32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-5-18

  1. I will be flying in there next Thursday morning. By the time of day, I arrive in LA before I leave Australia. Would you like to have an 8am meet up at the airport, DJ?

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  2. MY phone says we are having snow showers here, but the temperature is 41 degrees outside. So? I’m not concerned. I still do the Wednesday thing.


  3. Good morning, all.

    I occasionally go to https://www.christiandailyreporter.com to see what’s up in the world. It’s a Christian version of the Drudge Report, run by Adam Ford of Babylon Bee fame. Anyway, today’s top story has the headline: “College Forum: VeggieTales is Racist!” Here is the article:

    Someone is funding racism where it doesn’t exist. More later. I’ve gotta get ready to go teach.

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  4. I vaguely remember that Indian thingy on the sign off for television. I would suppose different channels had different sign offs. I seem to remember the Air Force poem and graphics, too, were used. Not something I saw often being a morning lark and not a night owl.


  5. Home! That’s Catalina in the background. I grew up 26 miles across the sea, but only visited for the first time after I got married and moved away. Curious how that works. I wonder what I’m missing in my current neighborhood?

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  6. Good afternoon from sunny and cold Atlanta.

    I sent a pile of Christmas cookbooks and craft books to the WMU meeting this a.m. for my friend to give the choice of the books according to arrival time. Some tend to take their time arriving. That will be a surprise for them. Most enjoy cooking. That tends to be a big difference between the generations. A lot of younger ladies don’t like to cook. I am thankful that Kizzie’s daughter loves to cook. That is refreshing. My brother and my son are good cooks, but Art does not cook.

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  7. Cheryl, I did think of asking her that ๐Ÿ™‚ Just not quickly enough. She’s already ordered a new Kindle tablet for herself, now that neither her brother nor I are playing Santa Claus it’s become her practice to pick out a big “gift” she can give herself for Christmas. She’ll talk about buying other people Christmas gifts months before the holiday but that idea seems to dissipate, along with any and all of her money, come December. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is what it is as someone once said.

    Jo, I’m not sure right now as I’m back to work next week. Any other foreseeable windows?

    The photo was another I’d taken on Thanksgiving Day when my cousin and I stopped to walk along the coast. Yep, that is, indeed, Catalina Island in the distance, it was a cloudy but very windy day out there and visibility was good. I know a few older folks who bought 2nd, getaway homes on the island years ago, wisely. I’ve been over on a handful of times, the first being for a weeklong Girl Scout camp as young teens. The last time was probably 8-10 years ago now, though.

    Today will be a rare rainy day for us. And I have more things to get done in the house, so no excuses. I also plan to get into the garage to start getting some of the decorations out. Should I buy a tree this weekend? I’m heading back to work Monday so if I don’t do it this weekend it’ll have to wait until the week before Christmas which is kind of late. …

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  8. So for the Angel Tree gift cards I think i’ll go with either H&M or American Eagle for clothing and a Sephora card for the “toy/accessories” portion. And yeah, I’ll throw in a *little* something material, too, wrap them in two small but separate boxes.

    So it’s a trip to the mall as I don’t think I can find those specific gift cards elsewhere? Or maybe I can …


  9. I just saw that the candidates I voted for in the runoff (Republicans) both won despite all the ad money that had poured in for the other two candidates. So thankful to get relief for the Christmas season from all those ugly negative ads. Art said he never saw a Republican ad on television but it was flooded from the other side.

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  10. Have you ever felt like the more you moved ahead the further behind you got?! I keep feeling as though someone took away some hours of my days!!
    That is a beautiful Lighthouse Dj…Iโ€™m guessing we donโ€™t have those anywhere in the mountains… ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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  11. The Christmas tree is a cell phone abstract — taken while I was sitting at a red light coming home from work one night. It’s the giant tree they put up every year on that busy corner a few blocks from my house, we all wait and watch for it. I did a story on them a couple years ago:

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  12. I was out putting my lighted wreath on the door — it’s a start! — when a crew slowly passed by filming a woman behind the wheel of an SUV that was on a flat-bed truck. The camera was in front of the car shooting back toward her so it would look like she was driving.

    You never know where these scenes will pop up, though; could have been anything from a car commercial to a regular TV show like ncis to the new Ben Affleck movie that’s been filming in town for several weeks (including this week). They may have caught my Charlie Brown tree but not my porch wreath. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  13. Welp, The Boy has finally figured out that Santa and the Elf are not real. That led to him realizing that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are also not real. As I told Nightingale, once they find out one is not real, the rest all fall, too.

    I’m actually relieved. I always felt uncomfortable when he asked me questions about those mythical characters.

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  14. ouch, a hard transition out of the innocence of younger childhood. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Apparently my boy cousin made the leap all the way to God (they were Catholic), saying to his mom, “Wait, so what about God?!”

    Thanks to a YouTube fix-it video, I think I’ve fixed my stuck window blinds in the bedroom. One side was jammed all the way to the top, the work of one workman or another over the months, and I’ve honestly been unable to loosen and lower them ever since.

    Watched a YouTube video that explained you just twist the wand on the other side and it’ll loosen the tension. Wow. How easy was that?

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  15. I BEGGED my mom to tell me if Santa was real or not. She finally said he wasn’t … and I burst into tears. Go figure. It was all a mess.

    I ‘knew’ but I didn’t know, you know?

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  16. I really like your rain tree photo up there Dj…impressionistic…..like Monet ๐Ÿ˜Š
    YouTube comes in handy some times….you can even find instructions on how to fix your car clock twice a year with daylight savings time!!

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