13 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-21-18

  1. Something to keep in mind while the Democrats try and convince you a wall isn’t necessary. It is exactly their policies that led to all this heartbreak for all these victims. Their policies built this. The blood is on their hands.


    “Released Thanks To California’s Sanctuary State Law, Man Went On ‘Reign Of Terror’ Two Days Later ”

    “A man who had already been deported twice before went on a “reign of terror” this week in central California, one that included murder, attempted murder, robbery, carjacking, and a high-speed chase going the wrong way on the highway. All of that could have been prevented if local sheriff’s had been allowed to turn Gustavo Garcia over to ICE just two days before his rampage, but a new state sanctuary law prevented that.

    Garcia was arrested last week on a misdemeanor charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance. When Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) saw that Garcia was under arrest they asked the police to turn him over. From the Visalia Times-Delta:

    Before Garcia’s release, ICE officials alerted deputies that Garcia was a criminal with a violent past who had been deported once in 2004 and again in 2014. Garcia served 27 months in a federal prison between deportations for illegally reentering the country.

    ICE agents issued an immigration hold against Garcia on Friday, following his arrest. The hold was not honored, however, and Garcia was released later that day, unbeknownst to ICE.

    In the past, local sheriffs would have been allowed to turn Garcia directly over to ICE for deportation. But thanks to a new sanctuary state law, sheriffs were required to release him last Friday without notifying ICE. The next day, Garcia was wandering around the local Walmart asking strangers to buy him bullets. He couldn’t purchase them on his own because of his long criminal record. After he was turned down by at least one wary shopper, Garcia stole 300 rounds. Then on Sunday afternoon, less than 48-hours after his release from jail, Garcia went on a crime spree. “


  2. Cops have had their hands tied. They can’t do what should be done. While Dem politicians pander to illegals, citizens pay the price.


    “A California sheriff whose officers were led on a wild chase earlier this week by a twice-deported illegal immigrant killer says cops are “very frustrated” with sanctuary state laws preventing them from working with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents.

    The comments from Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux come following the death of Gustavo Garcia, a 36-year-old who police say embarked on a ‘reign of terror’ robbing a convenience store, shooting and killing a person and firing at buildings before crashing a truck that he had stolen. The day-long crime spree that began Sunday in the Fresno area also left five injured, including one critical, and Lindsay Police suspect Garcia was involved in an additional murder there.

    During the chase Monday that ended in the crash that left Garcia dead, he drove the wrong way at speeds of up to 100 mph and hit four other cars – something that he appeared to have done on purpose, police said.

    “We are very frustrated with the fact that the way the laws are set up currently that law enforcement hands are tied,” Boudreaux said Wednesday, noting that in years past, Garcia – who had been in police custody shortly before the rampage — would have been handed over to ICE in cooperation with them.”


    When will the people of California say, enough?

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  3. Trump orders troop removals in Afghanistan, and it’s about time we left that hell hole to it’s own authorities.


    “More than 7,000 American troops will begin to return home from Afghanistan in the coming weeks, a U.S. official said. The move will come as the first stage of a phased drawdown and the start of a conclusion to the 17-year war that officials say could take at least many months. There now are more than 14,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

    Mr. Trump announced Wednesday that he would pull all of the more than 2,000 American troops from Syria.

    Taken together, the Syria withdrawal and the likely Afghan drawdown represent a dramatic shift in the U.S. approach to military engagement in hot spots around the world, reflecting Mr. Trump’s aversion to long-running military entanglements with their high costs and American casualties.”


    It’s also why military advisers are ticked at the president. Without conflict, they have no justification for their large, bloated budgets. It’s self-preservation on the brass’ part.


  4. Huh. Turns out Planned Parenthood doesn’t like pregnant women working for them while they try to convince other women to kill their babies. It’s bad optics…


    “Today the NY Times published an exposé of sorts about the shabby treatment of pregnant women at Planned Parenthood. The article suggests it’s very strange that a group which considers itself a champion for women doesn’t seem to take very good care of its pregnant employees.

    At Planned Parenthood, the country’s leading provider of reproductive services, managers in some locations declined to hire pregnant job candidates, refused requests by expecting mothers to take breaks and in some cases pushed them out of their jobs after they gave birth, according to current and former employees in California, Texas, North Carolina and New York…

    In Miami, one current and two former employees said that women at a Planned Parenthood office were scared to tell managers they were pregnant. One of them said that, in conversations with supervisors, colleagues would often volunteer that they were not planning on having children or were gay or single.

    “It was looked down upon for you to get pregnant,” said Carolina Delgado, who worked in the Miami office until 2012. “I don’t think that any supervisor had to literally say it for us to feel it.”…

    A former hiring manager at a Planned Parenthood in California said that when internal promotions came up, supervisors openly debated whether candidates were likely to get pregnant in the near future and preferred those who were not. They declined to hire one pregnant woman and to promote one new mother, the employee said. (Under the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act, it is illegal to consider whether a job candidate is or will become pregnant.)…

    Tracy Webber, the former director of clinical services in White Plains, sued the organization for pregnancy discrimination in 2009, saying she had been fired four weeks after giving birth. Planned Parenthood settled for undisclosed terms.

    A woman who worked at Planned Parenthood’s New Rochelle, N.Y., clinic and who declined to be named said in an interview that, when she got pregnant last year, managers ignored her doctor’s note recommending frequent breaks. Her manager asked her to delay her maternity leave and, after she gave birth, pressed her to return early.

    One woman described in the story says her supervisors “brushed off” requests for a full 30-minute lunch and regular breaks to get off her feet. Her hands and feet swelled and she was ordered to take bed rest by her doctor. Finally, a few days after a long shift, she had an emergency C-section at 34 weeks. After 8 weeks of maternity leave, her office started pressuring her to return to week. She quit.”

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  5. I’d wanna move on too if someone made me look like a water carrying tool for Dems too.



    And it’s fun to watch. 🙂


  6. Sure now she speaks up. But when Obama bombed 7 different countries without approval, all you heard from the fake conservative was crickets. 🙄

    Same goes for Congress.



  7. Oh the poor babies!

    Maybe if you did your jobs and passed a real budget like you’re obligated to do, you wouldn’t have this problem.



  8. More bad news for Dems and NTers.


    “Appeals Court Delays Emoluments Lawsuit against Trump”

    “Last night, the Fourth Circuit stayed Maryland and Washington, D.C.’s Emoluments Clause lawsuit against President Trump in its entirety, while scheduling oral argument in the case to begin on March 19, 2019.

    This means that the litigation will be completely paused until the court reaches a decision on the President’s petition, which won’t be for at least three months.

    Upon consideration of submissions relative to petitioner’s motion for stay, the court grants the motion and stays the district court proceedings pending proceedings before this court. This case is scheduled for oral argument during the March 2019 term, March 19-21, 2019.

    The parties should be prepared to argue not only the procedural issues regarding the mandamus petition but also the underlying issues of (1) whether the two Emoluments Clauses provide plaintiffs with a cause of action to seek injunctive relief and (2) whether the plaintiffs have alleged legally cognizable injuries sufficient to support standing to obtain relief against the President.”

    “The delay is actually a big deal. It means that imminent, intrusive discovery into the President’s finances will be stalled for months, and perhaps never allowed to proceed.

    Dozens of outstanding subpoenas authorized by the trial judge—several of which were served on the Trump International Hotel and Trump Organization just two weeks ago—are now frozen. Importantly, the stay has also spared the Solicitor General from having to spend his precious (and perhaps diminishing) capital seeking yet another emergency intervention from the Supreme Court.

    Yet aside from its political implications, the case presents novel questions about areas of the Constitution the Supreme Court has never really had a reason to explore.”


  9. Off the top of my head, I’d say the reason the very tired military is not enthusiastic about withdrawal is they worry they’ll just have to return again to clean up the mess they left too soon.

    But, that’s just a guess, no data to support it.

    Many think we should have taken care of the entire Iraqi regime in the first Gulf War instead of having to return for the second. 😦

    I do know the military is very, very tired. Their equipment is broken. Their families are exhausted from the strain and it’s only getting worse. They wouldn’t be upset about coming home if not for the first paragraph.

    OTOH, maybe they’re simply out of money and the president believes in cutting losses? Though I’m not sure you can cut losses in such a globally intertwined world.

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  10. I’ve thought we should bring much of our military home and build new bases along the southern border. They would be closer to family and not permanently exiled from their own country, yet still available if needed. And as the Monroe doctrine goes the way of the Dodo bird, their presence would serve a dual purpose in deterring illegal immigration and foreign aggression.

    It is always discouraging to hear of the broken down (or non-existent) equipment our military is expected to deal with. And I don’t think we are taking good care of them when they return to the States either. For the high price we are paying, I am concerned that much of the money allocated to Defense ends up as bribes in one form or another. :–(


  11. I don’t understand this “60 vote holdup.”
    I know that it takes 60 votes to shut down a filibuster. But if no one is speaking, a simple majority passes the bill.
    All they need is 51 votes to pass a bill.
    Nobody is talking.

    I think Strom Thurmond holds the record for length of speech.

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  12. Overhead, Debra. You’d be horrified if you only knew how many DoD bureaucrats eat at the trough before anything ever reaches the actual services. And of course, Congress pads the budgets with their own local pet projects–whether the military needs or wants them, only adding to the bill.

    My husband had sired more people who had toured a Trident submarine than planners from the local shipyard–only 15 miles away–who had bothered to tour one when they started planning the first overhaul.

    But that’s another story. The US only has a Trident fleet because my husband was in charge of the overhaul of the first one.

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