investigation successfully disrupted a very real threat posed by a trained combat soldier who repeatedly stated he wanted to cause the maximum number of casualties,” said United States Attorney Nick Hanna in a statement. “Protecting Americans from terror attacks is the number one priority of the Justice Department, and anyone who plots to use a weapon of mass destruction will be held to account.”

    Investigators conducted an online sting operation, during which Domingo allegedly told an undercover FBI source to find a bomb-maker and purchased several hundred nails to use as shrapnel.”


  2. Let’s see what the folks from Antifa have been up to…..

    Oh look, domestic terrorism!

    But they deny it.


    “When federal law enforcement officials last year began collecting dossiers on mostly American journalists, activists and lawyers in Tijuana involved with the migrant caravan, one part of their investigation focused on an alleged plot by a drug cartel to sell guns to protesters, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation report.

    A Dec. 18, 2018, document from the FBI, obtained by the Union-Tribune, specifies an alleged plan for activists to purchase guns from a “Mexico-based cartel associate known as Cobra Commander,” or Ivan Riebeling.

    The protesters wanted to “stage an armed rebellion at the border,” the FBI reported to dozens of federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Mexico.

    The unclassified report was provided to the Union-Tribune on the condition the person providing it would not be named, and with the request that the entire document not be shared online because of the ongoing nature of the investigation.”


  3. Kissing the mafioso’s ring.



  4. What did they learn?

    Absolutely nothing.


    “The White House Correspondents’ Association held its annual dinner Saturday night. Who knew? With President Trump and all senior members of his administration staying away, the event passed unnoticed. But Emily Zanotti has an account:

    President Donald Trump announced several weeks ago that he would not appear at the annual event…for the third year in a row. For the first time, however, the president said all senior members of the White House staff will “boycott” the event.
    That decision came after [Sarah] Huckabee Sanders endured cruel taunts at the hands of last year’s featured speaker, comedian Michelle Wolf. Fearing no Trump administration associate could show up at the WHCA dinner without being personally attacked, despite a longstanding tradition of good-natured ribbing between the press and the president through dueling speeches, the White House simply stopped RSVPing to the event.

    Good for them. In response, the Correspondents’ Association dispensed with the usual “comedian.”

    The White House Correspondents’ Association responded by making swift changes to the event’s lineup, substituting historian Ron Chernow for the expected comedy act, but it did not tempt the White House back to the dinner.

    Interesting that with the White House not in attendance, the Association saw no point in hiring a comedian. Instead, the event turned gloomy.

    President of the White House Correspondents’ Association, Olivier Knox, first delivered what Grabien News termed a “dark sermon” on the state of the First Amendment and the all-encompassing fear journalists who cover the president are now feeling.

    Fear? Oh, please. Reporters and editors pretend to believe that the First Amendment is somehow in danger from the Trump administration, but they know better. Their real complaint is that the president has used his own right of free speech to expose their mendacity.”


  5. Good question.


    “Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has distinguished herself with often offensive, outrageous, and unpatriotic rhetoric. One week she invokes classic anti-Jewish tropes. The next she trivializes the September 11 jihadist attacks. Another it is unearthed that she espouses morally relativistic if not overtly anti-American views about U.S. soldiers, the very ones who fought to defend civilians in her native Somalia to boot.

    Omar’s penchant for provoking millions of Americans with odious words has masked the related, equally if not more troubling, elements of her associations, ideology, and background.”


    “Worse Ties to Terrorist Front Groups
    Perhaps the more troubling tie that binds President Erdogan and Omar is their shared affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood—the tip of the Sunni jihadist spear. Erdogan has publicly defended the Muslim Brotherhood, and vice versa, as he and the group share a common Sunni Islamic supremacist ideology. Erdogan’s Turkey has also been an ardent supporter of Hamas, one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s most notorious jihadist offshoots.

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has effectively served as the public relations arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, in part through its support of Hamas. CAIR’s coordination with Hamas was revealed when it was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest jihad financing case in U.S. history, the Holy Land Foundation trial, in which several individuals were prosecuted for a scheme that resulted in millions of dollars flowing to Hamas.

    The longstanding links between the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and CAIR have been detailed in proposed legislation that would designate the Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. The unpassed law notes:

    Shortly after HAMAS was founded in 1987, as an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, the International Muslim Brotherhood ordered the Muslim Brotherhood chapters throughout the world to create Palestine Committees, who supported HAMAS with ‘media, money and men’. The U.S.-Muslim Brotherhood created the United States Palestine Committee, which documents reflect was initially comprised of 3 organizations: the Holy Land Foundation, the Islamic Association for Palestine, and the United Association for Studies and Research. CAIR was later added to these organizations. The mandate of these organizations, per the International Muslim Brotherhood, was to support HAMAS, and the HLF’s [Holy Land Foundation] particular role was to raise money to support HAMAS’ organizations inside the Palestinian territories.

    Following the Holy Land Foundation case, the FBI swore off contact with CAIR. On account of its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the United Arab Emirates classified CAIR as a terrorist organization in 2014.

    President Erdogan has met with senior members of CAIR on multiple occasions. Omar seems to share Erdogan’s affinity for the group. Her recent offending comments regarding the attacks of September 11, 2001 were made in front of CAIR’s Los Angeles chapter. Omar was previously an Advisory Board member for CAIR’s Minnesota branch. She has also received several thousand dollars’ worth of political contributions from CAIR’s California political action committee, as well as CAIR personnel in the 2018 fundraising cycle.

    The congresswoman has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in other ways, as illustrated multiple times in recent weeks. In February 2019, Omar headlined an event hosted by Islamic Relief USA, whose chairman has been identified as one of the most prominent representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. Earlier this month, Omar publicly lobbied the Trump administration, via her Twitter account, to press for the release of an imprisoned leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s female affiliate.”


  6. Canada has lost it.


    “Authorities To Arrest Canadian Father If He Refers To Trans Child As Her Real Sex
    Clark will be subject to arrest if any police officer has ‘reasonable’ grounds to believe that he’s referred to his daughter as female in public or private.”

    “Last Wednesday, The Federalist reported that the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, declared a father guilty of family violence for his polite refusal to refer to his daughter as a boy in private, and his repeated choice to affirm in media interviews that she is a girl.

    At about the same time that story was published, the Supreme Court issued an additional, more heavy-handed “protection order” from the same ruling. The three-page document declares that the father, Clark*, will henceforth be subject to arrest, immediately and “without warrant” if any police officer has “reasonable” grounds to believe that he has in any way referred to his daughter as a girl in public or in private.

    The new order further stipulated not only that Clark must not discuss his daughter’s sex or gender identity in public, but also that he cannot share court documents describing his own gag order. On the one hand, this demand may seem ironic, since it covers a publicly available court ruling. On the other hand, the injunction is so broad that it naturally includes the very document upon which it is written and that document–with its threats of immediate arrest without warrant–has not, as of yet, been made available on the court’s website.

    As previously reported, the BC Supreme Court ordered in February that 14-year-old Maxine* receive testosterone injections without parental consent. Accordingly, Maxine began regular injections at the BC Children’s Hospital over the last two months.

    Her father, Clark, strongly objects to this treatment and immediately sought to reverse the decision in the BC Court of Appeal. “[These injections] will completely disrupt her puberty,” he lamented to The Federalist several weeks ago. “Her bones will stop growing, her brain will stop developing… and she’s not gonna be a boy. She won’t even have the bone-strength left to be a girl anymore.”

    Hoping to raise awareness, Clark answered multiple requests for interviews in which he shared his opinion that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones were not right for his daughter. Like an increasing number of parents these days, Clark argued that his child had been misled and brainwashed by online activists and school administrators, who began to treat Maxine as a transgender boy at school, without informing her parents, when she was only 12 years old.

    While Clark sought (and received) anonymity in these previous interviews in order to protect his daughter’s identity, the court appears to have been deeply disturbed by the negative publicity and politically incorrect commentary surrounding its decisions. In a ruling last week, Justice Francesca Marzari convicted Clark of “family violence” for his “public denial of [Maxine’s] gender identity.””


  7. Preach it Mr. President.


    “Bartiromo also spoke to President Donald Trump about the issue.

    “Well we’re on the border here and while we were standing here, Mr. President, we saw at least three groups — different groups that crossed the border illegally and were apprehended, why are these numbers soaring so much today?” Bartiromo asked.

    Trump’s response is exactly the point Republicans have hammered on for months.


    “Well people are pouring up because our economy is so good. I mean, unfortunately, it’s the only bad part about what we’re doing because everybody wants a piece of it and they’re willing to come up and take the risk and this tremendous danger and our laws are so bad, the combination of having a great economy and having the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the world by far, and we have catch and release and we have chain migration and a visa lottery. We have things nobody in their right mind would have.

    We’re trying to get rid of them, the Democrats won’t do it. We need some Democrat votes. We’re unanimous with the Republicans but we need some Democrat votes and they go out of their way to allow these people to come in. And when you get cute, when you get tough, when you do all of these things that we have to do, they end up arresting border patrol people. It’s a disgrace to our country what’s going on. The worst immigration laws ever. Incompetent. They’re there for a long time. When — when they used to separate children, which was done during the Obama administration, with Bush, with us, with everybody, far fewer people would come and we’ve been on a humane basis, was pretty bad.

    We — we go out and we stop the separation. The problem is you have 10 times more people coming up with their families. It’s like Disneyland now. You know, before you’d get separated so people would say let’s not go up. Now you don’t get separated and, you know, while that sounds nice and all, what happens is you have — literally you have 10 times more families coming up because they’re not going to be separated from their children, so it turned out to be a — just incentive that is obviously a disaster. It’s a disaster. You have people coming up with many children and now we know — we know where everybody is and we’re moving people out so fast. The problem is we have to register them, we have to bring them to court. Another country just says sorry, you can’t come into our country and they walk them out. In our country you have to bring them to court, you have to have Perry Mason involved, I mean, you know, it’s all legal. You have lawyers standing at the border, our people, lawyers, wise guys standing at the border, signing people up. Every time they catch a cold they try and blame Border Patrol. It’s a disgrace what’s going on and it — it could be solved in — in 15 minutes if the Democrats would give us the votes, it would be over.”


  8. The tie that binds them.



    “In posts too numerous to link, we have warned that the anti-Israel movement, including anti-Zionist and far left-wing Jews, has been so relentlessly demonizing and dehumanizing Israel that they were normalizing antisemitism.

    It’s not just that the gross lies about Israel, and holding Israel to a standard no other nation is expected to meet, were in themselves antisemitic. Though that is true.

    It’s that there was a thin line between holding up the Israeli Jew as the cause of the worlds’ ills and having that demonization turn into hatred of Jews as Jews. That thin line has disappeared.

    There are plenty of culprits.

    Without a doubt, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and its related campus faculty and student supporters, such as Students for Justice in Palestine, bear much of the blame. There is a campaign to delegitimize Israel that is staggering in its scope, far beyond what most people comprehend. That campaign of delegitimization is aided and abetted by left-wing anti-Zionist groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, which spread blood libels that Israelis and American Jewish groups are responsible for police shooting of blacks in the inner city.

    There is a unifying doctrine behind this campus and leftist activism, “Intersectionality.” I wrote about it in December 2015, How student activists turned anti-rape group into an anti-Israel group:

    The phrase “All evil in the world must be traced to Israel” is how researcher Nurit Baytch perceptively characterized the propaganda tactics of anti-Israel activist Max Blumenthal.

    It’s a phrase that increasingly characterizes the anti-Israel campus movement. Every real or perceived problem is either blamed on or connected to Israel.

    The concerted effort to turn the Black Lives Matter movement into an anti-Israel movement has at its core the claim that Israel is the root of problems of non-whites in the United States. Thus, if a police chief somewhere attended a one-week anti-terrorism seminar in Israel years ago, every act of brutality by a cop on the beat is blamed on Israel. So too, Students for Justice in Palestine protesters in New York City even blamed high tuition on Zionists, leading to rebukes by administrators against such thinly-veiled anti-Semitism.

    The Jew once again is made the source of all evil, the conspiratorial puppet-master controlling all and responsible for all. And Israel alone receives such treatment and is used as the link to connect all injustices in the world. That some of the worst perpetrators are Jewish progressives doesn’t change the nature of the attack.

    Antisemitic propaganda emanating from Palestinian terror groups, and even the Palestinian Authority, incites another generation not just against Israelis, but against Jews. In Europe, for many years of our coverage we documented how Jews were harassed on the streets by Muslim men shouting Islamist rhetoric, what I called in 2010 Malmö Syndrome. But now it’s spread beyond that demographic. “Walking while Jewish” is impossible almost anywhere in Europe now.

    The energy in the Democratic Party — the Democratic Socialists and their cohorts such as Ilham Omar and Rashida Tlaib — have brought this anti-Israel fanaticism into the heart of a major American political party.

    The clearly antisemitic cartoon run in the NY Times is an example of how these anti-Israel antisemitic themes have worked their way into the mainstream media.


  9. Worms squirm, it’s what they do.


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  10. It looks like things are about to escalate in Venezuela.


    “Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó took to the streets with a small contingent of heavily armed troops early Tuesday in a bold and risky attempt to lead a military uprising and oust socialist leader Nicolas Maduro.

    The early-morning rebellion seems to have only limited military support. But it was by far the most-serious challenge yet to Maduro’s rule since Guaidó, with the backing of the U.S., declared himself the country’s interim president in January in rejection of a government he accused of “usurping” power.

    The dramatic events began early Tuesday when Guaidó, flanked by a few dozen national guardsmen and some armored vehicles, released a three-minute video filmed near a Caracas air base in which he called on civilians and others in the armed forces to join a final push to topple Maduro.

    In a surprise, standing alongside him was Leopoldo Lopez, his political mentor and the nation’s most-prominent opposition activist, who has largely been unseen since he was detained in 2014 for leading anti-government protests. Lopez said he had been released from house arrest by security forces adhering to an order from Guaido.

    “I want to tell the Venezuelan people: This is the moment to take to the streets and accompany these patriotic soldiers,” Lopez declared.

    As the two allies coordinated actions from vehicles parked on a highway overpass, troops loyal to Maduro sporadically fired tear gas from inside the adjacent Carlota air base. A crowd that quickly swelled to a few thousand scurried for cover, with a smaller group of masked youths reassembling outside the air base’s gates where they lobbed rocks and other heavy objects.

    “It’s now or never,” said one of the young rebellious soldiers, his face covered in the blue bandanna worn by the few dozen soldiers who stood alongside Guaidó and Lopez.”


  11. “7. The vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists.
    In fact, normal Islamic religious law forbids the intentional killing of non-combatants in battle. It also forbids suicide. It’s a small minority view that allows these things, and it’s a small minority who engage in terrorist activities.

    8. Muslims can be some of the friendliest, most hospitable people on earth.
    They make great neighbors and great friends. No Christian should be afraid to build a relationship with a Muslim.”



  12. Kathaleena and Kizzie.

    It’s coming to America as well. Some would say their landing parties have arrived already. And we have to be ready to speak out against such child abuse when we see it.

    On a related note…. some animals are more equal than others…….


    “Allan Josephson, M.D., is one of the nation’s top child and adolescent psychiatrists. So why was he just fired by the University of Louisville?

    It started when Dr. Josephson spoke at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., where he expressed his concern as a medical professional over what is becoming common treatment for children with gender dysphoria — puberty blockers, hormones, multiple surgeries. He disputed the notion that gender identity “should trump chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia, and secondary sex characteristics,” calling it “counter to medical science.”

    In today’s political climate, however, it is considered unacceptable to offer anything other than complete affirmation of a child’s claimed transgender identity. To ideologues, it does not matter that for nearly fifteen years Dr. Josephson headed up the University of Louisville’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology Division, leading it to national prominence. It does not matter that he provided such outstanding leadership that he was awarded perfect marks in his 2014, 2015, and 2016 annual reviews.

    All that matters is that he committed a sin against the dictates of political correctness. The university first demoted Dr. Josephson and then, a few months later, terminated him.

    Dr. Josephson is suing the university for violating his constitutional right to freedom of speech. But if the deceptively named Equality Act passes, this man of science won’t stand a chance. And neither will anyone else who does not pledge allegiance to the state-sanctioned sexual ideology.

    Introduced by Nancy Pelosi, the Equality Act inserts “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) into the Civil Rights Act, elevating them to the status of protected categories, like race and religion. If the act passes, any person or institution that does not bow before a radical sexual ideology will be silenced.

    We can predict the Equality Act’s likely impact based on what is happening in states, cities, and local jurisdictions that already have SOGI laws, Here are a few of the ways they have been used to silence dissent from a state-imposed sexual orthodoxy:

    -Individuals are losing their jobs, from medical professionals like Dr. Josephson to schoolteachers to tech innovator Brendan Eich, the founder of Mozilla, who was kicked out of his own company.”

    -Therapy for minors is being outlawed if it does not affirm the SOGI agenda. Parents tell anguished stories of searching high and low for a therapist who will not instantly channel their child into a homosexual or transgender identity.
    Students are being kicked out of graduate schools for not embracing the state orthodoxy on sexuality.”

    And sadly, much more…..


  13. The end game?

    “The Equality Act would universalize SOGI laws, imposing a single coercive set of rules that constrains all schools, all therapists, all medical professionals, all sports leagues, all charities, all business owners. All dissent would be silenced.”


  14. Most Muslim’s aren’t terrorists.

    We agree.

    But most terrorists are Muslim.

    That’s the truth you can’t avoid., and the one the GC piece ignores and doesn’t answer to.

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  15. Kind of like slavery. Slavery is not just an atrocity of white against blacks. Most white nations have outlawed it while many black nations continue to deal in it. Yes, we have slavery in America and when it is brought to light, dealt with. Not so in many other countries, African and Arab, particularly


  16. We have Muslim friends….they are not the terrorist and they themselves are horrified at the murderous actions of those “in the name of Allah”….they get the stares and whispers around them in the public place. What you say is true AJ…and it is very sobering…..

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  17. It’s not even close, though 2017 is the latest available, 2018 numbers appear to be trending the same, although, thankfully, all terrorism is down trending.


    “The Deadliest Terrorist Groups In The World Today”

    “Of the 18,814 deaths caused by terrorists around the world last year, well over half were due to the actions of just four groups: Islamic State, the Taliban, Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram.

    According to Global Terrorism Index 2018, compiled by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), these four organisations were responsible for 10,632 deaths in 2017. Their actions contribute to the instability of what are some of the most dangerous countries in the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia and Syria. Over the past decade they have accounted for 44% of all terrorist deaths.”


    All Islamic, all claiming a religious dictate from their holy book to do so. All with religious leaders running the show. And they have their own scripture which backs their radical, death to the infidel position.


  18. This is so sad.

    And I was talking to my former editor today (who now is a port spokesman) — he and his family are part of the Chabad community here, they just returned from their annual family Passover pilgrimage with relatives in St. Louis. He told me the holiday was very difficult due to what happened on the last day. The nephew of the Poway Rabbi is a member of their local Jewish congregation.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the shooter was a member of my denomination. 😦 😦 😦 It all just brings tears to my eyes.



    ‘Our great shame’: Poway shooting suspect’s family releases public apology

    “To our great shame, he is now part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries,” the family said.

    … His family said it is a mystery where Earnest gained his alleged views and how he was “attracted to such darkness.”

    “Like our other five children, he was raised in a family, a faith, and a community that all rejected hate and taught that love must be the motive for everything we do,” the family said.

    The statement also said that the family was cooperating with investigators.

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  19. DJ,

    No need for tears, your denomination is not to blame, neither is his family. They seem as shocked as everyone else.


    “”The way John T. acted is not representative at all of the way he was raised,” Cruise said. “They are an outstanding family. Some of the finest people I’ve ever met.”

    The suspect’s parents said their son and five siblings were raised in a family that “rejected hate and taught that love must be the motive for everything we do.”

    “To our great shame, he is now part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries,” the parents said Monday in their first public comments. “Our son’s actions were informed by people we do not know, and ideas we do not hold.”

    The parents, who are cooperating with investigators, do not plan to plan to provide legal representation to their son, whose initial court appearance was scheduled for Tuesday. Family attorney Earll Pott said a public defender will probably be appointed.”


  20. It was so strange, but I was embarrassed and ashamed to tell him of “my” personal link with this horrific act of violence. So I didn’t. We’ve known each other for years and have always had a deep respect (and even a sense of connection through it) for each others’ faith.

    While this was (I’m convinced) an absolute aberration based on what I know about our denomination (which I’ve been a member of for more than 20 years) and what I’m reading about his family and that particular church congregation, you can’t help but think people will assume it’s something we’re teaching. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yet how sad that these acts reflect on so many others. I feel for his family and that particular church body, what a horrible time for all of them.

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  21. thanks AJ and mumsee — quite amazing that the family is not providing his legal representation. It’s brave of them and the right thing to do but must be also very hard.


  22. I think the Gospel Coalition article did not mention that most terrorists are Muslim because that was sort of “a given” among their readers, and this article was meant to allay the fear or prejudice some have towards Muslims in general because of that.

    One thing I have seen is people complaining that other Muslims don’t condemn the acts of the terrorists. But Joanne (AjiSuun), who has been writing on Facebook urging us to pray for Muslims during Ramadan, and a friend (who mentioned also working among Muslims) mentioned that those they know express horror and disgust at the acts of terrorism they hear about.

    DJ’ – Your tears, due to the sadness that someone from your denomination could go so far astray, is understandable. It is similar to if a person in your family were to do a thing like that. (Very similar, considering that as brothers and sisters in Christ, we are family.) And you’re right that someone will think he picked up his hatred from his church. 😦


  23. And, yeah, seeing some church bashing (ours and in general) now on Twitter. GetReligion put up a post a little while ago about coverage of churches in these cases, which I thought was good.


  24. AJ – You may have seen that I have posted at least a couple articles on Facebook about “rapid onset gender dysphoria”. It is becoming like a spreadable (psychological) disease, with often whole friend groups (usually girls) deciding they are the opposite sex. It is dismaying that the doctors can’t see what is happening, and are so quick to “treat” these children in ways that can render them sterile and mutilate their bodies. I pray for God to save our children and young people, and deliver them from these hellish lies.


  25. Yes

    Mattingly covered religion for years at secular news outlets and has led this site for years now trying to beat the drum for more accurate religion coverage.

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  26. Like I said….

    He didn’t learn it from his family, church, or denomination.

    From Kizzie’s link.

    “Yes, reporters also need to note that Earnest said, in that same manifesto, that he didn’t soak up this twisted version of Christianity while frequenting church pews with his family. His hateful, deadly heresies grew out of a private, secret life online, listening to true radicals. Church members tried to talk to him, but he turned away.”

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