20 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-27-18

  1. It’s come to this…..


    “Six-year-old James is caught in a gender identity nightmare. Under his mom’s care in Dallas, Texas, James obediently lives as a trans girl named “Luna.” But given the choice when he’s with dad, he’s all boy — his sex at birth.

    In their divorce proceedings, the mother has charged the father with child abuse for not affirming James as transgender, has sought restraining orders against him, and is seeking to terminate his parental rights. She is also seeking to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight.

    I learned of James’ plight on a recent visit to Plano, Texas, where I spoke to teenagers about my own transgender story. I lived through a similar scenario when I was his age. I was cross-dressed for two-and-a-half years by my grandmother, who made a purple chiffon dress for me. Somewhat like James, my cross-dressing occurred under one adult’s care, but away from grandma’s I was all boy with my mom and dad. Also, just like James, I found my way into the office of a gender therapist, who quickly started me toward transition.

    When his mother, a pediatrician, took James for counseling, she chose a gender transition therapist who diagnosed him with gender dysphoria, a mental conflict between physical sex and perceived gender. James’ precious young life hinges purely on the diagnosis of gender dysphoria by a therapist who wraps herself in rainbow colors, affirms the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and dismisses evidence to the contrary. Remove the “rainbow” from James’ diagnosis, and it crumbles under the weight of the criteria for the diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

    The diagnosis is critical, because labeling a child with gender dysphoria can trigger a series of physical and mental consequences for the child and has legal ramifications in the ongoing custody case. Get it wrong and young James’s life is irrevocably harmed.”


    And harmed he’s been.


  2. That’s not how this is supposed to work….


    “Gov. Jerry Brown okays utilities charging Californians to pay for fires utilities may have started”

    “California is dead to me…a smoldering ruin of a once prosperous state. I spent a glorious Thanksgiving week in Michigan, enjoying my first snowfall in many years and escaping coverage of the wildfire disaster. Before leaving, I went through my jewelry collection and packed sentimental favorites and valuable items in the event that San Diego was hit with a fire during my vacation.

    While I was organizing my case, my anger at the choices made by both federal and state politicians and bureaucrats that led to the loss of life was heating up as hot as any of those flames. And instead of meaningful change, Governor Jerry Brown’s solution to this is to let the utilities charge us for the fire settlements likely to stem from this disaster.

    California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a measure allowing utilities to bill their customers to pay for future legal settlements stemming from devastating 2017 wildfires.

    Brown announced Friday he’d signed the bill, which is aimed at preventing bankruptcy for Pacific Gas & Electric Co. The massive utility faces billions of dollars in liability if investigators determine its equipment caused the Tubbs Fire that destroyed thousands of homes and killed 22 people in Santa Rosa last year.

    The measure is the most hotly contested part of a wide-ranging plan to reduce the growing threat of wildfires.”


  3. That moment when they slip up and let the truth out…..



    “Reporting just over the southern border in Tijuana, Mexico, Gadi Schwartz took viewers on a walking tour through the “inner sanctum” of the shelter for the caravan, which consists of Central American migrants.

    “You’re going to see a lot of families here, a lot of women and children, but the truth is the majority of the people that are part of this caravan … the majority of them are men, so when this becomes a polarized, political issue in the United States, you have people on one side that point and say, ‘There are women and children here,’ and that is true, and then there are others who point and say, ‘These are men that are trying to cross the border,’ and that’s true, too,” Schwartz said.

    “From what we’ve seen, the majority are actually men, and some of these men have not articulated that need for asylum,” he continued. “Instead, they have talked about going to the United States for a better life and to find work.”

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  4. Poor Jim.

    Reality doesn’t agree with his propaganda….


  5. Wow.

    Max has gone full on leftist, to impress his new friends.

    He’s such a principled conservative, isn’t he?


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  6. Oh my! Who could have known?! Jack Ma is a communist party member! And in other breaking news, he’s also Chinese!

    Jack Ma, founder of Chinese tech giant Alibaba, is among the world’s richest people but he has now emerged as a member of another club: China’s 89-million-strong Communist Party.

    The billionaire’s Communist bona fides were revealed by the People’s Daily, the party’s official mouthpiece, in an article praising contributors to China’s development.

    He is not the first nor likely the last Chinese super-rich capitalist to join the party, which counts property titan Xu Jiayin and Wanda Group founder Wang Jianlin among its billionaire members.

    But Ma’s membership had not been known until now as China’s richest man had previously suggested that he preferred to stay out of politics.

    In Monday’s article, the People’s Daily said Ma was a party member who has played an important role in pushing China’s Belt and Road global trade infrastructure initiative — a pet project of President Xi Jinping.

    He has also been honoured as one of the “outstanding builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Zhejiang Province,” where Alibaba is based, the daily said.


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  7. Oh boy…. 🙄

    Some context to all that would be nice, not just the author’s opinion and cherry picked comments. But alas, the WSJ sits behind a paywall so…….. no……


  8. Awwwww….

    You mad, Bro?…..



  9. This story unraveled quickly.



  10. According to John Zmirak today, 40% of the income to the Catholic Church in the US comes from immigrant monies collected from the US government through a variety of programs. That’s disturbing.

    And also according to Zmirak–that’s the reason the Catholic Church is screaming about immigration and not abortion or the other issues. 😦


  11. I haven’t read Zmirak’s article yet, but Catholic Charities is probably the largest nonprofit provider of social services such as care for the mentally challenged or immigration and refugee services. They also run many hospitals. And their stance on abortion and homosexuality has cost them dearly.


  12. Michelle – I’m sorry, but I am not sure I am understanding your comment. Does your first sentence mean that immigrants are collecting monies from various programs, and donating a lot to the Catholic church?


  13. It would be nice if they were wrong…..

    But they’re not….


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  14. Patronizing racist liberals.



  15. Here’s the Yale study link…..


    “Racial bias can put people of color at a disadvantage when interviewing for a job, buying a house, or interacting with the police. New research suggests that bias may also shape daily interactions between racial minorities and white people, even those whites who tend to be less biased.

    According to new research by Cydney Dupree, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM, white liberals tend to downplay their own verbal competence in exchanges with racial minorities, compared to how other white Americans act in such exchanges. The study is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

    While many previous studies have examined how people who hold racial bias behave in multi-racial settings, few have studied how whites who are more well-intentioned interact with people of other races. “There’s less work that explores how well-intentioned whites try to get along with racial minorities,” Dupree says. “We wanted to know their strategies for increasing connections between members of different social groups—and how effective these strategies are.”


  16. How is acknowledging climate change leftist? Its just science. Until recently it was a bipartisan issue.

    Michelle, that claim doesn’t make sense. And I’m not really sure what the claim is. However, the Catholic support for immigrants is part of their prolife position (and many migrants are Catholic). The Catholic church, in my opinion, is far more consistent in its pro life stance than evangelicals, despite some of their failings.

    Two of my students identify as transgender (female to male) . Their parents are not entirely supportive so I try to support and make the girls comfortable while recognizing the parent position.

    I told one parent to let the child express her/himself but delay decisions until puberty has run its course. Rushing to judgement while a child is an adolescent is not a good idea.

    Identifying as transgender is for many girls a method of dealing with the stress of being an adolescent female. In a previous era, they may have been social outcasts, tomboys or struggling with eating disorders. Transgenderism allows girls who don’t fit.the norms or have mental health issues to have.a coping mechanism.

    Interesting in my class they’re are fully accepted and everyone uses the male pronoun. A new student was quite confused on his first day. I keep it low key yet supportive.

    Parents and others can support a transgender child but medical intervention should wait until after puberty and after a person has lived as the other gender for a period of time.

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  17. The Climate-Change Derangement Syndrome: Undermining Science and Demonizing Skeptics

    September 6, 2018 By Vijay Jayaraj


    … CCDS is a behavioral pattern in which a section of our society responds irrationally to any trend in global temperatures that contradicts its narrative of a dangerous rise in global temperatures, without regard to the actual data.

    For example, recently a group of 60 scientists, journalists, politicians, activists, and others signed an open letter saying they won’t debate anyone who denies either that climate change is human induced or that it is dangerous and needs to be prevented, even if preventing it costs trillions of dollars otherwise available to solve other problems.

    In the past 20 years, those with CCDS have used all means to attack those who do not share their views on climate change.

    Rather than accurately representing what skeptics think and presenting evidence to the contrary, sufferers of CCDS caricature skeptics as denying any human contribution to warming or even as denying any warming at all.

    Those who are new to the climate controversy might be surprised to learn that almost 100% of climate skeptics within academia acknowledge the current warming trend in our world.

    The earth experienced a very cold period during the 16th and 17th centuries. Dubbed the Little Ice Age, this period was brutal for the Northern Hemisphere. It was followed by a natural rise in global temperatures, long before the Industrial Revolution grew enough to add enough to the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content to make any significant contribution to temperature.

    The warming that began during this phase continues to date, and scientists call the current phase the Modern Warm Period. So, all the academicians agree on the current warming phase.

    However, by repeated attacks on skeptics through a complicit mainstream media, those with CCDS have led much of the public to believe skeptics deny all warming—or at least all human contribution to it.

    In reality, most skeptics (both within academia and outside it), remembering the undeniable evidence about the existence of similar warm periods in recent climate history, question not whether the world is warming, or even whether human activity contributes to the warming, but how much, and in what relation to natural causes, and whether the proposed changes in global energy policies are worth the effort. …

    … Frustrated by academic scientists’ failure to toe the line, GTPS sufferers increasingly turn to politics rather than science to enforce their views. Consequently, we are likely to witness (if it is not already evident) political institutions and international policy-making bodies exerting their power, through funding and other means, to enforce compliance with their views in the academy.

    With an increasing desire to control the public dissemination of scientific information and open declarations about persecuting those who differ from their false narrative, those who suffer from GTPS will cause permanent and lasting damage to the field of climate science and stifle progress in our efforts to understand our climate system. …

    Originally published on WattsUpWithThat.com

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