54 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-18-19

  1. Morning all. Glad to be looking at a four day weekend here. You have to understand though, that during our four day weekends everything is closed. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. We all get very creative.
    Rain, rain, RAIN!!! oh, it is getting so depressing as it has mostly rained every day since January. So mucky and muddy. Yuck!!

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  2. Good evening JO.
    Good morning everyone else.
    We didn’t sleep well last night. Elvera had a coughing spell.
    I gave her some Zicam, but it didn’t work.
    I have a CVS caught syrup, but the instructions are too small and I can’t read them.
    Not even with a magnifying glass.
    Irritates me completely.
    Says in red letters “IMPORTANT information”
    Then the print is too small to read.

    Same thing in cooking instructions.
    You have the number of calories in large print but cooking instructions hardly readable.

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  3. Nice great blue in flight. I usually end up having them blend into the background too much if I try to take a shot of one flying past the trees.

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  4. Morning! That bird appears to be huge! Wondering what type of noise they make as they fly overhead?
    Sad to hear of your lack of sleep Chas. I,too, get frustrated with the small print on bottles. Seriously who can read those instructions?! Hoping you can find a remedy today for TSWITW’s cough…something to calm the urge yet loosen it at the same time. Time to call the nurses in your family 😊
    We are supposed to be in the 50’s here today with much wind. Not putting the shovel away quite yet though…I know better! ⛄️

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  5. Here is one of the best renditions of “When I Survey” I’ve heard. I like Fernando Ortega since most of his songs are done simply, clearly, and beautifully.

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  6. Michelle asked yesterday if I had considered online seminary. Chas was correct in his reply that physically attending classes gives valuable experience and enhances learning. I thrive in a classroom environment. I had one class that recurred every semester during my program, and for the five semesters that I attended in-class, my mark was either A or A+, while the one semester, when I was in Nunavut and had to complete the class online, my mark went down to A-. I know exactly why that happened. It was due to the paper that I wrote – this class required a paper to be written every semester and one semester required two – as my marks for class participation stayed consistent across the semesters and my group project marks were very good for the online class. It might seem strange, since I never wrote my papers while in class. They were homework. But not being able to interact physically with the tutor and other students with the online class meant that I missed cues about how the paper for that semester should be written, and so I was docked quite a few marks. The papers that I wrote when I physically attended class were all given good marks – 94, 100, 95, 98, 89, and 94 percent for the papers for in-class semesters to 73 percent for the paper for the online semester. It is not as if I asked any more questions about the papers in-class either, as I almost never asked questions about how to write the paper in either setting, and the online tutor did talk about the paper to us and I heard the questions of other students being answered (the online class had audio interaction). It was just something about being able to be physically present and see how the tutor interacted with students that allowed me to gauge what was needed for the paper.

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  7. Good morning! I am having a slow awakening this morning. Still not feeling quite as well as I would like but better.

    What do you plan to wear to Easter service if you are a lady and what do you think your wife will wear if you are a man? (Glad I caught that since this phone had changed it to wives: What will your wives wear?)

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  8. Chas, you can google instructions for all medications. Zicam:
    adults and children 12 years of age and older:
    take 1 tablet at the onset of symptoms. dissolve entire tablet in mouth. Do not chew. …
    repeat every 3 hours until symptoms are gone. to avoid minor stomach upset, do not take on an empty stomach. do not eat or drink for 15 minutes after use.

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  9. Oh Janice, how I miss the days of getting a new dress for Easter.
    No one really “puts their best foot forward” anymore.

    I have an eye appointment this morning. It might be times that we talk about different prescriptions in each eye.

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  10. Janice, we didn’t dress up for Easter growing up. These days I tend to wear a dress that says “spring,” often my first time of the year to do so. I’ll bring out white or pink, for instance, and not dark colors.

    Yesterday I hiked a new (to me) local trail, one far enough away I had to drive to it and leave the car in the parking lot. Since I hadn’t ventured onto it before, I elected to walk the whole thing (round trip). Then my husband wanted to walk to supper, since he hadn’t had a walk. I figure I walked at least six miles yesterday, which is more than the two to three I have been walking at least every other day and recently every day.

    Day before that, he and I ventured to a farther-from-home pond we’d heard about, with good bird sightings, but it was a little late in the season to catch the best of the migrators and we didn’t get the huge flocks–but I saw three new species, and did see hundreds of coots. And we were not walking on carefully paved walking trails, either.

    After two such days in a row, all afternoon and evening yesterday I was super sleepy, and slept well last night.

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  11. I’m wearing either a light blue or light pink blouse over a black skirt, black tights, and black shoes. Even though I arrive at 7:45 to eat breakfast, I spend the next hours as follows:

    8-9 serve breakfast
    9-9:15 put on costume
    9:30-10:45 “act” as the angel at the Resurrection garden scene
    10:45 Remove costume, arrive late to warm up for choir
    10:45-11 Prepare to sing/warm up
    11-12:30 Sing Easter cantata (hoping I can hit that G!)
    12:30-1 Head seven blocks to son’s house
    1-on Easter dinner prep and celebrate

    Collapse whenever I get home.

    Concert attire required for Easter is disappointing. Perhaps I can wear a hat until I become an angel?

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  12. I understand the importance of interaction, of course, but some programs are managing via Skype or one of the other online video discussion groups (work now shifted to Zoom). It was a thought as a way to save money while getting the training overseas missionary work requires.

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  13. I’ll probably go to the early Easter service, we add an 8:30 a.m. service that day as the regular 10 a.m. service is very crowded. Dress is more casual at 8:30 a.m. as well.

    I’m doing a cruise ship story today and will need one more story to do for the weekend. I was considering tackling the longshore pay issue but not sure I want to “go there.” Still, every time it comes up we get all kinds of blowback. The problem is that OT and night shifts raise income decidedly and many of the guys take advantage of that. But as with any job, there is a range of what people can and do earn, depending also on experience, seniority and skills sets. Crane operators, for example, are among the highest paid workers on the docks. Operating a crane at night boosts one’s income significantly. My guess is that the range of earnings is somewhere between $80,000 at the lower levels to $200,000 at the higher level.

    Someone also told me that the sail to the nuclear sub Los Angeles remains in storage at the port and (according to this person) really should be put on display somewhere.

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  14. Hoping Elvera is feeling better this morning — I’d thought of what Linda suggested, the instructions are probably online under the name of the medication. But that is annoying when the print is so tiny you can’t even read it.


  15. It’s going to be in the high 70s today so I moved the impatiens to the patio. Whey were literally wilting on the (east facing) front porch when I got home last night — they seemed to do better when I kept the pot in the back, moving them from the edge of the patio to full patio coverage on warmer days, so I’ll leave them there and maybe move some geraniums to the front porch, those are hardier and can take a bit of warm weather and more sun.

    The red impatiens are so pretty but they are high maintenance. I gave them a good, thorough drenching last night before putting them back on the patio. That revived them considerably.


  16. One of the problems of being potted is the daily or twice daily need for water. But they sure are pretty and look nice on the patio. Very cheering.


  17. Sunday attire: well, I have two shirts to choose from so I will probably wear one of those. Probably not the one I wore last week, though it doesn’t actually matter to me at all or to my husband, so we won’t worry too much about it. And I have two pair of old lady pants to choose from, so one of those will do. And shoes. And off I go. Pretty simple really. Husband’s wife will be wearing what I wear.

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  18. Michelle, I understand about cost saving, but I guess Chas and I are both trying to say that the value of in person interaction is something that cannot be priced. We tried setting up Zoom for communicating with our clinical supervisor while in Nunavut, but it didn’t work well and used up precious bandwidth, so we switched to WhatsApp for our video chats. The online class had its own university forum, and we had real time audio interaction (there was a specific class time that we had to be logged in and participating on the forum) while the power points for classes were fed through our screens, but it was just not the same. This past semester, since my clinical supervisor was only in her office one day a week, I met with her a few times over Skype, but I always seized any opportunity to meet with her in person because I found the in-person interactions much more valuable. Seminary would require studying Biblical languages, and I know from having done both in-class and online French courses that languages are not learned well online.

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  19. DJ–not sure if you saw my comment yesterday making that point about the pay. The newspapers around here would also print an average pay amount that did not reflect what the workers made. Those at the very top and those who worked tons of overtime skew the average. It can be frustrating to those involved.

    Chas–my dad had macular degeneration, but read to the end. He had a small magnifying glass handy and another large one on a light for reading directions for his airplane model he was making just before he died. Would any of that help you? I know I also have a small magnifying tool which lights up when you pull out the actual glass.


  20. I did see the comment Kathaleena, and point is taken. Agreed that “average” is not as telling perhaps as a “median” number. As I said, I believe the range to be something like $80,000 on the very low end to $200,000 on the high end. Most fall in the middle of that. Either way, healthy salaries. “Average” figure of $183,000 probably sounds high but remember some make more than that and most on the docks take advantage of the extra pay that comes with at least some OT and night shifts.

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  21. Small print on medicine bottles reminds me of when “childproof” lids first came into use. They were next to impossible to open for anyone with arthritis, and almost the same for adults of any kind. It seems some children, on the other hand, figured them out easily, thus defeating the purpose. They were meant to keep toddlers from getting pills that are dangerous to them, so in that regard they were successful. I think now-a-days people can get the non-childproof lids if there are no children in the household.

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  22. I believe once we printed a range (longshoremen make between blah-blah and blah-blah). Not sure if that was more acceptable to the rank and file, but it might be easier to use if we can find out what that would be and really nail the two numbers down.

    The average number was provided by the employer, of course, and they do sign the paychecks after all.


  23. I have two magnifying glasses in this room.
    Neither was good enough.
    It isn’t just the inconvenience that strikes me, it’s the sheer idiocy of

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  24. That is me.
    It bugs me that “important information” is unreadable
    It also bus be that when I hit “Tab lock” instead of “Caps Lock”, it posts my comment.

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  25. We dress up for Easter. Both of the girls got new dresses. It’s a tradition. πŸ™‚

    They’re gonna look so pretty. πŸ™‚

    Me? Just a shirt and tie (which I already own) is fine.


    That bird was 5 feet tall. When he flew over, you heard it, sounded like a slow spinning helicopter blade. πŸ™‚

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  26. QoD: I have nothing special planned for Easter. I feel no pressure to spend money on new clothes that I do not need, because as Paul and Peter both said, women do not need to spend a fortune on bodily adornment in order to be considered beautiful and worthy of respect: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Peter+3%3A3&version=HCSB

    My class on the social determinants of health explained median (middle) and mean (average) discrepancy in statistical analysis by envisioning ten people in a bar, with 1 person making $15,000 a year, eight making $30,000 a year, and the tenth being Bill Gates. The mean income in such a case will be hugely distorted, as the average income when all the incomes are added up and divided by the number of people will be much higher than the $30,000 that 80 percent of the people make, while the median income will be $30,000. Median gives a better picture of the true mid-range of earnings.

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  27. Chas, nobody reads the small print. Well, I do, but with difficulty. Anyway, they are just covering themselves. I have noticed that a lot of folk just take a swig or a handful or whatever. Not me. I prefer to go with the minimum dose, so I need to know what it is.

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  28. roscuro, I agree that median is a truer reflection than ‘average;’ however, in this case, there’s no Bill Gates. A good number of longshore workers make six figures (and were doing so 2 contracts ago, so more so now).

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  29. I too think the value of in-class participation to be high. In fact, I took high school by correspondence, and that doomed my chance at learning French or algebra–I struggled mightily in both subjects, especially French. In those days, the only way to ask a question of a teacher was the mail the question and wait for a reply–which is inefficient and minimally helpful, and so I rarely did it. I simply struggled. I’m sure an online class is better than that, but I suspect that in most cases reading a good book on the subject is at least as useful (and cheaper).

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  30. Roscuro, I am trying to decide what to wear that is in my closet. I don’t know, since the church is more casual, if people will still be a bit more Dressy for Easter or not. The older ladies will still wear their usual dressier clothes. But we will be in a service with both ages.


  31. Meanwhile in California tax season doesn’t seem to be over just yet:



    SANTA ANA, Calif. — The California Franchise Tax Board says a technical glitch error resulted in thousands of possibly incorrect refunds.

    As the FTB worked to review those more than 23,000 returns some local tax preparers said they had no idea about this error. They are bracing for calls from clients with questions.

    Orange County tax preparer of 25 years, Maria Ferrari, worried her clients may owe the state cash because of the technical glitch.

    RELATED: Typo sends man’s tax refund to a complete stranger

    “I’ll probably be bombarded with calls,” Ferrari said.

    The California Franchise Tax Board posted the following announcement on its website Tuesday:

    “During the period from March 8, 2019 to March 11, 2019, a system error caused us to issue refunds to approximately 23,500 taxpayers without first verifying the claimed wage withholding … :


  32. In-class experiences are best, I’m sure, but adjustments have to be made especially later in life, I’d suppose. Online options are a great alternative when needed.


  33. I am back. I am trying out my regular contact in my dominant, right eye and a lesser prescription in my left eye. So far I am doing pretty well with it.
    Oh, what a difference having REAL insurance. I really hadn’t paid attention to the fact that I hadn’t had a full-scale eye exam in about 15 years. Today my eyes were screened for glaucoma and dilated. The computer showed some thinner areas in my eyes and some green area and some red area. As the doctor was explaining I thought, “Oh good grief! I have been healthy all of my life and this is the year I am going to fall apart!!!!” Luckily when she looked in my eyes she didn’t find anything.

    Easter plans. My two rotten children want ham. The rotten son wants Honey Baked Ham. The daughter in law and Little Missy don’t care. The other requested items are Mr. P’s Mac & Cheese. (BG has told him not to tell her Nana but his is better than Nana’s.) The other rotten child wants his dad’s green bean casserole….are you seeing a trend here? It’s looking like I won’t have to cook. πŸ˜‰ Oh but I will. I will put the ham in the oven to warm and the rolls and I will roast some other vegetables.
    I can’t wait to see Missy taste Mac & Cheese for the first time. She hums when something tastes really good.

    The Easter Bunny is bringing her a swimsuit, sunglasses, and sun hat. We bought plastic eggs for her to find. I think the Bunny is also bringing a kiddie pool.

    What will I wear to church? Well, I currently have only two dresses that fit. One is solid black so I will wear the pink one.

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  34. A lot has been going on with me out here and I’ve been too busy to recount.

    1. We saw a preview screening of The Pilgrim’s Progress. Don’t bother, it’s awful.
    They took the old story and made it more relevant to modern audiences and stuck a horrific evil man trying to stop Pilgrim from getting to the Heavenly City.

    Okay, Satan is always out there, but this guy is a demented vampire-type who lives in a Mordor-like palace (all movies bow to Lord of the Rings now) and his evil minions who turn into flying gargoyles that made me close my eyes in horror.

    The Pilgrim story is fine, boring to me with not the best graphics cartoons, but okay. The evil guys, though, were way over the top. I wouldn’t take a child to see this movie.

    Before the film started, the producer came on to thank us and to assure us the story is being translated into 100 languages so 90% of the globe could watch it.

    I hope they don’t get financing. I’d hate to see that evil horror shared with people throughout the world.

    2. I finally got to see Jo. She was standing up washing dishes when I went in, so obviously, her predicted death is not as likely as I’ve been led to believe.

    She is on morphine for pain; hospice visits daily, but she actually looked good and was as feisty and mentally on top of things as always.

    I did not know you could cook an egg in the toaster oven, but that’s what I helped her do.

    3. I have so much happening over the next four days (see above), that last night I attended a Jews for Jesus “Christ in the Passover,” event at a local church.

    I just needed to attend a service and do nothing but attend the service. Lovely.

    I’d written a blog post earlier in the day to run on Tuesday, about Jesus on the Road to Emmaus and reflected in the post on Jesus being found all through the Old Testament. It was so satisfying to attend a service pointing to his presence in the OT.

    Beautiful day in California. It’s supposed to be 82.

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  35. Just talked to my inside union source who pretty much confirmed the wages for me. Bare bones pay for those who work as little as possible would be $80,000 range, which nearly no one does & that still sounds pretty good to most of the rest of us. Very informative off-the-record chat. “No one makes less than $100,000. But you never talked to me.”

    And this was long expected/suspected, but looks like Carol’s former residence is formally now up for sale. We figured as much when they hustled everyone out of there one Sunday morning about a year ago now for just an elevator fix, they said then. The front gates have been padlocked ever since.


    “Highly desirable corner property. RCFE licensed for 120 beds. 65 total units. Medical provider. Assisting living waiver provider. Hospice waiver. Potential re-development as apartment complex or hotel. 5 minutes from Hollywood Blvd. Price available upon request.”

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  36. I’m so happy to have no expectations for Easter this year! We’ll go to the services, of course, but as far as I know we won’t have an “Easter dinner” anywhere. (We haven’t been invited to one, and I have no plans to cook one. I grew up without them, and my husband doesn’t care.) When we lived up north, we had to attend a family Easter dinner each year, so I always had to find out what to take, and then we had to watch the clock when church was over, since we couldn’t stay long–we had to rush home and change clothes and grab the food, then go for dinner. Other family lived closer to their churches and their services were earlier, so meal times were set for their convenience and not ours.

    I heartily dislike having anything other than the worship service be the focus on the Lord’s day, whether it be Easter or Mother’s or Father’s Day, or any other holiday or event. And my husband would be bothered and stressed by the expectations (they didn’t stress me, just annoy me). So I’m really happy to be past that this year!

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  37. And good timing for seller in what is a booming redevelopment period:


    As anyone who moves regularly through the neighborhood already knows, Hollywood is changing daily. New hotels, offices, and apartments are rapidly changing the landscape.

    More than 1,200 hotel rooms were added to a large section of Hollywood from 2001 to 2016, and, in a similar time period, residential development increased 261 percent. It’s estimated that approximately 4,000 more units in the works. And, on top of all of that, a report prepared for the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance and Central Hollywood Coalition predicts that office space is expected to balloon by 67 percent by 2021.

    It’s daunting to keep up with what is planned.


  38. Janice, I do not have any dresses and one skirt (no time to sew in the past couple of years), so my options are decidedly limited. The skirt is black, and I will choose whatever shirt is appropriate to the weather that morning. I really do need a fresh outfit, as I will need it for graduation next month, but clothing shopping has not been high on my list of priorities.


  39. Yesterday I went on a very long walk and then on a short one with my husband, and it’s a good thing since I may not get “out” again for a few days; it’s supposed to rain the next three days.

    But one of my photos finally “hit the ground running” on Flickr. A photo I took just yesterday of a pileated woodpecker was up past 100 views in the first 24 hours, and already #1 of my photos in terms of number of “faves.” It now has 118 views and 9 “faves,” likely still within 24 hours of posting it. By Flickr standards that may be “nothing,” I don’t know. I’m sure a few of the professionals can zoom up to 1,000 or more views the first day. But I have more than 700 photos up there and that is #9 in number of views and #1 in number of likes, so I’m pleased. I know that momentum helps, and I’m hoping to build enough good momentum to have at least some respectable numbers to help with book proposals and articles later this year.

    This photo isn’t in my own top ten of photos I have posted on the site–isn’t even my favorite pileated woodpecker shot up there. But it’s a decent photo, and I like it a lot better than my #1, so I’m rooting for it to overtake it in the next couple of days. πŸ™‚ So far only two photos have broken the 200 views mark, though a couple more have made it to 195 or so . . .

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  40. Re: in-class participation – I had an American lit in which the grade was 60% exams (2 and a final) and 40% participation. I had no trouble as I was used to participating in Spanish lit classes, so the English made it easier. There were a few that I wonder how they could pass since they never said anything.


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